Elias W. Morrow

elimorrowfilmLast episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. furtherly explored the origins of the mysterious ghosts hunting down the cursed book Darkhold, and doing this it introduces another character from the comics, Eli Morrow, portrayed by José Zúñiga. In Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire, Morrow was the chief engineer in the facility in which all the ghosts worked, and ended up being the only survivor of the incident that “killed” them; he’s in jail for sending his boss, Joseph Bauer, in a coma by beating him nearly to death, considering him responsible for the accident. Eli, however, is a good man, who raised his nephews Robbie and Gabe helping his sister when her husband died, becoming a father figure for the two boys…and that’s quite a major twist from the comics, as the original Eli Morrow is the baddest and meanest bastard you’ll ever meet: let’s see together.

Elias Morrow was born in Los Angeles, the brother of Alberto Reyes. Born with a malicious spirit, he was estranged when he was still very young (hence his different surname), and left home at an early age. Violent and utterly uncapable of any form of empathy, Elias became a serial killer, taking quite a pleasure in inflicting pain to his victims. He even grew close to satanism, becoming a devout devil-worshipper. Elias dedicated all his killings to Satan (or to whatever other demon was listening on the other side, he didn’t really care), until he found a way to make money from his “passion”, as his talent for murdering people was noticed by a group of Russian mobsters. Elias was enlisted as a killer, and he managed to make a living out of mauling people as he liked to do…with the only limitation of having selected targets this time (albeit he always managed to do some “extra work” in his spare time). Once, he even came back to Los Angeles to see his brother Alberto: the man had married a good woman, Juliana, and had had a son from her, Robbie. When Elias arrived in the Reyes’ house, Juliana was pregnant with their second elimorrowcomics1son, Gabe. Elias delivered his “I missed you” message directly to Juliana, and he beat the woman nearly to death; it was a miracle she didn’t lose the baby, but when Gabe was born, his spine had been damaged, and he never got to walk, being forced to a wheelchair all his life. Years after, apparently, Elias was also involved in Roberto’s and Juliana’s disappearance, but the details are still unknown: almost certainly, he had a role in Robbie’s and Gabe’s status as “orphans”. Anyway, finally his life of violence exacted his toll, and some of the enemies he had made while working for the Russians came looking for him, and during a final shoot out, Elias Morrow was taken down for good. Well, not exactly.

Just before dying, in fact, Elias performed one last satanic ritual, one aimed to spare him the torments in Hell he had deserved during his life. The magic ritual prevented him from reaching the otherworld at all, so that his soul remained trapped on Earth, bonded to a physical object…namely a car, a black 1969 Dodge Charger, used by a criminal gang in L.A. and linked to a number of violent crimes. The car was used in a gang war, and even in a theft against super criminal Mister Hyde…and it eventually arrived to a mechanic’s workshop, Canelo’s Auto and Body, where Robbie Reyes worked. Still dormant within the car, Elias’ spirit only waited for his moment, and it soon came: trying to collect enough money to move to a more peaceful neighoborhood for his brother’s sake, Robbie used the car for an illegal race, and at the end of it he was pursued by Hyde’s men, who wanted their formula back. At the end of a pursuit, Robbie was reached and gunned down…and that’s when Elias Morrow finally contacted him: using the powers black magic had given to him, the spirit, who introduced himself only as “Eli”, offered to Robbie enough powers to get his revenge on his killers, bonding with him as a demon would; the boy, dying, accepted his offer. Eli, with a living human host, could elimorrowcomics2mimic the powers of a Spirit of Vengeance, and transformed his nephew in the new Ghost Rider, bringing him back to life. The initial bond, however, wasn’t permanent, as there were some conditions to fulfill (first of all, Robbie had to kill Eli’s killer, the Russian mobster Yegor Ivanov); depite claiming he wanted to help the boy, Eli’s true goal was to take complete control over his body and soul, erasing Robbie’s consciousness. It took time for Robbie to realise this, but he was aware nearly from the very beginning that anytime he surrendered to his darkest emotions, rage or despair, Eli got stronger and tightened his grisp on him. Still keeping his true identity hidden from his nephew, Elias Morrow manipulated Robbie into relinquishing to him more and more power, hoping to regain his freedom and to restart his killing spree as soon as possible: murder was the sweetest drug he had ever tried, and he wouldn’t have given up on it so easily.

