Rosalie Carbone

The second season for Luke Cage is but one day far, but we already got a look at one of the new recurring characters from the sophomore year: Rosalie Carbone, portrayed by Annabella Sciorra. Rosalie will make her presence felt as an influential criminal who sets her eyes on Harlem, thus entering either in conflict or in business with Mariah Dillard (and possibly Bushmaster). We also know that she’ll pop up again in the third season of Daredevil, even if in a yet undisclosed role. The original character, however, isn’t tied either to Power Man nor to the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, but rather to another anti-hero who already debuted on Netflix with his own series. Let’s see together.

Rosalie Carbone was born in New York City, the daughter of Italian-American mob boss Julius Carbone. She grew up in her luxurious house in Brooklyn, and she lived like a princess, being honored and respected as the heiress of one of the most influential Mafia families. When she became adult, Julius organized for her a marriage with a man named Enrico, from Naples, a union that would have tied the Carbonis to another powerful family in Italy. Things weren’t exactly going as they were supposed to, as Rosalie just started a sexual relationship with the latest addition to the family, Johnny Tower, and she was with him everytime her father attended a meeting. She first met her betrothed in the Isla de Tiburones Durimientes, but she didn’t like him the least. She was soon relieved of the burden of the marriage, however, when her uncle Sal Carbone, now transformed into the vengeful and unstoppable Thorn, showed up, killing Enrico and starting a war when the groom’s father found out his son had been murdered by a Carbone. During the following shootout, Johnny Tower revealed himself to be The Punisher, and he exploited the situation to kill a number of mafioso, but also rescued Rosalie in the process. As Punisher was leaving the island with Rosalie, she watched helplessly as her father was thrown into a shark tank by Thorn: exhausted by anger, fear and grief, she fainted. She woke up alone, and with the thought that she had been deceived and used by The Punisher to get to her father. Enraged, she came back home only to discover that the remaining high-ranking members of the family were having a meeting without inviting her, to decide the destiny of the Carbonis. She presented herself uninvited, and claimed her rightful position as capo. When the senior bosses mocked her for being a woman, she had them killed, and took the lead of the family. Her first order was simple: she wanted The Punisher’s head.

With the resources of her family, Rosalie Carbone put a 5 million dollars bounty on Punisher’s head, and seven international assassins (the Mexican Tequila, the British Cane, the Spanish Roc, the Brazilian Stiletto, the Madripoorian Silence, the Texan Combat and the French Garrote) answered the call. Outnumbered, Punisher kidnapped Rosalie, and used her as leverage to take out all his enemies. By the end of the day, everyone who opposed the vigilante was dead except Rosalie, who had been spared once more. When Vito Vaducci called for a meeting of all the families, Rosalie was among the few who didn’t attend to, as she knew the Punisher would have been there: the choice proved to be wise, as all the bosses present got killed in an explosion. With the power vacuum, Rosalie obtained a lot of strength and influence, and decided to let The Punisher be for a while… but a new nuisance, a self-appointed Lady Punisher, proved to be just as annoying, so she sent one of her best assassins, Mondo Pain, to dispose of her. The new vigilante survived, but at least she was sent away. Now Rosalie had a more pressing matters in her hands: the family merging with Vito Vaducci, who had survived the bombing. The first meeting wasn’t exactly idyllic, as it was obvious Vito was trying to gain power over the Carbone family without giving anything in return, and he even tried (vainly) to seduce Rosalie. Immediately after that, a new Punisher (Carlos Cruz, sent by Microchip) tried to kill Rosalie, who believed him to be the original and let her guard down. She saved herself only because Vaducci, in the meanwhile, had sent his men to kill her, and their presence distracted the Punisher long enough to allow her to escape. Enraged, she played coy with Vaducci, and organized another meeting in Las Vegas, but also hired Bullseye to kill both Vito and The Punisher. The latter came prepared, and accompanied by the armored vigilante Phalanx, so Bullseye had his hands full, and while he did kill all Vaducci’s men, and even Phalanx, Vito managed to escape… until he met Rosalie in the elevator, and was shot down by her in person. As usual, when she wanted something done well, she had to do it herself.

