One of the big surprises in Justice League was to see that, along with humans, Atlanteans and Amazons, also the Olympic gods fought together against Steppenwolf and his Parademons. Of course, the king himself couldn’t miss it: Zeus makes his live action debut portrayed by Sergi Constance, after appearing on a painting only in Wonder Woman. With his remarkable power, Zeus is the one who separates the three Mother Boxes with a bolt of lightning, stopping the transformation of Earth into Apokolips. We know that he doesn’t live much after the battle, as his son Ares soon kills him along with all the other Olympians, but that he managed to father a daughter in Diana, the last goddess. In the comics, Zeus is Diana’s father only in The New 52 storyline, while in the original one his story is quite different. Let’s see together.

Much of what is told by the ancient myths is actually true: Zeus was the son of Chronos, king of the Titans, and of his wife Rhea; his mother saved him from his father, a cannibalistic monster who ate his own children fearing they would take his place. Growing up hidden in a cave, Zeus freed his brothers and sisters from his father’s stomach, and then led them into a war against the Titans. During the war, Zeus slew Chronos, and took his place as the king of the gods on Mount Olympus. Zeus married one of his sisters, Hera, and he shared the power over the universe with her and the other ten siblings, who formed the twelve Olympians. For the entire age of myth Zeus intervened in human lives, often fathering demigods with mortal women, the most famous and powerful of them being Hercules. Nobody dared to challenged the nearly almighty King of Gods, but a few beings of remarkable power: one was Darkseid, the New God from Apokolips, who eventually managed to split the very essence of the Olympians in two, creating a separate pantheon that would have been worshiped by Romans; Zeus himself was separated in two different gods, the other being Jupiter. This separation lasted for centuries, until the united might of the Olympians managed to absorb the other pantheon assuming their whole power once again. In ancient times, Zeus blessed the Olympian goddesses as they created the Amazons, keepers of peace and justice in a world haunted by war and violence, but didn’t intervene when his son Ares orchestrated the Amazons’ fall using his own step-brother Hercules to do it, later forcing the warrior women to a self-exile on Themyscira. Centuries would have passed before Zeus became interested in the Amazons again.

Centuries after these events, the Amazon queen Hippolyta had a daughter, Diana, whom she crafted from clay. Diana grew to become an amazing warrior, and later the superheroine Wonder Woman, who made herself noticed by the King of Gods when she defeated Ares, forcing him to exile. Intrigued by the Amazon princess, Zeus appeared to her, offering her the status of a goddess and immortality…in exchange of her virginity. The first woman in history to do so, Diana rejected him, stating she loved him as a daughter could love a father, but definitely not as a lover. In the meanwhile Hera and the other goddesses who had created the Amazons, enraged, intervened to stop Zeus from further offenses, stating that Themyscira wasn’t his personal brothel…but Zeus, not used to be rejected, retaliated by forcing Wonder Woman to undertake the Challenge of the Gods, an inhuman trial nobody ever survived to. While battling the horrors trapped under Themyscira, not only Diana managed to slay legendary monsters such as the Lernaean Hydra and to survive the ordeal, but she even freed Hercules, trapped for centuries in the island’s basement. Humiliated by the Amazon’s prowess, Zeus renounced any claim on her or her virtue, even if this didn’t mean he stopped cheating on his wife (quite the opposite, he even conceived with a human archaeologist Cassie Sandsmark, the future Wonder Girl). Soon after that, however, Zeus would have been forced to think of more urgent matters than copulating: from behind the scenes, in fact, the sorceress Circe manipulated many gods from different pantheons to wage war on each other, causing a conflict that involved Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Norse, Babylonian, African and Thanagarian deities in an unprecedented clash, each of them wanting to destroy the world and recreate it anew in their own images. This time, even the proud and mighty Zeus could need the help of mere mortals to avoid a catastrophe of cosmic proportions…

Zeus is an ancient and wise deity, but also an arrogant and authoritative tyrant who rules over the universe with equal doses of compassion and hardness, of mercy and strength. As the King of Gods, he’s a nearly omnipotent being with immense strength, speed, durability, stamina and reflexes, with senses so keen they can perceive anything through dimensions, and with a magical power so extended that not only he can control lightnings and storms, but he can also create life itself, resurrect the dead, transform into anything or anyone, use telepathy, share his power with others and much more. One of the most powerful beings in existence, Zeus is both a just ruler and a misogynist dictator, a loyal ally and a whimsical adversary, an ever-living contradiction that reflects all the incompatible natures of the people worshiping him.


