Mr. & Mrs. Johnson

The new trailer for the upcoming Cloak & Dagger showed also Tyrone‘s parents, albeit very briefly. In the show, they are named Michael and Adina Johnson, portrayed, respectively, by Miles Mussenden and Gloria Reuben. The father is described as a working class man who does what he can to keep his family safe and well with a desk job, while the mother is constantly spurring her son to become a great man, actually so focused on encouraging him that she forgets to love him. The show is clearly switching roles between Tyrone and Tandy, having the first one as the perfect boy with a stressing high-society life, and the latter a street-smart kid. In the comics, Tyrone’s parents aren’t even named, but we know something about them and their family. Let’s see together.

Little to nothing is known about the couple who gave birth to Tyrone Johnson. They both lived in Boston, Massachusetts, and they lived there for their entire life. Mr. Johnson was allegedly the son of Joe Johnson, a 1950s superhero who went by the name Smokin’ Joe because of his fire-based powers, that made him look like a man with his head constantly on fire; Johnson didn’t know anything about his father’s secret activity, and when the hero disappeared in 1956, fighting a “monster” that happened to be the subconscious manifestation of the dark feelings of a teammate of his, Ernie “Persuader” Evans, he believed that his father had simply abandoned his family, making that the worst day in his life. He eventually met and married an unnamed woman, and the two together formed a family. They had a couple of twins, male and female, whom they named Tyrone and Anna. Then they had another son, Otis, and eventually a last daughter we don’t know the name of. Certainly not rich, the Johnsons did their best to run the family, and were happy to see that their children were growing far from all the dangers that Boston streets hid for far too many children: they went to school, and they always obtained good grades. Then, things started going terribly wrong, and their family never was to what it used to be anymore.

First, Tyrone got unwillingly involved into a robbery: present on the scene, he was unable to explain himself to the police due to his stutter, so the cops opened fire on him and on his best friend Billy, killing the latter and making a fugitive out of the first one. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, from that very moment, lost control on their entire family. Anna, possibly looking for her brother (or maybe not: according to some accounts, she disappeared before Tyrone did), left home as well, and following the promise of hot meals and a shelter she ended up joining the dangerous cult led by Erich Hennig in New York City. Eventually, broken by his older brother’s disappearance, even Otis lost his innocence, and he started getting involved in the very companies and business his parents were thankful he was safe from: he eventually became a street punk, and he even got his little sister involved, making her become a drug-addict and eventually killing her, causing her an overdose and leaving her to die on the streets. As good-hearted as they could be, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson proved to be totally inadequate to protect their children from the world, and they slowly lost each and every one of them to the streets, in a way or the other…

Not much is known about Mr. and Mrs. Johnson’s character: they are a completely normal couple, caring spouses and parents who take care of their family the best they can. With a world increasingly evil and ruthless, especially towards kids, even their love and hard-work proves to be not enough to protect their children, and they eventually lose everything good they built to the spreading darkness…


Emil LaSalle (Warp)

It seems impossible after more than a year, but we reached the last character in Lucy W.‘s long request. The last guy who appears in Scribblenauts Unmasked and received somewhere down the line a live action portrayal is Warp, a secondary villain who appears in Smallville portrayed by Elias Toufexis. In the show, he’s a member of the Suicide Squad with teleportation abilities, and he helps Rick Flag escape after a failed attempt against General Lane, aimed to stop the Vigilante Registration Act. In the comics, his powers are more or less the same, but he was never part of the Suicide Squad. Let’s see together.