Elias Morrow is a man evil to the bone, with no empathy, no humanity, no good in him at all. Violent, sadistic and cruelly cunning, he’s a skilled manipulator and deceiver, and he’s even more dangerous now that he’s dead than when he was alive; his satanist rituals, in fact, gave him a number of powers, from the ability to possess living people as hosts to the one of literally devouring the souls of others; he can grant his host powers similar to the ones of a Ghost Rider, from generating and manipulating hellfire to invulnerability, regeneration and enhanced physical attributes, but he’s also bonded to the Rider’s vehicle, the Hell Charger, which he can imbue with hellfire making it indestructible and highly destructive. An evil man turned evil spirit, Elias “Eli” Morrow preys on his own family to get another life after the one he has destroyed with his own hands, all for the pleasure of resuming his favourite hobby, killing…not exactly the uncle of the month.

Ward Meachum

wardmeachumfilmSecond character appearing in the Iron Fist trailer is most certainly a villain…even if some surprise may lie ahead. Along with Joy Meachum, we see at her side also her brother, Ward, portrayed by Tom Pelphrey. In the show, he’ll be a childhood friend of Danny Rand, and he’ll be one of the owners of his company the moment he comes back from his presumed death…and it’s unlikely he’ll let it go easily. Well, this brief description already puts him on a completely different level than his comicbook counterpart, as in the comics he’s not Joy’s brother, he’s never been friend to Danny Rand, and he didn’t even own his company. Let’s see together.

Born in ManhattanNew York City, Ward Meachum was the brother of wealthy and succesful businessman Harold Meachum. Not much is known about his early activities, but he was a skilled and succesful businesman as well, owner of a big company. When his brother Harold was killed, his niece Joy inherited his company, the Rand-Meachum Inc., but she also called for her uncle in New York. Joy, in fact, claimed to know the killer of her father, as she had found the vigilante Iron Fist near Harold’s dead body: she asked her uncle Ward to both help her run the company, and most of all to help her get her revenge against Iron Fist. Ward was a man of experience, and had quite a few connections in the underworld: believing to have it easy, he hired known mercenary Batroc the Leaper to dispose of the vigilante, but was quite surprised the moment Batroc was defeated, as Iron Fist proved to be a better martial artist than him (quite rare). Realising that the masked man wasn’t a simple thug to eliminate so easily, Ward Meachum started investigating on him, and soon found another masked martial artist who had a grudge against Iron Fist, the Steel Serpent: he convinced Joy to assume him as a bodyguard, enlisting his services in exchange of a chance to obtain his vengeance against the other fighter. In the meanwhile, Ward kept his own empire alive by making deals with his connections in the underworld, continuing business with several groups; wardmeachumcomics1one of these, the Golden Tiger Gang led by Chaka Kahn, wasn’t exactly satisfied by the treatment they received, and ended up attacking Rand-Meachum Inc. putting Joy’s life at risk. Following that, Steel Serpent started investigating on Ward, and found out his criminal connections: disgusted by the man’s duplicity, the assassin beat Ward’s bodyguards, and threatening Meachum he told him that he was done working for him; then he left, seeking his vengeance on his own. Again, Ward Meachum was alone with his niece in his revenge quest.

As the top of irony, at last even Joy Meachum gave up on her war against Iron Fist, finally convinced of his innocence, even allying with him; obviously, since the very beginning Ward wasn’t interested in the slightest in avenging his brother, as he had seen an easy way to increase his profits through Ward-Meachum Inc…but now he had lost that opportunity, having been cut out of the company’s direction. Ward needed another financier, and ironically he found it in Master Khan, the true killer of his brother Harold. Khan promised Ward power and wealth in exchange of the Power Gem of Quon, a powerful relic in Danny Rand’s possession able to bring Khan back to Earth from the dimension he’d been exiled from. One of Khan’s minions, the humanoid wolf Ferocia, was sent to help him, but Meachum had already resumed his old style, and had hired some goons to do the dirty job for him: he enlisted Shades and Comanche, and even gave them advanced tech to pass through Danny’s ever-present bodyguards, Iron Fist and Power Man, the Heroes for Hire. Despite Shades and Comanche got defeated and arrested, Ward managed to steal the Power Gem, and brought Khan back to Earth…only to be intercepted by the Heroes for Hire immediately after. While Power Man took care of Ward and his goons, Iron Fist fought Khan: during the battle the crystal got destroyed, and the evil warlord was sent back to K’un Lun; exposed and without an ally, Ward Meachum was arrested along with the low-wardmeachumcomics2life criminals that worked with him. Now, resentful towards Iron Fist for personal issues, Ward kept planning his revenge…but soon something else replaced his original obsession, tapping to his everlasting thirst for power. Out of prison thanks to what had remained of his connections, he made quite a level-up when he contacted the Super Skrull, the alien who possessed the combined powers of the Fantastic Four, and offered him his help and resources in conquering Earth for the Skrull Empire: when dreaming of power, why not dreaming big?