Dale Yorkes

Runaways is debuting tonight, and we still have several members of The Pride to meet (as usual, we’ll alternate them with all the others). Next in line is Dale Yorkes, portrayed by Kevin Weisman. He’s described as a genius with an incredibly science-oriented mind, a caring dad who however struggles to find the right words to say to his daughter in the most delicate situations. As likable as he seems to be, Dale hides some dark secrets behind his facade of normality, just as all his friends. Let’s see together.

We don’t have many details about Dale Yorkes’ early life, albeit it must be quite an interesting one. He was born somewhere in the United States, but in the 87th Century. He fell in love with and married a woman from his time, Stacey, and somehow they managed to steal a 4-D Time Portico, a device that allowed them to travel in time. Smart and ambitious, the couple crossed all history, and they allegedly founded kingdoms in several times and eras (much like Kang the Conqueror, but on a smaller scale). In every time they went, however, they crossed paths with the current superheroes, who eventually always managed to foil their plans. Dale’s and Stacey’s life changed when they arrived in 1907, and they settled in New York City. Here, they organized the Sinners, a super-powered street gang that reunited all the existing ones, gathering all the supervillains they could find against the city’s protectors, the Upward Path. One day, one of Dale’s subordinates, the leader of the Street Arabs known as The Swell, introduced him to some youngsters he wanted to recruit in the alliance…the time-displaced Runaways. Dale and Stacey soon realized they were meeting fellow time travelers, but what shocked them the most was to learn that they were friends of their future daughter, Gertrude. Questioning their motives and presence, Dale learnt from one of them, Chase Stein, that Gert had died in the 21st Century. This was more than enough to have him lose control: using his futuristic tech, he attacked the Runaways, until he realized he could still save his daughter: he would have destroyed New York in 1907, so that he could prevent Gertrude’s death in 2006. Stacey totally agreed with the plan.

The Sinners didn’t know they were about to be sacrificed, and followed their leaders in the new plan…but one of the Runaways, a magic user named Nico Minoru, used her Staff of One to cast a complex spell: unable to erase the couple’s memory of what they learnt (she had already used that spell on a time displaced Geoffrey Wilder), she said “The Show Must Go On“, thus forcing the Yorkes’ to do everything they were destined to, albeit they remembered everything and thus knew what was going to happen. From that moment, Dale’s and Stacey’s life became a living hell. The eventually left 1907, and while trying to reach another destination they got stranded in 1985, much to Dale’s annoyance (he particularly hated that decade). While they were still in the Eighties, the two were suddenly summoned in an ancient lost city by some Elder Gods, together with other five couples. The extradimensional entities, known as the Gibborim, offered them a deal: they would have empowered them with souls to gain enough strength to break the barrier and arrive on Earth, starting a new era, and in exchange they would have been granted wealth and power, as well as six places in the new world. Dale and Stacey were pretty sure that the future the Gibborim promised would have been much better than the one they had already seen, filled with superheroes always ready to mess with their projects, so they agreed. As they knew it would have happened, the six couples, who named themselves The Pride, had one child each, and the Yorkes’ had a daughter, Gertrude. In order to keep her safe as much as they could, the Yorkes’ commissioned a genetically engineered dinosaur, a Deinonychus “bodyguard”, programmed to psychically bond with Gert. Dale and Stacey also took care of the Pride’s business in past and future, but they could do nothing to prevent major events they knew would have happened, starting from the escape of Gertrude and the other kids…

Dale Yorkes is a brilliant yet arrogant man, a time traveler who firmly believes in the superiority of his age, and treats with blatant disdain the ones from more “primitive” centuries. He is a time traveler, with access to a variety of advanced futuristic tech: what appears to be an antiquate gear is actually a collection of extremely advanced suits and weapons, with gloves able to shoot fire and create force fields, arquebus that are actually highly destructive energy guns, and so on. Quite a hateful guy, Dale hides behind his hardness an unspeakable pain, as he’s forced by destiny to do and say things he already knows will lead to a disastrous path for both him and his entire family.