Emil LaSalle was born somewhere in France, but where exactly it’s unspecified, and it’s just as unknown how he gained his teleportation abilities that made him Warp. One thing’s for sure: he didn’t use his powers to do good, quite the opposite, he became one of the most notorious and dangerous supervillains in Europe, and for some reason he developed a bitter rivalry with a “colleague”, the bipolar and stretchy Madame Rouge. In his homecountry he battled more than once popular superheroes like the phasing Phantasmo or the super-soldier Fleur-de-Lis, but he never operated outside national borders…until he was reached by a trio of international criminals, who had an offer for him. Monsieur Mallah and The Brain, accompanied by the psychic Phobia, were reforming the Brotherhood of Evil, and wanted him to be a part of it. At first, Warp was less than uninterested, but then the mysterious Auguste Toulon appeared, and abducted Warp along with Brain, Mallah, Houngan and Phobia, transporting them to his home reality, Earth-Eleven. Here, humans had landed on the Moon in 1952, and a nuclear war had erupted in 1966, threatening the entire planet. Warp had little choices but to cooperate with the Brotherhood and aid Tin, a hero of that Earth, to recover a space-ark from the dictator Milos, saving his people in exchange of a way to come back home. The battle ended with Tin’s victory and Toulon’s death, and the Brotherhood, Warp included, were successfully brought back home (later, it turned out that the entire interdimensional adventure had been orchestrated by Dr. Mist, as a way to save Earth-Eleven inhabitants and get rid of Toulon in the process). One such experience, however, was more than enough to convince Warp to join the group for good.

Emil didn’t have to move much, as the Brain chose as the team’s headquarters an exclusive school in Paris. The Brotherhood grew to become the most powerful crime syndicate in Europe, and of course clashed with several heroes, most usually the New Teen Titans. During a battle with them, Warp managed to settle his old rivalry, and got to kill Madame Rouge. His powers came in handy more than once, such as when he successfully kidnapped Raven in a ploy from The Brain to learn the secrets of Brother Blood. Warp stayed with the Brotherhood even when it became the Society of Sin, and remained a regular member…until The Joker altered his and many other villains’ sanity, making him go berserk. In his folly, Warp attacked the United Nations Building, and committed a carnage by teleporting the upper halves of anyone he found into open space, killing dozens. He was apparently cured by Alexander Luthor Jr., who hired him and the rest of the Brotherhood in his Secret Society of Super Villains. Warp’s talents were kept in high consideration by Luthor, who paired him with Dr. Psycho and entrusted them with a delicate and risky mission: to free the unstoppable Doomsday from his prison at the center of the planet. After the Society was defeated, Warp became a mercenary, and he was hired by Delores Winters to kidnap Icemaiden, something that he successfully did…allowing Winters to skin the heroine alive. After a time alone, however, Warp rejoined the Brotherhood: after all, even if he had been skeptical about joining them, they were still the only home he had ever known.

Emil LaSalle is a highly intelligent, and highly ruthless, man, a criminal who always used his talents for personal gain only. As Warp, he’s able to fly, and most of all to open portals between any two locations of his choice, thus being able to teleport anywhere he wishes and to bring others (or parts of others…) along with him. One of the most wanted men in Europe, Warp is a world-known criminal and terrorist, a murderer who’s literally uncatchable, always far beyond his hunters’ reach the moment they find him…

Corvus Glaive

The last member of the Black Order spotted in the new Avengers: Infinity War trailer is Corvus Glaive, portrayed by a yet unknown actor. He can be seen along with his siblings surrounding Loki, came to renew his alliance to Thanos. From the other trailers we can understand that he’s the one sent to hunt down Vision and to retrieve the Mind Stone from his forehead, apparently succeeding in doing so. If he indeed manages to defeat the android and Scarlet Witch, who’s always with him, he’ll definitely be a force to be reckoned with…just as in the comics. Let’s see together.

Not much is known about Corvus Glaive’s past, apart from the fact that he betrayed his own planet and sold his people to Thanos as a tribute, being fascinated by the nihilistic view of the Mad Titan on life and universe. Corvus joined Thanos’ invading forces along with his brother Black Dwarf and with his wife Proxima Midnight, and all three of them became generals in his army, the Cull Obsidian. Corvus, in particular, became Thanos’ favorite for his cruelty and ruthlessness, and his loyalty was rewarded with a unique weapon, a glaive capable of cutting through anything by splitting atoms, a blade that, as long as it remained intact, kept its wielder immortal. Corvus led the Black Order to many successful conquests, winning many planets to his master, gaining the title of Thanos’ right-hand man, entrusted to speak for him. When the turn of Earth came for the Gauntlet, Corvus Glaive was sent along with the other generals to prepare the arrival of Thanos, and he in particular was dispatched along with Supergiant to Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, looking for the Mad Titan’s lost son. While the two were there, they were called back by Ebony Maw to Orollan, as he had located Thane, Thanos’ child. The Black Order gathered in the Inhuman city, just as the Avengers were gathering there as well: as Hulk arrived before the others, Corvus and Proxima proved to be more than a match for him, handling him with relative ease. Then, all the others arrived: during the battle, Captain America deflected some blows from Proxima Midnight’s spear, and some of them hit Corvus instead; this gave Hyperion the opening he needed, and he obliterated Corvus Glaive, apparently killing him. The glaive, however, was still intact, and Proxima Midnight recovered it, just before being frozen in an amber crystal by Thane along with Thanos.