Ward Meachum is an ambitious and greedy man, ready to do anything to obtain power, wealth and influence. With no moral restraint at all, he only takes care of his personal benefit, and he’s ready to sell out anybody for some profit…even the entire human race.

Lucas Carr (Snapper)

snappercarfilmLast episode of Supergirl introduced a new character, who’s going to be one of the main additions to this season, replacing the now missing Cat Grant. In The Last Children of Krypton, finally Kara gets her new job as a reporter, but her new boss, Snapper Carr, is not exactly enthusiast to have a kid with friends in the right place in his office, and proves to be an extremely tough cookie to deal with. The journalist, portrayed by Ian Gomez, is the chief of CatCo Magazine, and a Pulitzer winning reporter (the best Cat has ever known, apparently)…quite a big leap from the comics. Originally, in fact, Snapper Carr is just a sidekick to the JLA, and starts as a teenager with no particular talent, apart from always snapping his fingers when happy (hence his nickname). So, as usual, let’s see together who the original Snapper Carr is.

Lucas Carr was born in Happy HarborRhode Island, the son of John Carr. A perfectly normal kid in a numerous family, Lucas grew up with his brothers Jimmy and “Spitter” and his sister Janet. Growing up, he became known by everybody as “Snapper”, because of his habit of continuously snapping his fingers, especially when he was happy. A student at Happy Harbor High, his life changed completely the day the alien Starro the Conqueror took control of the minds of every single inhabitant of Happy Harbor…everyone but him, as he was apparently immune from Starro’s telepathy. When The Flash arrived in town to defeat the Starro’s deputy that had targeted it, he discovered the boy: intrigued by his natural telepathic shield, he asked him to come along to the other members of the Justice League of America, an occasion Snapper surely didn’t let go. Transported in no time to the rest of the JLA, Snapper was immediately examined by Green Lantern, who found out an interested thing: the boy’s hands were covered with lime, since he had been working on the family lawn during Starro’s attack. What snappercarcomics1seemed to be just a secondary detail proved to be essential, as Aquaman pointed out that many fishermen killed starfish using lime: being Starro a giant starfish, maybe that lime was what had prevented him from controlling Snapper Carr as well. The idea was worthy a try, and it actually proved to be a good one, as some lime was enough to poison Starro and to destroy him (at least, the deputy present on Earth at that time), thus foiling another invasion. Grateful for the help, the JLA made Snapper a honorary member of the team, giving him the official status of “mascot” of the League. Mostly he recorded the heroes’ adventures in a book, but he was also assigned to keep their hideout in Happy Harbor, the Secret Sanctuary, operative in their absence. Albeit powerless, Snapper Carr was a true member of the most powerful superteam on the planet.

Sometimes Snapper Carr also took an active part in the team’s adventures, such as when he posed as The Joker in a plan to lure the Royal Flush Gang out. The real deal, however, didn’t take too well the fact he had an imitator. Soon after that, in Happy Harbor, Carr met John Dough, a man who took a liking in to the teenager and who became one of his closest friends. Snapper spent a lot of time with John, and he also told him how privileged he felt to be friends with the JLA, but John had a completely different point of view on superhumans, and slowly he convinced him that beings so powerful that could be considered gods were a threat to normal human beings such as them. Trusting and naive, Snapper Carr ended up being convinced by John’s words, and believing he was serving the “average man” he disclosed the location of the Secret Sanctuary (hidden within a volcano) to his friend…who revealed himself to be the original Joker, who destroyed the place. The Clown Prince of Crime, in fact, had manipulated Snapper into betraying his hero friends, so that he could wreak havoc as usual…and destroy another one of Batman‘s juvenile friendships, after killing his protégé Jason Todd. Obviously, having proved himself unreliable for the team’s safety, Snapper lost his membership and resumed his normal life, ridden in guilt. His past, however, always followed him wherever he went, snappercarcomics2and he was recognised everywhere as the “mascott”, even if he had left his hometown to continue his studies. He resumed his friendship with the League after a misadventure with the Key and the Star Tsar, and the heroes even found a job for him in S.T.A.R. Labs. Snapper’s life took another incredible turn the moment he was among the fifty people kidnapped by the alien race known as the Dominators: the invaders shot their prisoners with special guns, aimed to discover hidden metagene in their guinea pigs, killing the useless specimens; among the original number, only six survived…with Snapper being among them, now a metahuman. With his new teleporting abilities, Snapper Carr led the other five metas out of the Dominators’ lab, forming the group of the Blasters: after long following heroes, time had come to become one…