Cecilia Reyes

Time to finish the characters from The New Mutants trailer with the one who’s been presented as the mentor of the group: Cecilia Reyes, portrayed by Alice Braga. In the movie, we see her as some sort of psychiatrist, running some kind of group therapy with her young patients. She’s a mutant herself, albeit her abilities are not as destructive as her patients’ ones. This marks her first live action appearance, albeit just as nearly everybody else her name already appeared on Stryker‘s list of mutants in X2: X-Men United. Let’s meet her, together as usual.

Cecilia Reyes was the daughter of Alejandro and Maria Reyes, two Puerto Rican immigrants who moved to New York City. Born in Bronx, Cel didn’t exactly lived a peaceful life, and she and her brother Miguel always had to be careful in their neighborhood…not that “careful” was nearly enough. When Cel was six years old, her father was shot by a sniper in a passing car, and she was obviously helpless in saving him. As her father died in front of her, she committed herself to become a doctor, so that she would have been able to help people (quite ironically, following the same event Miguel decided to become a soldier). When she was of age, she studied hard and she eventually became a doctor, but during that same years her mutant powers (the ability to create a personal force field around her body) manifested themselves for the first time. Confused, she contacted the world’s greatest authority in the sector for help, and she met Professor Charles Xavier; Xavier offered her his help, but he also invited her to live in his School for Gifted Youngsters and to join his X-Men. Cecilia wasn’t interested in being a superhero, believing she could be much more useful in a hospital, and she rejected the offer; she also asked Xavier to keep her status of mutant secret, so that she could advance in her career: it was already difficult enough being a woman and a Puerto Rican, without adding “mutant” to the list. Eventually, her efforts paid off, and she became a trauma surgeon at the Our Mother of Mercy Hospital, in South Bronx. Even if she wanted to forget she was a mutant, however, the world wasn’t willing to do so as well.

In three years, the government authorized the shady Bastion to launch Operation: Zero Tolerance, a program aimed to identify and kill the entire mutant population. Cecilia Reyes was attacked while she was working in the hospital by patients who turned out to be Prime Sentinels, dormant agents with cybernetic implants. The subconscious activation of her force field saved her life, and she was later rescued by the X-Man Iceman, albeit she wasn’t happy at all to be dragged in such a situation after rejecting Xavier’s offer. Realizing she couldn’t come back to her normal life unless Bastion was stopped, she joined forces with Iceman, with the mutants Marrow and Sabra and with cop Charlotte Jones, and together they moved war to the Prime Sentinels. Iceman defeated Bastion, who was exposed as a Sentinel himself, and S.H.I.E.L.D. took him in custody. Cecilia saved the day when she managed to extract from Cyclops‘ chest a bomb using only two bones provided by Marrow, while Maggott disposed of the device. Believing she had closed her debt with the X-Men, she came back to her hospital, just in time to save a wounded Daredevil‘s life (learning his secret identity in the process). Soon after she found that one of her patients, the mutant Pyro, was held in the hospital against his will, allegedly because of a bank robbery. Tricked by Pyro, Cel agreed to release him, but doing so she let go a dangerous criminal who was also infected with the Legacy Virus. This was more than enough to have her fired. Not able to do what she believed she was meant to, Cecilia eventually accepted the same old offer and joined the X-Men. Maybe being a superhero she could save lives as well…

Cecilia Reyes is a brilliant and determined woman, a doctor with a life mission who always puts herself on the first line to save lives as she can. As a mutant, she is constantly surrounded by an invisible psioplasmic bio-field, a durable barrier that protects her from any incoming threat, whether she’s aware of it or not; she also learnt to use her bio-field in more aggressive ways, for example concentrating it around her fists to gain superior strength. A doctor by vocation and a superhero by necessity, Cecilia Reyes only wants to come back to her usual life, one in which saving a life means to use scalpel and forceps instead of punching costumed guys…

Yalan Gur (Green Lantern)