Rosalie Carbone appears as a vain and self-centered woman, but that’s just a play put up to move people to underestimate her: she’s actually a careful planner and a skilled businesswoman, a ruthless and authoritative leader who successfully commands one of the biggest and most powerful Mafia families of the West Coast. With a huge fortune and enough men to form a private army on her side, there’s little Rosalie can’t obtain, and she’s able to pull the strings also of the richest and most influential men in the country. Driven by a keen intellect and by all the fury of a woman scorned, Rosalie Carbone is an extremely dangerous foe for anyone foolish enough to cross her way, not that there are many. Not still breathing, anyway.



The season finale for Supergirl was beyond horrible, but it did introduce a couple of concepts from the comics, such as the ending eyeing to the classic Superman: Red Son. There’s also one character to see, and one I didn’t expect to ever see portrayed. In Battles Lost and Won, as M’yrnn prepares to sacrifice himself heroically bonding with the nucleus of Earth (?) and thus stopping the planet’s terraformation (??), he shares one last memory with his son: a Moses-like moment in which the Martian god H’ronmeer gives the sacred scrolls to the first Martian, an unidentified woman. Albeit in the show H’ronmeer is referred to as to the only god of Mars, in the comics he’s actually one god in a numerous pantheon, even if he can indeed be considered the most prominent one. Let’s see together.

As all the other gods, H’ronmeer was created by the Presence (also known as the Unnameable One or, simply, God, the supreme creator) to watch over a specific people on a specific planet, guarding a specific aspect of existence. H’ronmeer’s planet of election was Ma’aleca’andra (Mars for humans), and he considered all the Green Martians born there his own children (the White Martians had other gods they prayed to). H’ronmeer wasn’t honored only by Green Martians on Ma’aleca’andra, though, as he was known also as Hiromeer by the Red Saturnians on Saturn, a race that actually descended from the Green Martians and had many traits in common with them. Albeit he did take care of all his children throughout the galaxy, guiding them during their lives and escorting them to the afterlife when they died, H’ronmeer had quite an ambiguous nature, and while most feared him as the God of Fire and Death, others adored him as the God of Light and Life, and many others revered him as the God of Art. Actually, H’ronmeer embodied all these different aspects, synthesizing them into a simple common trait: change. He was indeed the god of change, being it in essence or just in shape. For millennia, H’ronmeer watched over the Green Martians along with his brothers and sisters in the Martian pantheon, but then the almost entirety of his people was wiped away in a matter of days, and by an evil that had his name: the H’ronmeer’s Curse. This was a psychic plague engineered by a madman, Ma’alefa’ak, that attacked the Martians’ psionic abilities and made them burn alive out of suggestion. Thousands and thousands of Martians died to the Curse, but somehow H’ronmeer found himself unable to collect their souls and guide them to the afterlife: they were all drawn somewhere else, in a different time, on a different planet. For the first time in eons, H’ronmeer left Ma’aleca’andra to look for his lost children.

H’ronmeer found the cause of his inability to reach his children on Earth, in the late XX Century. A human scientist, Dr. Saul Erder, had teleported in Denver, Colorado, a Martian from the past, J’onn J’onnz, who still had a psychic bond with all the Martians who had died on his home planet. The transport in space and time, however, had damaged J’onn’s psyche, so he suffered from amnesia, and his bond to his people was subconscious. H’ronmeer tried to communicate with him to guide him back to Ma’aleca’andra and release the ghosts of Mars, but Erder had provided him with false memories to replace the ones he had lost, so J’onn didn’t recognize nor believed in him anymore. J’onn had become the heroic Martian Manhunter on Earth, and he had friends in the heroes of the Justice League of America, but they as well didn’t trust the visions of this self-appointed “god”. There was, however, one exception: Mister Miracle, the one who, in the JLA, had more experience with godly matters, being a New God himself. Miracle helped H’ronmeer to enter in contact with his lost child, and convinced J’onn to listen to his call. The Martian Manhunter tracked down Saul Erder, who had already been contacted by the Martian god in turn, and he was sent back to Mars, where H’ronmeer was waiting. Finally, with both of them on their home planet, where the god’s powers were at their fullest, H’ronmeer was able to restore J’onn’s original memories, giving him back also his true identity and cultural heritage, making him the gift of his true self. In exchange, the god asked for his help in freeing the ghosts of Mars from their current state, dead yet unable to pass through the veil. Now conscious of the psychic link that tethered him to the souls of his lost ones, J’onn J’onnz released them all, making them free to join their god in their afterlife. H’ronmeer had finally fulfilled his sacred duty, but his mission wasn’t over yet: as long as there was still even just one Green Martian breathing, he had a people to watch over.