Slowly but steadily, Corvus Glaive started regenerating within the crystal, being visible enough to raise the curiosity of Maximus the Mad who, as part of some secret experiments of his, let some oxygen reach the glaive, thus allowing Corvus to be reformed completely, albeit still prisoner. Freedom came in the form of Namor the Sub-Mariner: after the failure of the Illuminati, Namor wanted to solve the problem of Incursions his own way, by destroying alternate Earths before they collided with his own. For this, he freed Thanos, Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive, along with Black Swan and Terrax, forming a new Cabal whose sole purpose was to destroy worlds, something each one of them excelled at. After months of slaughter and massacres, Namor tried to betray the Cabal, working with the Illuminati to stop them, but he was betrayed in turn by Black Bolt and Black Panther, and the entire Cabal was left on a dying Earth to die with it. Unable to come back to Earth-616, Corvus and the others escaped through a second Incursion Point, that led them to Earth-1610. Here, the Cabal forged an alliance with the Maker, a deranged alternate version of Reed Richards, and along with him they created a “raft”, that allowed them to survive the final Incursion and thus the end of the Multiverse. Corvus and the Cabal awoke eight years after in Battleworld, a new reality created by Dr. Doom with the remains of the dead dimensions: here, they were soon confronted by the Thor Corps, but they easily defeated them. As Doom was about to spot them, Dr. Strange scattered them through Battleworld, but Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight weren’t lucky, as they found themselves in the dominion of Apocalypse and his Horsemen. Despite their power, they were easily defeated by the ancient mutant, and they were kept in stasis for the rest of the war. As Doom was defeated and the universe reformed, Corvus found himself back on Earth-616, with Thanos apparently dead: the Mad Titan’s dominion was his to conquer, and he came back to the Black Quadrant, where he sat on the Titan’s throne as a new, cruel warlord…

Corvus Glaive is a cruel and ruthless warrior and an intelligent and clever general, a man whose loyalty to Thanos and to his death cult is not exactly unshakable, but who has his ambiguity seen as another plus point by the Mad Titan. He’s a formidable tactician, the greatest general ever seen on Earth according to Proxima Midnight; he’s also a superb fighter, unbeatable with his glaive, gifted with superhuman strength, agility, speed and durability; as long as the glaive’s blade is intact, Corvus is immortal, able to regenerate from any damage, even from total annihilation. An extremely dangerous being, pure evil incarnate, Corvus Glaive is rightfully Thanos’ right-hand general, the only man capable of speaking for the most feared being in the universe…aiming to become just as feared, one day.

Black Dwarf

The second member of the Black Order we see in the Avengers: Infinity War trailer is one that literally stands out in the crowd: as we see Loki approaching Thanos to renew the alliance by giving him the Tesseract (thus the Space Stone), the entire Black Order is around him, and the biggest and bulkiest of them is Cull Obsidian, portrayed by Terry Notary. In the comics, his name is actually Black Dwarf, while Cull Obsidian is an alternate name for the Black Order itself. Apart from the fact that he’s one of Thanos’ adoptive sons, we don’t know much of his role in the movie, but the snippets of a huge battle in Wakanda may be a huge clue, considering his role in the comics. Let’s see together.