Justice League has been released, and it’s unexpectedly funny. The movie introduces several characters, and we’re going to see them together as soon as I get the pics. Most of them appear during the huge flashback scene portraying the first battle against Steppenwolf: even two Green Lanterns join the massive alliance, and while one of them is never clearly seen, the other one, on the opposite, can be easily identified…albeit only when Steppenwolf strike him down. The dragon-like Lantern is Yalan Gur, a renegade corpsman who in the comics protected Earth two thousands years ago. His presence is pivotal to explain a couple of things in the DC Universe, but if that will be referenced to also in the film universe remains to be seen (though it’s unlikely, considering his end). In the meanwhile, as usual, let’s take a look at the original guy.

Yalan Gur was an alien from an unknown planet, who was recruited in the Green Lantern Corps more than two thousands years ago. The Guardians of the Universe admired his indomitable will, and they were quite right to do so, as Gur proved to be one of the greatest Lanterns of his time, successfully patrolling Space Sector 2814. For great a warrior that Yalan Gur could be, however, he couldn’t escape the flaws of his Green Power Ring: while intervening in a crisis, the Green Lantern was attacked by a yellow beast, and was nearly killed by it. The Guardians of the Universe didn’t want to lose their best corpsman due to such a blemish in his ring, so they decided to remove the Yellow Impurity from Yalan Gur’s Power Ring only. This way, the greatest Green Lantern of his time became pretty much invincible. Problem was that all this power made him believe he was also infallible. Intoxicated by his own strength, Yalan Gur decided to model Sector 2814 the way he saw fit, starting from Earth, a small planet inhabited by a rapidly evolving race: humans. Humans were becoming more and more advanced, and Yalan Gur feared, due to their lack of moral restraint, that they would have become a threat for the entire galaxy. Committed to stop their progression, Yalan Gur descended on Earth, aiming to the most advanced country of the planet: China.

China was approaching the apex of its civilization, expanding on the Western border. One of its warlord, Minister Xiang-Fa, had just built a fortress around the trading city of Chao-Tsu, that was expecting an attack by a hostile tribe from the Sinkiang Hills. It was here, the center of the country’s military might, that Yalan Gur decided to strike, in order to cripple humanity’s development. The mighty Yellow Warriors couldn’t do anything against the alien invaders, and the Green Lantern laughed at their primitive attempts to harm him. Unbeknownst to Yalan Gur, however, the Guardians of the Universe had been watching him from a distance, and they were not pleased at all in witnessing the corruption of their greatest warrior. They decided to humble him, so they manipulated his Power Ring and Power Battery, changing their very nature and adding an unprecedented weakness: wood. Yalan Gur made short work of the mighty warriors from the army, but suddenly found himself affected by the simple wooden clubs and spears of the peasants who were trying to fight him off. Taken by surprise, Yalan Gur was severely beaten by the peasants and, half dead, he left China, seeking shelter in the outer atmosphere. It was too late, however: his wounds were rapidly killing him. Burning while reentering the atmosphere, Yalan Gur’s body was merged with his Power Battery, becoming a green burning meteorite, that eventually absorbed also the mystic remnants of the artifact known as the Starheart. Eventually, all that remained of the once brave and powerful Green Lantern was a unique Power Ring, holding magic power and a weakness to wood, the same ring that, centuries later, would have been found by Alan Scott.

Yalan Gur is a brave and powerful warrior, whose iron-strong will is surpassed only by his unlimited arrogance. As a Green Lantern, his Green Power Ring grants him several abilities, including: superhuman strength, speed, durability and stamina, flight, self-sustenance (he can survive in the void of space), accelerated healing, the ability to speak and understand any language, and of course the power to materialize anything he can think of, in energy constructs fueled by his own willpower. A great Green Lantern corrupted by his own thirst to do good for his sector, Yalan Gur is a hero who just can’t handle the enormous power he’s been granted, a freedom fighter who ended up becoming what he had been fighting his entire life…

Robert Minoru

We already met his wife in Doctor Strange, now it’s the time of Robert Minoru, who’ll be portrayed by James Yaegashi in the upcoming Runaways. Robert is described as gentle and caring, somewhat submissive to his strong-willed and authoritative wife. Apparently, he’ll be the parent Nico¬†usually goes to talk to, but his kind heart, of course, hides a dark secret, as we’ll soon learn. In the comics, he’s quite a secondary character, overshadowed by the women in his family, but he’s always there nevertheless. Let’s see together.