H’ronmeer is a god ambiguous in nature, a creature of great wisdom who embodies change, and is thus the guardian of both life and death; on one side or the other of the veil, though, his love for his “children” remains unchanged, though his ways are often mysterious to his people. As a god, he’s immortal and virtually invulnerable; as the god of life and death, he can walk freely between this world and the other, and as the god of change he can modify his own shape and size however he wants; he can move in space and time without restriction, and he shares the gift of telepathy with the Green Martians; as the god of fire, he masters fire in every form, and manipulates it at will. A god fiercely committed to his holy duty to guide his children in this life and in the next one, H’ronmeer is a benevolent deity whose will can also manifest in quite a frightening way: after all, change is not bound to a single form by definition…


The second character spotted in the Aquaman promo pics is Queen Atlanna, portrayed by a gorgeous Nicole Kidman. From the dialogues between Aquaman and Mera in Justice League we know she’s currently dead, and that she abandoned her son with his human father, Thomas Curry, to be raised by him. We also know that she has another son, Orm, who may be also her murderer, and that she used to be the Queen of Atlantis, married to Orvax. This will be Atlanna’s second live action portrayal, as Daniella Wolters portrayed her in Mercy Reef; in this continuity, she’s actually married to Thomas, and she’s attacked by a siren while flying over the Bermuda Triangle, being separated from her son Arthur as a result. In the comics, she’s been many things, and while the Prime Earth version was indeed a warrior queen later killed by her son Orm for the throne, in New Earth she’s still alive and well. Let’s see together.

Despite her youthful appearance, Atlanna was born millennia ago on the continent of Atlantis, when it still rose above water. Back then, Atlantis was ruled by King Arion, and it was a place of ancient and powerful magic. Despite the bad fame the discipline had at the time, Atlanna was instead a scientist, more interested into understanding the rules of the natural world and in using them rather than subverting them with spells. Because of her careful observation of nature, Atlanna was among the few who foresaw the sinking of the entire continent, and she developed a serum that would have allowed her to breathe underwater. In addition to this, the serum also prolonged her life indefinitely, making her immortal. Atlanna didn’t know that many other Atlanteans had survived the catastrophe through magic means, and she secluded herself in a self-imposed exile, mostly because she feared that her mysterious survival, together with her blonde hair (a genetic trait always seen with suspicion and prejudice in Atlantis), would have made her an outcast either way. She spent centuries on her own, perfecting her science with research, and even expanding her knowledge and expertise, eventually becoming a pioneer in fields that would have been discovered by the surface world only centuries later, such as robotics. She was, however, terribly lonely, and she did miss the company of other people. It was only in the XX Century, however, that she finally ventured on the surface, where she met a lighthouse keeper, Thomas Curry. The two fell in love and even married, with Atlanna planning to transfer the conscience of her mortal husband into a robot of her own creation when he would have become much older than she would have ever been. She however suffered a very difficult pregnancy, and the moment of the birth sent her into a coma so deep that, to a human like Thomas, it looked like she had died.