The creature known as Black Dwarf was an alien born on an unknown planet, who grew up to be a fierce and fearful warrior, along with his brother Corvus Glaive. Somehow, the two siblings entered in contact with Thanos, an extremely powerful being whose sole aim in life was death, the death of the highest number of sentient beings in the universe, to be offered as a tribute to his everlasting love, Lady Death herself. Black Dwarf entered the Cull Obsidian, the cult of warriors following Thanos (even if among each other they called themselves the Black Order), and even among his peers he was one of the most enthusiast about death and oblivion, a true nihilist who happily embraced the destiny that Thanos was preparing for them all. His blind fundamentalism, as well as his impressive physical might, made him climb the ranks and become a Dreadlord (a general), along with Corvus Glaive. Nobody, even among the other generals, could match Black Dwarf’s might, and he became known across the galaxies as the Black Order’s power house, a wrecking ball that announced the coming of the Mad Titan with death and destruction. When Thanos set his sight on Earth as the next planet he would have razed, Black Dwarf was dispatched to Wakanda, where he would have started the invasion. After a first moment of easy victories, however, Black Dwarf experienced something he had never before: the Wakandans, united under their king Black Panther, fought back, and presented an unexpected resistance to the invaders. For the very first time in his life, Black Dwarf was forced to retreat, and he came back to Thanos defeated and humiliated, the only Dreadlord to experience such a failure. Not only Thanos despised him enough to kick him out of the Black Order, but he also denied him the bliss of death, leaving him alive.

Dishonored and without a purpose, Black Dwarf wandered in solitude and abandonment, until Thanos rewarded him with a second chance: he tasked him with a delicate mission, to protect the newly conquered Peak (an orbital station of S.W.O.R.D.) from being reclaimed by the Avengers. Black Dwarf rushed on site, and met his enemies head-on. He proved to be more than a chance for them, even if the Avengers counted among their ranks powerhouses like Thor and Hyperion, until they were joined by even more powerful allies: the Imperial Guard, led by Oracle, and most of all the Galactic Council, a team that counted extremely powerful beings like Gladiator, the Super Skrull, Annihilus and Ronan the Accuser. Black Dwarf could easily overpower each of them, and for a while he even proved superior to their combined might, but eventually numbers won, and he was slaughtered by Ronan, who executed him on spot. The oblivion of death didn’t last long for Black Dwarf, despite his strong desire to be embraced by it: when a cosmic game involved the Challenger and the Grandmaster, the two chose a number of champions to face each other in their place, and while the Grandmaster chose the Lethal Legion, the Challenger assembled once again the Black Order, resurrecting its deceased members, including Black Dwarf. The two teams were dispatched on Earth, where they would have competed in a Contest to reach and claim two Pyramoids that would have been hid on the battleground planet. The Black Order blew up the Avengers Mansion as soon as they arrived, in a plan by Ebony Maw to grant a distraction to the adversaries during the match. Apparently, the plan worked: as the Lethal Legion was battling the Avengers, Black Dwarf managed to reach the Pyramoid in Rome, Italy. Apparently disintegrated, the behemoth was actually transported into the Grandmaster’s Cosmic Game Room, having won a round. What would have happened next, now, depended entirely on his teammates…

Black Dwarf is a pure nihilist, maybe the only one in the Black Order who truly and completely embraced Thanos’ plan to annihilate sentient life in the universe, himself included. He is the most powerful warrior in the Order, gifted with an immense strength and an impenetrable skin that makes him nearly invulnerable; he’s a master in the use of a variety of weapons, the bigger the better, usually an enormous battle axe. Black Dwarf is a cosmic calamity that brings pain and destruction wherever he goes, and he has on his side an invincible weapon: he doesn’t fear death, quite the opposite, he craves for it…

Ebony Maw

A new, breath-taking trailer for Avengers: Infinity War has been released, and we got our first look at the three remaining members of the Black Order. Let’s start with the one we can see the best: Ebony Maw, who’s also the only one we know the actor of. Tom Vaughan-Lawlor will portray this skinny and malicious servant/adoptive son of Thanos, and judging from the trailer he’ll be the one assigned to recover the Time Stone from Doctor Strange…and it appears he made quite short work of the Sorcerer Supreme. If he’s indeed a sorcerer himself, this will be quite a departure from the comics, where he’s known for being mainly a master planner, albeit his intended target remains the same. Let’s see together.