Robert Minoru was born in the United States and lived in Los Angeles, but his family had a much more ancient past, and his name was one people still feared in Japan. The Minoru Clan, in fact, was a family of powerful sorcerers and warlocks, whose power was passed down generation by generation with blood. Robert himself was kind of interested in the dark arts, and started studying them as an amateur, mostly through an old book inherited by his grandfather. He was engaged to Tina, who had Minoru blood in her veins as well, and practiced what little spells she could with him; the two eventually got married, but their wedding day was even weirder than anyone would have expected. Teleported to a submerged lost city, the newly weds realized they weren’t alone, as five other couples were with them: believing they had been abducted by them, the two sorcerers joined forces to summon a pack of bats against the others, but they were soon stopped by the real culprits, some Elder Gods who called themselves the Gibborim. The Gibborim had an offer for all the ones they had summoned: they would have granted them power and wealth in their lives, if they would have helped them breaking the dimensional barrier between their worlds to allow them to pass through, accomplishing every year an ancient spell requiring human sacrifice. As an incentive, the Gibborim would have spared six of them in the new world, letting them inherit the purified planet. Despite some justified fear coming from the fact that Robert and Tina, more than anyone else, knew the Elder Gods and their power, they accepted the offer. Immediately, the Gibborim increased the Minorus’ magic powers, making them two of the most powerful sorcerers on the planet.

Due to his knowledge of the dark arts, Robert was the one chosen to lead the Rite of Blood every year: the six couples, who now called themselves The Pride, would have kidnapped a nobody each year, and gathered together to kill their offer to the Gibborim, with Robert spelling the enchantment to trap the victim’s soul in a special jar. In the meanwhile, however, the Minorus became quite busy in L.A.’s magic community: despite their commitment to the Pride, they weren’t interested in becoming black wizards, and the first thing they did with their newfound power was to free the city from the Silver Bullet Gang, a pack of werewolves. They became friends with other sorcerers, warlocks and magicians, including Monk Theppie and Val Rhymin, and used their new connections to obtain a number of powerful artifacts, such as the all-seeing Eye-Spy Cauldron, the Spine of Agamotto and quite a collection of runes. They even stole the Black Mirror from an old and powerful witch, Marie LaVeau, and tried to use it to learn something more about their family’s past, but what they saw in the mirror was so horrifying that they sealed it for good. Magic users by night, Robert and his wife maintained the facade of a good, normal and pious Catholic family by day, and they were liked pretty much by everybody…but from the other members of the Pride: Geoffrey Wilder constantly quarreled with Robert, Gene Hayes and Frank Dean despised him because he was human, while Victor Stein and Dale Yorkes didn’t trust his magic and considered him unstable. Robert, however, was committed to the Pride, and he became even more when his daughter Nico was born, the future heir of the Minoru Clan and of the entire world after the Gibborim’s arrival. If he had to stand the company of the others to save his daughter, than so be it: the end of the world was approaching at fast pace…

Robert Minoru is a calm and meditative man, a wise wizard who can use his knowledge for both good and noble ends and monstrous crimes. As a Minoru, he inherited mild magic powers, boosted to their apex by the Gibborim: he’s now able to cast a variety of powerful spells (even surpassing in strength the analogue cast by Earth‘s Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange) and to master dangerous relics and talismans; he apparently needs his book to activate his magic, but with it he’s strong enough to repel, even if for moments only, the primeval power of the Elder Gods. A gentle guy who incidentally is also a dark wizard, Robert Minoru would be quite a nice and lovable man, if he wasn’t actively working for the end of the life on the planet.