Thomas Curry buried his “dead” wife at sea, and Atlanna woke up only years later… with the prolonged state of coma that had taken away much of her sanity. When, wandering the oceans, she found a prophecy from the Delphius Oracle that foresaw the coming of a blonde savior of both land and sea, she realized it was speaking of her son Orin, but in her madness she found this claim of a “true savior” to be an offense to God himself. In order to remedy the blasphemy, she decided to slain her own child, and she used her science to empower a number of Aquaman’s foes, including the Ocean Master and the robot Poseidon, to destroy him. This version of Atlanna, from Earth-One, disappeared after the Crisis on Infinite Earths, and a new one replaced her on New Earth. In this reality, she was the Queen of Atlantis, wife of King Trevis. Their marriage, however, was childless, as Trevis was sterile. One night, in her dreams, she was visited by the ageless sorcerer Atlan, who seduced her. The dream affair wasn’t without consequence, as thanks to Atlan’s magic the queen got pregnant. She gave birth to a son, Orin, but the baby had the sign of Atlan’s curse: blonde hair. For this betrayal, Atlanna was exiled from Atlantis, forced to be far from her kingdom for years. She did try to come back home, but she was arrested by the royal guards, and locked in prison, where she spent years in isolation. Her only friend in this dire times was her former adviser, Vulko, who stayed by her side despite the king’s order never to speak to his cheating wife. She got ill in prison, but she got at least a chance to see her son, Orin, who was imprisoned there as well as an adult, just moments before dying, a gift she didn’t hope for. Death, however, wasn’t the end for the queen: an enemy of Aquaman, Charybdis, decided to use her to hurt her son, and resurrected her in the form of a mermaid, a creature he could control with his powers. Queen Atlanna, however, wasn’t as easily controlled as any fish…

Atlanna is very different from one continuity to another: as the outcast scientist, she’s extremely intelligent and smart, but she’s also a deranged psychopath who believes her son to be a blasphemous abomination; as the disgraced queen, she’s a compassionate and caring woman, sometimes too trusty and naive for her own good. The original one is immortal and skilled in many scientific fields, while the other possesses Atlantean superhuman stength and durability; they can both breathe underwater and stand oceanic pressure. A deadly foe and a constant open wound for Aquaman the first, a distant memory and the hope to win back a lost future the second, Atlanna’s only constant is to be an outcast among her people, an exile who only seeks to find a place, or a person, she can call home.

Orm Marius (Ocean Master)

Ahead of the first official trailer that will be presented at Comicon, we have some pics from the upcoming Aquaman giving us a look at some of the characters we’ll see in the movie. The first one is the big bad of the film, Orm, portrayed by Patrick Wilson. Donning an armor and holding in hand his iconic helmet, Orm will be the king of Atlantis and Orin‘s half-brother, and some kind of ecoterrorist who’ll move war to the surface world due to the constant pollution of his oceans, forcing his brother to come back home and reclaim the throne to stop him. The origin seems to be comic accurate, although originally he’s the pretender and Orin the king, and not the other way round. Anyway, we can expect quite some blows between the two. Let’s see together.

Orm Marius, most times referred to simply as to Orm, was born in Alaska, the son of the Atlantean immortal wizard Atlan and of an unnamed Inupiat woman. Orm grew up without knowing who his father was, and was raised by his mother, but it was apparent that he was different from all the other villagers: not only he was physically different, but he was also intolerant to every tradition and use, as if he knew, deep down, that he didn’t belong there. In a family of traditionalists, he certainly made himself noticed as a white fly. His (self-procured) isolation made him bitter and aggressive, and the only person he liked to spend time with was his cousin Kako, whom he had feelings for. When he was a young man, Kako was attacked by a polar bear, but was saved by a mysterious stranger coming from the sea, one Arthur Curry. Arthur stayed with the tribe for a while, and eventually he and Kako fell in love. The moment they began a sexual relationship, however, Orm snapped, and out of jealousy he viciously attacked Kako, almost beating her to death. The girl survived, but luckily for Orm she suffered from amnesia, and didn’t remember what had happened. Either way, this was for Orm the final drop: he had nothing else to share with his people, but wanted to know why. He confronted his mother, and the woman finally revealed to him the truth about his father, that he was an Atlantean just like the stranger who had saved Kako… and not just any Atlantean, but the former king Atlan. Knowing that royal blood ran through his veins, Orm interpreted his anxiety and uneasiness as the signs that he was destined to greater things, namely the Throne of Atlantis, and embarked into a one-man crusade to claim back what was his by birthright. He named himself the Ocean Master, and traveled the world looking to amass power enough to give strength to his claims.