We don’t know much about Ebony Maw, and also the few things we know about him are most likely lies. Allegedly, he was an alien fascinated by Thanos’ nihilistic view on the universe, who joined him as a humble disciple and proved his loyalty enough to become his first and most trusted lieutenant, but even this was proved to be a lie, as he was the one who eventually orchestrated the Mad Titan‘s fall. Also, he is widely believed to be lacking any super power, having in his limitless and Machiavellian intellect his greatest strength, but even this point has never been truly proven, quite the opposite, his “persuasion through words” skills more often then not seems more akin to mind-control than to sheer rhetoric. Being it one way or the other, it’s true he was one of Thanos’ lieutenant, one of the most feared leaders of the Black Order, much more dangerous than his physically superior teammates. Sent to Earth to investigate the presence of Thanos’ son, an Inhuman, Ebony Maw chose to infiltrate the planet’s secret ruling elite, the Illuminati, and he made so through one of their members. He targeted the Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange, and talked his way into his psyche until he completely subjected him, enough to force him to summon the lovecraftian old god Shuma-Gorath. As the crisis gathered the Illuminati together, Maw controlled Strange, and gained access to all their secrets. While Thanos gave his ultimatum, Strange started looking for the warlord’s son, and found him in Thane, a young Inhuman who had just underwent Terrigenesis in a forgotten Inhuman village in Greenland. As soon as the boy was found, Maw made the sorcerer forget about all their interactions, and forced him to leave, while he stayed with Thane, witnessing the manifestation of his powers following Black Bolt‘s release of the Terrigen Bomb. Much to Maw’s surprise, Thane possessed the ultimate power: death. As the boy unwillingly annihilated his entire town, Ebony Maw stepped in, presenting himself as a friend.

Watching the boy’s powers up close, Ebony Maw realized that Thane could grow up to be more powerful than Thanos himself, and started conceiving a long-termed plan to be in his future. He offered Thane a containment suit that would have allowed him to control the overflowing energies of a power he couldn’t control, and earned his trust…but in the meanwhile trapped him and alerted Thanos and the rest of the Black Order of his presence. Thanos’ forces gathered in Orollan, and so did the Avengers’ ones, as they clashed in the ultimate battle. While all the others were busy fighting each other, Ebony Maw released Thane from his imprisonment, and presented him two choices: he could escape, hiding as he had always done, or he could become what he had always feared and face his father. Thane chose the latter, and in the following battle, much to Maw’s pleasure, the boy used his right hand’s power to encase Thanos and Proxima Midnight in an amber coffin, in a perpetual state of “living death”. Pleased with the young man’s accomplishments, Ebony Maw hid Thane from the others, and left Earth along with him, offering himself as a mentor for the son of the titan. Thane trusted him, and believed his promises…but then the duo reached the Black Quadrant, a former dominion of Thanos’ that had been conquered by Corvus Glaive, another one of the Mad Titan’s former lieutenants. Glaive had seen through Maw’s machinations, and had enlisted the Covenant to strip Thane of his powers, thus being able to capture him and his “mentor”. During his imprisonment, both Maw and Thane were tortured for the sadistic pleasure of Corvus, but then Ebony Maw did the one thing he did best: he talked his way out of it, managing to barter his own freedom…for Thane. As the young man remained captive, hoping that his “friend” would come up with a plan to save him, Maw was far already, looking for some other way to reach his unfathomable goals…

Ebony Maw is a living enigma: intelligent and cunning beyond measure, he’s always planning something, always devising back-up plans to his back-up plans, in a web of lies, deceits and machinations that sees even the most powerful beings in the universe used as mere pawns. He apparently has no superhuman powers, albeit he disposes of technology that grants him an impenetrable personal force-field and teleportation abilities, but his intellect would be dangerous enough by itself; Maw has a way to talk himself into people’s minds that borders mind-control, and his persuasion skills are enough to bend even the most disciplined minds to his will. The spider at the center of a web of intricate plans, Ebony Maw is the ultimate tactician, who has the entire universe as his personal chessboard.