Lucas “Snapper” Carr is a cheerful and easy-going young man, who always thinks the best of people and tries to keep up the general mood. His good heart often becomes naivety, as he rarely understands when someone is trying to deceive him. As the leader of the Blasters, he’s able to teleport himself and others pretty much anywhere just by snapping his fingers, albeit due to the Dominators’ forceful transformation his powers are erratic, and often stay dormant for long periods of time. A normal boy projected into unnormal circumstances, Snapper is the link between the JLA and common humanity, especially young people…at least until he becomes a part of the amazing stories he’s been telling for years.

Joy Meachum

joymeachumfilmJust to remain on Netflix territory, let’s start to see the characters appeared in the first Iron Fist trailer. The first one is Joy Meachum, portrayed by Jessica Stroup; she’s the girl appearing when a voice tells Danny Rand that evil will come for him, maybe even in the form of a friend. Only time will tell what the prophecy means; as far as we know, Joy will be one of the owners of Rand Enterprises, along with her father Harold and her brother Ward. Danny Rand’s appearance obviously puts their project on the company in peril, since he’s claiming his birthright on the company. Whether she’ll be an ally or a foe to Danny remains to be seen…in the comics she’s been both. Let’s see together.

Joy Meachum was born in New York City, the daughter of powerful and wealthy businessman Harold Meachum. Since her childhood, Harold raised her to be his perfect heir, and she became a skilled businesswoman, smart and intuitive, trained to take the reins of her father’s co-owned company, Rand Meachum Inc., which he controlled along with his business partner and friend Wendell Rand. Joy grew up with Danny, Rand’s son, and the two were good friends…but unbeknownst to Joy, Harold had already planned a way to ensure his daughter to inherit the entire company without sharing with Danny, and he organised the murder of the entire Rand family. When only Harold came back from a trip along with the Rands, claiming to be the only survivor of a tragic incident, Joy suddenly found herself the only heir to a multi-billionaire company, and albeit mourning the loss of her friend, she put an even double effort in improving her managing skills. As an adult, she started leading the company along with her father, and everything was going exactly the way Harold had planned it…at least, until Danny Rand returned, proving he wasn’t as dead as the Meachums believed him to be. The relationship with Danny didn’t restart as well as Joy expected, since Danny was more than determined to take back his share of the company, and seemed joymeachumcomics1to be convinced that the Meachums would have done anything to prevent him to. If dealing with an old friend who had come back from the grave wasn’t enough, something tragic happened to Harold some nights after Danny’s return: hearing some noise from her father’s office, Joy went to check on him, and she found Harold, lifeless, clearly mudered, and a masked man, who went by the name Iron Fist, standing besides him. It was easy for Joy to deduce that Iron Fist was her father’s murderer (actually, the culprit was the Ninja, an assassin working for Master Khan), and she tried to shoot the man, who got away. But this was only the beginning.