Black-Cloud-In-Morning/John Ravenhair (Black Bison)

We keep meeting new metahumans from the batch created by the Thinker in The Flash, and a new one arrived this week. In When Harry Met Harry…, The Flash and his new partner Elongated Man take on Mina Chayton, a Sioux woman portrayed by Chelsea Kurtz who kills people to take from them the stolen relics of her tribe. Mina calls herself Black Bison, after her tribe’s totem, and has the (funny) ability to animate any inanimate object resembling animals or people. In the comics, Black Bison is male rather than female, and he sports a fancier look than just a leather jacket with a black bison printed on it. His powers and motivations, however, are pretty much the same. Let’s see together.

Black-Cloud-In-Morning was the son of Thunder Arrow, member of an unspecified Native tribe. Black-Cloud and his family didn’t live in a reservation, but rather in the middle of New York City, in Queens: despite his father, his grandfather Red-Desert-And-Night-Wind and especially his grandfather, the shaman Bison-Black-As-Midnight-Sky, were very attached to their people’s traditions, the young man was much more fascinated by the modern world, and refused to live according to the costumes of a people he didn’t feel like his own. Growing up, he legally changed his name into John Ravenhair, and was hired as an instructor at Bradley High School; he even fell in love with the school’s nurse, Vanessa Tremont, and he started dating her. Time passed, and both Thunder Arrow and Red-Desert died: eventually, John had to take care of his near-centennial great-grandfather on his own. Bison-Black didn’t hide his contempt for his nephew, and tried to teach him the way of the ancient Black Bison Cult, but John always ignored the old man’s teachings. One day, however, Bison-Black found out that a senator, Walter Reilly, had donated his private collection of Native American artifacts to the Natural History Museum, and that John was going to take his students there on a school trip. Before he left home, John was convinced by the old man to wear a talisman, a necklace, and he did so just to please him. While he was with his students, however, Bison-Black-As-Midnight-Sky went to Central Park, where he performed an ancient ritual and bonded his soul to the talisman; two robbers killed him, but his soul possessed an unaware John, who found himself transformed into the mystical Black Bison.

Influenced not only by his evil great-grandfather, but also by the wrath of all his ancestors, Black Bison stole from the museum the traditional headgear of his tribe, and also a legendary coup-stick that, used along with the talisman, gave him great magic powers. Black Bison declared war on all who had humiliated and robbed his people over the years, including the patrons of the museum, Walter Reilly especially. One of the students, however, was Ronnie Raymond, and he turned into the superhero Firestorm to fight the shaman. Realizing the power of his opponent, Black Bison used his stick one some stuffed animals, sending them against the students: while Firestorm was busy taking care of the reanimated predators, the shaman escaped, riding on a reanimated white horse. This wasn’t meant to be a retreat, however, as he was still pursuing vengeance: he went to Senator Reilly’s house, abducting his daughter Lorraine. He brought her to Central Park, where he held her hostage demanding that the man responsible of destroying his people’s heritage surrendered himself to him. The one who came, however, was once again Firestorm. Black Bison animated some Alice in Wonderland statues from the nearby Storybook Land, sending them against the hero. As victory was approaching, something unexpected happened: Vanessa, John’s girlfriend, arrived at the park, and tried to talk her boyfriend out of what he was doing. Her passion was enough to let John free himself from the spirits for a second, that was all Firestorm needed to take his amulet away from him and throw it in a nearby creek. John Ravenhair was himself once again, but the call of his people would have been heard again during his life, claiming the vengeance they had waited for so long…

Black-Cloud-In-Morning, or as he prefers to be called John Ravenhair, is a man who embraced the modern world disavowing his people’s traditions, and who tries to live his life far from the influence of his elders…but the wrath of his ancestors haunts him, turning him into a violent avenger bent on exacting vengeance on the white man. As Black Bison, his talisman and coup-stick allow him to bring to life inanimate objects to do his bidding, and also to command weather; he’s also a master in his tribe’s martial art. The Black Bison is literally a man inhabited by many souls, a protector gifted with a great power who can use it for protecting people or for murdering innocents on a vengeful spree, depending on who’s in control of John Ravenhair’s body…

Danielle Moonstar (Psyche/Mirage)

Time for the last member of the team (but not the last character) appearing in the scary first trailer of The New Mutants: Danielle Moonstar, portrayed by Blu Hunt. As well as all the others, her name already appeared on Stryker‘s list in X2: X-Men United, but this is her first live action appearance. Another one of the hospitalized mutants, we only know she’s able to project illusions portraying people’s fears and desires (hence the name she uses in the movie: Mirage). In the comics, she’s one of the main members of the team, and one of its leaders. Let’s see together.