Ocean Master retrieved a traditional Atlantean armor, that protected him from the pressure of the deep seas, and even built a special helmet that allowed him to breathe underwater, but since he hadn’t inherited his father’s Atlantean physiology, he was too weak to move war to the submerged people. This until he realized he had inherited from his father a much more useful skill: he was, just like him, a homo magi, naturally able to manipulate and use magic forces. He studied to become an accomplished sorcerer, but still the power he had wasn’t enough. So he summoned the demon Neron and sold his own soul to him in exchange of the power he sought. Neron was a devil of his word, and he greatly augmented Ocean Master’s magic; he also gave him a trident that acted as both a focus and a power augmenter, but it had some twisted side effect, as Orm was prey of terrible pain everytime he wasn’t wielding it. Ocean Master used his newfound power to single-handedly conquer the Dreaming City, an Atlantean nation he became the king of. This was a first step to his oceanic conquest, of course, but things had to be pushed back a little as the Dreaming City was visited by Aquaman, the new king of Atlantis, who was seeking to reunite all the scattered nations into one… and Orm recognized in him Arthur, the man who had destroyed his surface life. If it wasn’t enough to see that the man he hated had seized the throne he wanted for himself, Aquaman’s claims turned out to be just as good and rightful as Orm’s ones were, as he presented himself as the son of Atlan… thus being Ocean Master’s half brother, and the rightful heir of the magician. This was too much for Ocean Master’s mind to bear, and he simply snapped at seeing his ambitions of destined glory being destroyed by the one man who, in his perception, had already taken everything from him once. As he learnt that Lex Luthor was assembling a team to counter the “big seven” of the Justice League, the Injustice Gang, Ocean Master joined Doctor Light, Circe, Jemm, Mirror Master and Joker, with the sole purpose of killing Aquaman. If there was just one obstacle to obtaining the throne, he’d better hurry to remove it.

Orm Marius is a man of great ambition and relentless determination, who believes to have found his destiny in his royal heritage and who considers the Throne of Atlantis his birthright. As the Ocean Master, he’s an accomplished sorcerer, who can command storms and sea currents with his magic trident, as well as use telepathy and shoot powerful mystic blasts; he’s also a skilled fighter, equipped with an armor and helmet that allow him to survive in the depths of the ocean. With all the resolution and the holy rage of a man who believes to be fulfilling his destiny, the Ocean Master is a fearful threat to everyone who recognizes Aquaman’s rightful rule on Atlantis, a pretender whose sole purpose in life is to sit on the throne that once belonged to his father.

James Gordon, Jr.

We finish Mav‘s request with the Nolan Trilogy, and with the best film of it, The Dark Knight. In the movie, on his vengeful quest, Two-Face threatens to kill Commissioner Gordon‘s son to make him feel the same way he did when his beloved Rachel Dawes died. The boy is James Gordon, Jr., portrayed by Nathan Gamble. In the film, he’s saved from Two-Face, but after the episode his mother divorces his father and he moves away from Gotham City (most likely for the best). In the comics, he sticks around and grows up… becoming a dangerous psychopath, more similar to the guys his dad usually hunts for rather than to his father. Let’s see together.

When James Gordon and his wife Barbara moved from Chicago to Gotham City, the woman was pregnant with their first child. Barbara gave birth to a boy, James Jr., who learnt to know the true nature of Gotham since his cradle: when he was an infant, in fact, mob boss Carmine Falcone, threatened by Gordon, sent one of his hitmen, Johnny Viti, to kidnap him and use him as leverage against his father. Baby Jimmy was eventually thrown off Gotham Bridge during the pursuit of Viti, and was saved only by the quick intervention of Batman, who caught him in midair. It was probably from that moment, starting with that shock and damage, that something dark began growing inside Jimmy. As a child, he tortured, maimed and killed animals as a hobby, without the slightest empathy for the poor beasts. During a family vacation, a friend of Barbara‘s, a girl named Bess Keller, made the mistake of mocking him: she was never seen again. Albeit Barbara swore that she saw her adoptive brother wearing Bess’ key chain, James’ involvement in the disappearance was never proved. Commissioner Gordon and his wife had a difficult marriage, and Jimmy’s odd behavior and antisocial tendencies contributed to drift them apart even more, to the point of divorce. Again, he didn’t feel absolutely anything when the two parted ways. As a young man, he decided to leave Gotham to see the world, and traveled the country for a while. During his peregrination, James Gordon, Jr. completed his personal path into becoming a serial killer, and arrived to the conclusion that empathy itself was a weakness he had to purge the world, or at least his home city, from. He came back to Gotham with one goal: to punish, destroy and expose the two weakest men of the city, Batman and his own father, and to start a new era of psychopaths.