Now with all the resources and the influence of Rand Meachum Inc. at her disposal, Joy became more determined than ever to avenge her father’s death, and she started a personal crusade against Iron Fist. She called for her uncle Ward’s help, and together they tried pretty much anything to have Iron Fist killed; they even hired an assassin for hire, Steel Serpent, who had quite a grudge against the masked hero: the Serpent agreed to work for the Meachums as long as he was promised his revenge against Iron Fist. While working with her uncle, however, Joy started having some doubts about him, so she asked the Steel Serpent to investigate on Ward, something that the assassin did, even if he kept for himself the disturbing truth he had learnt, threatening Ward in first person. In the meanwhile, Danny Rand was still trying to take his father’s share of the company back, and during a meeting between Danny, Joy and their respective lawyers, the crime boss Chaka Khan attacked them. Iron Fist appeared to fend off the criminals, and Joy ordered Steel Serpent to attack him…but the assassin ignored her orders and chose to take her to safety first: after that, Steel Serpent quit his relationship with the Meachums, telling Joy he had extinguished his debt, and that he would have focused on his own revenge now. Timing couldn’t be worse to lose such a bodyguard, as joymeachumcomics2Chaka Khan wasn’t the only crime lord who had a grudge against Rand Meachum Inc.: also Boss Morgan, in fact, didn’t like the company’s influence over his turf, so he abducted Joy and threatened her life. Ironically, it was Iron Fist the one who came to the rescue, and when he succesfully freed Joy…she offered a million dollars to Morgan to shoot the hero. The criminal was smart enough to leave, and Joy was left with Iron Fist, pointing a gun at him: the hero still claimed his innocence, and invited the woman to shoot him…but Joy simply couldn’t. The two finally ended their rivalry, and in the same time Danny Rand entrusted to Joy the entire company, waiting to be “worthy” of it. A brand new day was finally beginning for Joy Meachum.

Joy Meachum is a highly intelligent and determined woman, with all the strength and the resolution to lead alone a multi-billionaire company. Her determination often becomes obsession, and she’s capable of focusing all her resources, time and energies on a single purpose, making it become an absolute goal. With a kind heart hidden beneath a facade of steel-strong dedication, Joy is a woman nobody would want as an enemy, but who can become the most precious of allies.

Konstantin Kovar

konstantinkovarfilmWell, voices of Red Star‘s appearance on Arrow were quite premature, as last episode The Recruits confirmed that the Kovar who plagued Taiana Venediktov‘s village, and whom Oliver Queen is looking for in Russia to exact his friend’s revenge on, is not Leonid Kovar, but his father, Konstantin Kovar. It remains to be seen if his son will ever appear on the show, but the choice of including him makes much more sense, considering that he’s a villain also in the comics (albeit a more than secondary one), and that he’s famous for having kidnapped American superheroes on Russian soil. In Arrow, as we said, he’ll be a government’s strongman who acts as a dictator on a number of villages, and Bratva is now helping Oliver to get near him and kill him. Before the man meets his Maker, let’s take a look at the original one.

Not much is known about Konstantin Kovar’s early life: he was born in Russia, just before it became the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and he grew up under the Soviet regime. Always a patriot, he swore loyalty to the new government, and put his remarkable intellect at the service of the glory of the Soviet Union. Kovar was a man of study, and he became a skilled archaeologist, who looked into the past for means to make Russia a greater country. He got married to an unknown woman, and from their relationship a son was born, Leonid. The woman died soon after under unknown circumstances, and Konstantin started bringing Leonid along in his expeditions, making him part of his work. Together, they started investigating a meteorite that had crashed in the Yenesi River in 1908, believing it was something different…and they were actually right, as it turned out the “space rock” was in fact a “space ship” from an unknown planet. Father and son studied the wreckage together, but Leonid got curious, and konstantinkovarcomics1started exploring the ship on his own; as a result, the wreck exploded, but imbued the boy with superhuman powers. Back to Moscow, Leonid was taken in for studies, and Konstantin entrusted his son to an old friend of his, Pyotr Rashkov, who was also the chief scientist studying his new abilities. In the meanwhile, because of his success in providing the Soviet Union with its first superhero and of his proved patriotism and talent, Konstantin was contacted by some officers from the KGB, who were forming a secret black-ops team, and wanted him to be part of it: the archaeologist accepted the offer, and faked his own death in order to disappear from the radars, leaving Leonid to be raised by Rashkov. From that moment, he started watching over his country along with his teammates…but the new turn Soviet Union was taking didn’t please him the least.