Danielle Moonstar was born in Boulder, Colorado, the daughter of William and Peg Lonestar, two Natives from the Cheyenne Nation. Her life was absolutely normal, until the day her mutant powers manifested: she could project visions of people’s fears, and at first she wasn’t able to control them. Since nobody wanted to have their deeper fears appear out of nowhere in random times, everybody started avoiding Dani, and the girl soon found herself alone, with only her family staying by her side. Not much time after her powers first showed up, William and Peg disappeared in the woods during a trip, and Dani was taken in by her parents’ best friends, the Roberts, but this didn’t work out well: one night, at dinner, Pat Roberts (the couple’s son) provoked her, and she lashed out at him, unwillingly projecting his greatest fears and desires in front of the entire family. Ashamed, Dani escaped, and went on the mountains, to her grandfather, the shaman Black Eagle, who took care of her from that moment on. Dani was haunted by nightmares of a Demon Bear slaughtering her parents; she believed it was only a way her mind reacted to her parents’ disappearance, but in reality the bear was actually the responsible of the couple’s death, and it wanted to reach the girl too: only Black Eagle’s spells kept him away. Much to her shock, years later, Black Eagle called a man who had been blood brother of William, Charles Xavier, and he asked Dani to follow him, stating he could teach her how to control her powers. Dani, who believed all white men to be her enemies, angrily refused, but doing so she unwillingly projected an image of Black Eagle’s death, as he had foreseen it time before. Feeling guilty, she finally agreed to go with Xavier.

Right before Xavier arrived, however, an unwanted guest presented himself to her door: Donald Pierce, the White Bishop from the Hellfire Club, who wanted to abduct her in his plans to overthrow the Black King. In the following struggle, Pierce killed Black Eagle, while Dani was surrounded by his men. She was saved only by the intervention of Karma, another young mutant who was accompanying Xavier into picking her up. Seeing that the newcomers were no friends of Pierce, she decided to join Xavier in order to take revenge on the man who had killed her grandfather. Dani joined other young mutants in a battle against the White Bishop, and together they managed to defeat him and to free another young mutant, Cannonball, he had prisoner. Albeit she didn’t get to finish her enemy, she obtained her vengeance. After the mission, Dani and the other young ones formed the team of the New Mutants, personally trained and assisted by Xavier; she chose the name Psyche, albeit she later changed it into Mirage. At first, things weren’t easy for Dani: she grew up believing all Caucasians to be her enemies, and she didn’t bond well with the team: she stayed only to honor her promise to her late grandfather; with time, however, she managed to see past the racial background of her teammates, and she arrived to consider the others as her new family. She became particularly close to Wolfsbane, mainly because she was the only one the feral mutant could communicate with while in her wolf form, and they formed quite a strong bond. She became co-leader of the team with Cannonball, and albeit they didn’t see things in the same way most of the times, their rivalry proved to be useful to their lead. Dani’s past, however, soon came knocking to her door again: with her grandfather gone, the nightmares of the Demon Bear started again, and this time the monster wouldn’t have been restrained to the dream world…

Danielle Moonstar is a strong-willed and proud woman, who can be the most loyal of allies, but who takes her time to trust anyone. As Mirage, she’s able to tap in people’s subconscious (her own included) and create three-dimensional images of anyone’s greatest fears, desires or anything else connected to strong emotional states; at her full power, reached only once when she was boosted by Xavier, she can even make her illusions tangible; she can also focus her psionic powers into energy arrows, that can stun an opponent starting a strong emotional response; she has a strong empathy, bordering with telepathy, with animals, and she can sense the arrival of Death, even communicating with her; recently, Hela gave her a Valkyrie‘s powers, allowing her to use some magic, but she was a superb athlete and a skilled archer and hand-to-hand fighter even on her own. A strong leader and a powerful ally, Moonstone had to learn to live pretty much on herself since she was a kid, and now that she has a family again, she’ll allow nobody to take it away from her.