He started stalking Commissioner Gordon, until he confronted him in a cafeteria: during their first meeting, Jimmy did his best to convince his father that he wanted to change, and even showed him the meds he was taking to suppress his psychopathic impulses (he had actually reversed the formula, so that they suppressed even what little empathy he still felt for some people, namely his family). He even asked for his support in obtaining a job in Leslie Thompkins‘ clinic, as he wanted to help other people who, like him, suffered from antisocial tendencies. Gordon desperately wanted to believe him: after finding in his old cases archive another killer who could have been responsible for Bess Keller’s murder, he decided to try and let Jimmy work with Leslie, albeit Barbara warned him not to trust his son. Just to be sure, despite Leslie assured him that Jimmy was doing a great job, Gordon had his son’s drugs examined by his daughter, and found out the truth… but it was too late already, as Jimmy’s plan had been set in motion. In order to divert attention, Jimmy enlisted the help of the Dealer, and orchestrated the evasion of The Joker from Arkham Asylum. While Joker attacked Barbara Kean with his Joker Toxin, Jimmy took advantage of the commotion to kidnap his sister, gaining a leverage. He even tried to share his vision with his sister, but as he told her that he wanted to taint a baby food production line with the drugs of his own design to make everyone a psychopath like himself, Barbara remarked that he wasn’t different from the dozens of loony murderers roaming in Gotham… an offense that Jimmy slightly punished by stabbing her in a leg, wounding her femoral artery. Jimmy was sure that he had already bested even Batman, since, as he revealed, he had successfully deduced his secret identity, and was ready to destroy everything he believed him… but albeit ready to trust people, Batman was always suspicious, and had already planted a tracking device on James Jr. when he was playing the good boy working for Leslie. The Dark Knight found him, and as Barbara stabbed her own brother in the eye and freed herself, Commissioner Gordon prevented his son from escaping and committing suicide from the same bridge he had been thrown off as a baby by shooting at his legs. As he was brought to Arkham, though, Jimmy was smiling, as his drugs had already been released in the baby food…

James Gordon Jr. is a highly intelligent and highly efficient psychopath, a man with a genius level intellect who however doesn’t feel the slightest connection to other human beings, and is incapable of feeling any empathy. He’s proficient in physical combat and is a master planner, and he apparently masters notions of biochemistry and neurology, as he’s been able to create a formula to increase psychopathic tendencies in people’s brain. The fact that he cannot feel emotions doesn’t make James Gordon Jr. unable to understand them, quite the opposite: he understands the love that his father still feels for him, and is ready and willing to exploit it at his own advantage, in the most painful and manipulative way he can think of.

Julie Madison

Let’s jump to the 1990s, in the so-called Burtonverse, to find the next character in Mav‘s request, almost at its end. In the fourth, terrible film of the tetralogy, Batman & Robin, we find Bruce Wayne accompanied to a beautiful socialite going by the name Julie Madison, portrayed by Elle Macpherson. In the movie, Gossip Gertie implies that there are rumors about a future marriage between Julie and Bruce, but it’s more than likely that she’ll be just one of many girlfriends of the millionaire playboy… especially after, under the effect of pheromones, Bruce gets confused and calls her “Ivy“. In the comics, Julie is the historical girlfriend of Bruce Wayne, a recurring character since the Earth-One era of publication, the eternal fiancée who never got to tie the knot. Let’s see together.