Soviet Union, in fact, was starting a process of reconciliation with its all-time enemies, the United States of America, and even Leonid, who was now the hero Red Star, had become friends with the American superheroes Teen Titans: both were unforgivable signs of weakness. The only solution was to take over Russia and to remind it of its strength, all the while blaming the US for it…and the chance arrived when the alien hive-mind Technis tried to take over Cyborg and, by doing so, transported him to Russia. Konstantin and his men abducted the cybernetic hero, and used his advanced technology to create an army of what they called Meta-Men, cybernetically engineered soldiers who could make Russia great again. Kovar also planned to use a brainwashed Cyborg to kill Soviet President Boris Yeltsin blaming America for it, later taking control of the State as a savior. To do so, he needed the resources of Science City, a Russian complex disposing of the most advance tech in the world, and he framed Professor Rashkov to take him out. This way, however, Rashkov called back to Russia Red Star for help, and the young hero soon discovered his father, alive and well, along with the Meta-Men, thanks to Anna, a KGB spy who wanted to stop Kovar. The Meta-Men konstantinkovarcomics2overpowered Red Star, Anna, S.T.A.R. Labs scientist Sarah Charles and Rashkov with little effort, and Konstantin tried to win his son to his cause…but with no result. Promising to free him and Anna after brainwashing them so that they couldn’t recall anything of their meeting, Kovar executed Rashkov just in front of Leonid’s eyes…thus triggering a new set of powers in the young hero, who managed to free himself and resumed the battle with the cyborgs. During the struggle, Anna shot Konstantin in the head, killing him instantly…but some of Kovar’s brethren took the body away, and transformed him into a Meta-Man. Now one of the superhumans he had dreamed of leading Russia, Kovar started leading the Meta-Men Militia, a terrorist organization aimed to take control of the Soviet Union and to stop the embarassing peace projects with Americans.

Konstantin Kovar is an intelligent and manipulative man, who strongly believes in his country…or, at least, in a specific idea of his country, that only recognizes conflict as a sign of strength and power. As a Meta-Man, it’s unknown how much of his mind has remained in the new body, but he possesses enhanced strength, reflexes and durability, and he has limited technopathic abilities. A man ready to sacrifice even his own humanity to achieve the goal of a respected and feared homecountry, Konstantin Kovar is a menace first of all to the ones who seek peace, the most unforgivable weakness of all.

James Leonard Lucas

jameslucasfilmFinally, we arrived to the last character seen in Luke Cage (as usual, if I missed anybody, let me know in the comments). Always in Take It Personal, we meet also Luke Cage‘s father, preacher James Lucas, portrayed by an unknown actor, and only gimplsed in a couple of scenes. In the show, James is a preacher from Harlem, who at a certain point in his life cheats on his wife Esther with his secretary, Dana; he eventually decides to renounce to his mistress and to come back to his family, and consequently he disowned Willis, the son born from his extramarital affair, thus creating an enmity that would have had long-lasting consequences on his children’s lives. In the comics, James is a completely different character: he’s not a preacher, he never cheated on Esther…and he’s also been an Avenger during the 1970s. Let’s see together.

James Lucas was born in Harlem, New York City, a difficult neighborhood in a difficult city (especially for a black man immediately after World War II). Always characterised by a strong morality, Lucas never allowed himself to indulge in the spreading violence that had hit Harlem, and entered the NYPD: with years, he became an excellent officer, and rose in the ranks until he became a detective. A hero cop, Lucas saw many strange things around, but the most peculiar one was the corpse of a half-human half-bat monster he found in 1972, a creature that had apparently been mauled by another similar beast. Investigating on the matter, James joined forces with reporter Constance Molina, who knew quite the perfect guy to ask for help: Adam Brashear, secretly the superhero Blue Marvel. Brashear agreed to help, and asked to see the body; when Lucas brought him to the morgue, however, he found there the vampire hunter Blade fighting with the sorcerer Kaalu over the “were-bat”. The fight was interrupted by another unexpected guest, The Bear, a woman (actually a were-bear) who claimed to be the killer of the were-bat and to know what was happening. jameslucascomics1She told the others that the creature had been created by the Deathwalkers, a sect of powerful sorcerers who had achieved immortality through black magic, and who was trying to wipe out humanity to make space for a new dominant species by using similar hybrids as sacrifices in dark rituals. Knowing the Deathwalkers had to be stopped, James Lucas, Constance Molina, Blade, Kaalu, Adam Brashear and The Bear united to form the Mighty Avengers, a team born with the sole purpose of taking down the sorcerers. The team, led by Kaalu, tracked down the Deathwalkers under the City Hall, and while Blade faced their leader Lichidus and stole their amulet, the Talisman of Kamar-Taj, Brashear had the entire gallery collapse on them. With the Deathwalkers’ threat stopped, the team disbanded, with the promise always to keep an eye open for their inevitable return.