Voz (Green Lantern)

Believe it or not, but we just reached the last Green Lantern from Lucy W.‘s request: this one is yet another cameo from the overcrowded Green Lantern movie, and is the Sasquatch-like creature moving in the background on Oa. That’s Voz, a Lantern who’s been portrayed in a variety of ways in the comics: always big and hairy, he sometimes resembles an ape, some others a huge mastiff-like dog, or even a giant mole-sloth thing. The movie version apparently goes for the latter, but it’s hard to say. Anyway, let’s take a look to the original.

Voz was born on Eciram, a distant planet known as one of the most dangerous ones in the universe: this world, in fact, was inhabited by several races of gargantuan predators, who used to prey on the sentient inhabitants of the planet. Not remotely as big and strong as the top carnivores, Voz survived thanks to his resourcefulness and his sheer willpower, a feat that attracted the attention of the Guardians of the Universe, who chose him as one of the very first recruits for the Green Lantern Corps. Voz accepted the offer, and became the Green Lantern of Space Sector 571, again one of the most dangerous around. One of the gravest threats he had to constantly face was represented by the Draal, a belligerent species always trying to oppose the Corps. Growing in ambition, the Draal abducted Voz along with five other Green Lanterns, Guy Gardner, Graf Toren, RRU-9-2, Gpaak and Bivvix, wanting to use them in their ultimate plan: they would have cloned them, stolen their Power Rings and infiltrated the Green Lantern Corps, to destroy them from the inside. The Draal, however, gravely underestimated their prisoners, and the five Lanterns joined forces and proved to be formidable fighters even without their rings: they escaped their prison, reclaimed their Power Rings and dismantled the Draal from within, just as they wanted to do with the Corps. This was quite a major victory, that however preceded a catastrophe: another Lantern, Hal Jordan, went mad, and single-handedly destroyed the Guardians, Oa and the Central Power Battery, thus putting an end to the Green Lantern Corps. Powerless and alone, Voz was captured by a slavers ring.

Time passed before Voz, and many others who had suffered his same destiny, were rescued by Guy Gardner. After regaining his freedom, Voz was among the few former Lanterns who answered the call of the sole Green Lantern remaining, Kyle Rayner, who had called for backup in his effort to dismantle the Black Circle crime cartel…but upon seeing he was human, just like Jordan, Voz left, not trusting him. It was Raker Qarrigat, an old friend, who vouched for Rayner and convinced Voz to change his mind: the veteran space-cop helped Kyle against the Black Circle, and collected yet another victory. His trust proved to be well placed, as soon after Rayner reformed the Green Lantern Corps, even bringing the Guardians of the Universe back to life. The Guardians remembered Voz’s success against the Draal, and valued his experience, as he was one of the few veterans remaining: they offered him the direction of the most guarded prison in the universe, the Sciencells, a task that the old Lantern gladly accepted, having already decided to focus on guarding Oa this time. As chief warden, Voz took care of the most nefarious criminals ever captured by the Lanterns, and he managed to obtain their fear if not their respect, proving to be someone not to be messed with. He successfully kept in line the many members of the Sinestro Corps who had been captured and incarcerated during the war, Sinestro included, and when the leader of the Yellow Lanterns was freed by his men on his way to the execution ground, Voz kept the news secret from his inmates, letting the other prisoners believe that their leader had been killed as planned. Used to the violence and empty threats of the inmates, there was but one prisoner that truly got under his skin: one of the newest arrivals, Red Lantern Vice, who had an aura of pure malice around him. Voz didn’t know yet how much his instinct was right about Vice, until the Red Lantern managed to break free…

Voz is a brave and fierce warrior, a veteran space-cop who relies mostly on a nearly infallible instinct. As an Eciramite, he’s extremely strong, fast and agile, and he possesses sharp fangs and sharp claws on both hands and feet; as a Green Lantern, his Power Ring allows him to fly, to survive in any environment, to communicate in any known language, and to create will-powered energy constructs: Voz’s constructs are usually of basic and primordial form, and tend to explode before they’re fully developed. A warrior like few others in the Corps, Voz is a force to be reckoned with, a Green Lantern always on the verge of being corrupted by rage (the power source of the Red Lanterns), saved only by his firm loyalty to the Corps…not that this means that his inmates have to fear him less.