Julie Madison has lived many lives so far, depending on the reality of appearance, but some traits stay constant, such as being born in Gotham City, and being part of the wealthy and cultured upper class. In Earth-One, she was a young socialite who became the girlfriend of young Bruce Wayne, but she eventually broke up with him, tired of waiting to be married, and married instead the King of Moldacia. As the queen of Moldacia she became a widow soon after, and fell into a trap of the Dalcidi Tribe, that nearly brought her to declare war to the neighbor country of Tybern, but she eventually got free of their control and instead married the King of Tybern. In Earth-Two, instead, she was a famous actress, again the fiancée of Bruce Wayne. When the two were together, she was hypnotized and kidnapped by the Mad Monk, a vampire who wanted to feed off her, but she was promptly rescued by Batman, who had followed her to Hungary, to the Monk’s castle. After the incident, her fame rose, and she became one of the most requested actresses of the country. Her agent gave her the stage name of Portia Storme, taking inspiration from William Shakespeare‘s The Merchant of Venice, and she had the starring role in the remake of classic horror movie Dread Castle. As her career was rising, her private life wasn’t as much, as she started to loath the irresponsible and easy-going lifestyle of her boyfriend, becoming frustrated with Bruce’s way of taking nothing seriously. She realized who her perfect ideal of man was when Batman saved her once again, this time from Basil Karlo, the star of the original Dread Castle who was killing all cast and troupe of the remake, enraged for not having been contacted. Batman was everything she wanted her man to be: strong, reliable, responsible, not lost in stupid games and vices like her Bruce. Karlo tried to kill her another couple of times, but Batman and Robin were always there to save her. Finally, choosing her priorities, Julie decided to leave Bruce and to pursue her acting career, knowing that her man had never had the intention of marrying her to begin with.

After Crisis on Infinite Earth, Julie Madison resurfaced once again on New Earth. This time she was the daughter of a rich industrialist named Norman Madison, who had built part of his fortune with money borrowed from mob boss Sal Maroni. Julie was a law student, and she met Bruce Wayne in college. The two fell in love, but Julie could always say that Bruce was hiding something from her, and she noticed far too well that he constantly disappeared without explanation. Even in this reality, she was targeted by the vampire Mad Monk, and by his sister and lover Dala, who wanted to become a vampire as well by draining her blood. Julie got hypnotized night after night, with the Monk drinking her blood and then sending her back home. This was noticed by Batman, who followed her home trying to determine her condition, but the vigilante was spotted by Norman, who became paranoid, believing his illicit activities to have been discovered. The Monk forced her to steal and give to him her father’s company passwords, and so she did, allowing the villain to steal all her father’s money. Now useless, Julie was given to Dala as a gift, but Batman intervened right before she was killed by the vampire cult. In the following battle, Batman defeated the Monk and Dala, but in the meanwhile the paranoid Norman had forced Maroni’s hand and got killed. At the Monk’s castle, Batman had revealed himself to be Bruce Wayne to Julie, wanting to share his future with her… but, distraught by her father’s death and shocked by reading in his journal that it had been the sight of Batman to lead him to confront Maroni, Julie decided to leave Gotham, and she joined the Peace Corps to Africa. There, she dedicated herself to helping others, as her father would have wanted to. She came back to the United States years after, she moved to Hollywood and became an actress. As one of Batman’s loved ones, she was targeted by Ra’s al Ghul and his men, but she was saved at the last minute by Man-Bat. Terrified by both the ninjas of the League of Assassins and by her monstrous savior, Julie left once more, after having been reminded why she had moved from Gotham in the first place.

Energetic and assertive, Julie Madison is a brilliant young woman with dreams and ambitions, a lot of guts to pursue them and a good heart that moves her in the right direction while doing it. Being her a princess, an actress, a lawyer or a doctor, she’s always sure of what she wants and of how she wants to reach her goals, and while she feels a strong responsibility to help the needy, she’s just as well frustrated by the lack of care and conscience of other people who, just like her, have the chance to do something but choose not to. Privileged by chance, but missionary by choice, Julie Madison is always ready to lend a helping hand, in whatever way she can.