Gregory Sanders (Vigilante)

Lucy W. keeps bringing us down memory lane, as the next character in line is the Vigilante…no, not the Vigilante we met in Arrow, but the original one, modern-day cowboy Greg Sanders. Sanders appeared in the 1947 serial The Vigilante, where he’s portrayed by Ralph Byrd as a playboy actor who stars in western movies, and who secretly is a government agent who’s investigating on the disappearance of some extremely valuable red pearls. In the comics, the Vigilante has never been a super-spy or something, but he shares with his live-action counterpart his skill with guns and motorcycles. Let’s see together.

Gregory Sanders (sometimes spelled Saunders) was born somewhere in Wyoming, around the late 1910s. He was the grandson of a Native American warrior, and the son of a respected sheriff, who wanted him to follow his footsteps and become a lawman as well. For this purpose, Sheriff Sanders taught his son how to fight, how to shoot, how to use a lasso and how to ride a horse, but Greg was more interested in music and motorcycles than in law enforcement, so as soon as he could he left his home and traveled to New York City, where he became a country singer. He made quite the good money as a performer and a songwriter, but then something forced him to come back home: his old man had been killed while chasing some brigands. Once home, Greg felt compelled to grant his father’s wish at least to bring his killers to justice, and so he did: he used all the skills his old man had taught him, plus some new numbers with the bike he had learnt on his own, and captured the entire gang. The greatest discovery he made, was that he liked it. From that moment, he decided to use his abilities to fight crime in every form it presented itself, and he swore on his father’s grave that he would have made him proud. He donned a mask and became the Vigilante, moving back to New York City to face a tremendous gang war that was engulfing the city. During one such conflicts, the Vigilante intervened in Chinatown, where the Head was fighting against the White Lotus Tong for the control of the entire block: as Lin Chou, leader of the White Lotus, was framed by the Head to continue the war, the Vigilante stepped in to clear his name, earning a precious ally in Lin Chou’s grandson, Stuff, who from there on became his sidekick with the name of Chinatown Kid.

The Vigilante and the Chinatown Kid became quite popular, fighting and defeating a number of peculiar villains like the midget genius inventor known as The Dummy or the color-themed Rainbow Man. The greatest challenge of all, of course, came when World War II erupted in Europe, soon reaching America with its influence. After briefly joining the All Star Squadron, the Vigilante was selected to be a member of the new team known as the Seven Soldiers of Victory, committing himself to hunt down and stop Nazi criminal activities on American soil, as well as facing some super menaces like Iron Hand, Black Star or his old nemesis Dummy. He spent several years with the Soldiers, until in 1948 the team fought the cosmic foe Nebula Man: as Wing killed him, the energy dispersed by the creature was enough to displace in several eras all the heroes, and the Vigilante found himself stranded in an environment he was kind of accustomed to, 1870s Old West. Greg stayed there for a while, but he was eventually threatened by a tribe of Native Americans who (rightfully) believed that the white men would have eventually stripped them of their land, and wanted to attack first. Just as he was about to lose battle and life, Greg was rescued by three time travelers: Green Arrow, Black Canary and Johnny Thunder with Thunderbolt, who not only rescued him from the attackers, but also brought him back to the future…that, however, was “much more future” than he expected, as his saviors came from several decades after he had got lost in time. The new world that awaited him was quite a mystery for Greg, but the Justice League of America gave him a choice to continue what he was doing during the war, and even gave him a new motorcycle. After fighting alongside the League against some alien invaders, and even saving Superman from a werewolf, Greg Sanders came to the decision that time had come he put the Vigilante mask away, leaving crime fighting to the new generations. He moved to Mesa City, where he ran a dude ranch…but the Vigilante would have always been ready to return, if the situation required it.

A brave and enthusiast man, Greg Sanders (or Saunders) is everything an adventurer is supposed to be: fearless, focused, sometimes cocky, always heroic, he unites the determination of a ranger to the inspiration of an artist. As the Vigilante, he’s a skilled hand-to-hand fighter and an infallible gunslinger, a master of the lariat and a superb horse-rider, as well as an accomplished biker. An old-fashioned hero for a modern and chaotic time, the Vigilante is just the kind of man who will always come to save the day and ride away in the sunset, the star that makes people believe that legends never die.