Aunt Minerva

We get a last snippet of the 1960s with the next character in Mav‘s request, Aunt Minerva, the deadliest spinster ever. She only appeared in the Legends of the Superheroes tv special, and made quite an appearance in the second episode, escorted by four huge body-builders, seeking to find a sixth husband after the first five ones “mysteriously” died. Portrayed by Ruth Buzzi, her aim is, of course, to chose the “lucky” guy among the many male superheroes present. In the comics, Aunt Minerva is originated in Earth-S, the one that hosts the first adventures of Captain Marvel, and despite looking like a sweet old lady, she’s actually quite naughty. Let’s see together.

Nothing at all is known about the past of Minerva, and even her surname is a mystery, but it’s pretty sure it’d be a curious story to tell. This old woman found herself widowed in her sixties (or even seventies, it’s unclear), but albeit painful, the loss of her beloved husband didn’t break her, quite the opposite: she resolved to take care of herself and make her steps into the wider world. It’s also unclear who her husband actually was and what his job was as well, but considering how proficient Minerva was at fighting and shooting, it’s not unlikely that she had been married to a professional criminal, and had learnt quite a lot during their marriage. In a way or another, she committed herself to become the new mistress of Fawcett City, and she started her conquest campaign by submitting the many criminal gangs that were haunting the city. Quite understandably, any thug she met underestimated her at first sight, but was swiftly dealt with by the unbelievably strong and swift granny. Then, one day, as some thugs had joined forces to finally put an end to her spree, Minerva was rescued by Captain Marvel and Uncle Marvel, from the Marvel Family. Again, in a quite understandable mistake, the two heroes believed her to be a defenseless old lady victim of evil burglars, surely not the other way round. Minerva was smitten by Uncle Marvel in a moment, and decided she wanted him to be her next husband. Also, she wanted to continue her work in conquering the entire city’s criminality, of course. Needless to say, Uncle Marvel wasn’t so inclined, and as soon as the “sweet granny”‘s true nature was clear, even Captain Marvel had something to say about her projects.

Unable to fight at full power an old woman, Captain Marvel had quite some difficulty in dealing with Minerva (who had started to refer to herself as to “Aunt” Minerva, since she wanted to marry Uncle Marvel), but he finally managed to have her arrested, only after providing her with a good spanking. This disciplinary act had quite some counter effect, as Aunt Minerva, admired by Marvel’s strength and mastery, became enamored with him as well. She didn’t stay in prison for long, and she escaped (once again, underestimated by the guards) to head for New York City, but she was once again stopped by Captain Marvel, alerted by WHIZ Radio‘s youngest correspondent Billy Batson. During her following escape, Aunt Minerva met Doctor Sivana, and for once she knew a man she didn’t have any intention to marry. The two, however, were connected by a vengeful feeling against Captain Marvel, so they joined forces to deal with the hero, but failed miserably. She tried once again to force Uncle Marvel to marry her, and for this she was aided by a robust and young thug, Handsome Harry, but once again her attentions were rejected. She finally found an alternative outside the Marvel Family when she joined Doctor Sivana once again, and helped him (who had formed an alliance with Prince Lucifer himself) to kidnap Stanley Printwhistle. As Sivana and Lucifer forced Stanley to turn into Ibac again to fight Captain Marvel, Aunt Minerva fell in love with the champion of evil, and started courting him. This, unfortunately, had the only effect of driving Ibac away, thus destroying the alliance even before they were able to face Captain Marvel. The last time Aunt Minerva was seen, she was helping another old lady in need: Her Highness, an elderly (and inept) thief. Joining forces with her and her helper Silk, Aunt Minerva was skillful enough to land a pivotal hand in dealing with their nemesis, Kid Eternity. And this time, as it was a women only alliance, at least she wouldn’t have ruined everything with her advances.

Aunt Minerva is surprising under any point of view. She’s an evil and violent old lady, but she’s also a romantic at heart, and desperately seeks her one true love that would quell the pain of her widowed heart. She’s unbelievably strong for an old woman, able to submit even the toughest thug around, and she’s deadly quick and precise with any gun. A hurricane of a woman, Aunt Minerva is just as dangerous when she seeks love and when she seeks crime domination, a force of nature who won’t stop in front of anything to get the power she wants… or to find a new husband.