The following years were pretty normal, everything considered, and James Lucas remained one of the most decorated detectives in New York City. Finally he retired, and once a private citizen he met a woman, Esther, whom he fell in love with. The two got married and had two sons together, James Jr. and Carl. A good father, he tried to teach his values of honesty and discipline to his children, but Carl ended up following another path and entered The Rivals, a local juvenile gang. As embarassing as it could be for an ex-cop, James found himself going to the police station to collect Carl time after time, anytime he got arrested for his petty crimes; inevitably, this brought their relationship to deterioration. When Esther was killed by one of the Rivals just in front of Carl’s eyes, this was the final drop, and James cut every remaining bond with his younger son. He wasn’t surprised at all when it turned out Carl had been arrested and sent to Seagate Prison, and he didn’t even shed a tear when he was reported dead in an accident. Only James Jr. was left for him, but soon also his remaining son took a dangerous route as he joined the Corporation, a mysterious organization the old detective immediately recognised as an illegal and violent group. James Jr. tried to bring his father to his bosses, but the ex-cop refused…only to be kidnapped by one of his son’s colleagues, Manslaughter. jameslucascomics2Quite surprisingly, the one who ran to his aid was Carl, who didn’t die in prison but had turned into the superhero Luke Cage. Cage fought Manslaughter and his own brother, who had been transformed into the superhuman Coldfire, and eventually managed to save his father (albeit this costed the life of James Jr.). The two were about to reconcile, but the memories of Esther’s murder eventually brought tension between the two, and James decided to keep considering his son dead as he believed him to be, and left. He moved to AtlantaGeorgia, and married another woman, Joan; he even changed his name into James Geary: maybe, this time, he would have finally freed himself from his son and the pain he always brought along.

James Lucas, legally renamed James Geary, is a severe and upright man, with a steel-solid morality and a hard character. Brave and selfless, he always follows the right path, with no doubt nor remorse. He’s a skilled detective and a trained hand-to-hand combatant and marksman, and his courage makes him able to battle even supernatural foes like the Deathwalkers’ followers and creations. A cop impossible to buy, Lucas became a father impossible to please, and his unforgiving nature made it quite impossible for him to recover any kind of relationship with his sole surviving son, Luke Cage…but maybe only a man with an impenetrable skin can pierce James Lucas’ impenetrable heart.

Deever & Dumfrey Tweed (Tweedledee & Tweedledum)

tweedledeetweedledumfilmJust in time for the new episode of Gotham, we meet the new characters introduced in last week’s one, A New Day Rising. In order to collect his missing sister Alice (an original character, more or less), Jervis Tetch needs some muscle, so he uses his hypnotic abilities on a group of luchadores, the Terrible Tweeds, five wrestlers who become his henchmen. Of these unfortunate brothers, one is captured, two are killed, and only the remaining two manage to escape with Tetch: Deever Tweed, portrayed by Happy Anderson, and Dumfrey Tweed, portrayed by Adam Petchel. These two guys are the first live action portrayal of a couple of villains nobody would have ever bet to see on a show: Tweedledee & Tweedledum, another pair of psychos who took inspiration from Alice in Wonderland (really, that book made a lot of damage in Gotham City). Waiting to see them return to the show eventually, let’s take a look at their original counterparts.

Deever and Dumfrey Tweed were born in Gotham City, from an unknown family; despite their striking resemblance, that made so that everyone mistook them for siblings, twins even, they were actually cousins (Dumfrey had indeed a twin brother, Dumson, but he was more attached to Deever nevertheless). Both tall, fat enough to have a round shape, bald and somewhat childish in appearance, the two cousins realised they just looked like John Tenniel‘s portrayal of Tweedledum and Tweedledee from Lewis Carrol‘s Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There (the just as mad sequel to Alice in Wonderland), and it became some sort of roleplaying game for them, as they started calling themselves like the characters from the novel since they were both very young. As adults, they decided to take the quick and easy way to become wealthy in Gotham City: crime. They were, however, lazy at heart, and they just didn’t want to struggle more than necessary to obtain what they wanted, so they hired a tweedledeetweedledumcomics1group of thugs to do the hard work, while the two of them plotted impossible schemes to steal valuables from several places in the city. Using their striking resemblance, Tweedledee and Tweedledum managed to fool both GCPD and Gotham’s protectors, Batman and Robin, into thinking there was but one criminal mastermind, and by striking more places at once, with one of them present in two places at the same time (a jewelry and a clothing store, respectively), they confused the authorities and the crime fighters with inconsistent reports of robberies attributed to the same person. They both met Batman and Robin in three different occasions, but each time they managed to escape from them…by bouncing away, using their unique physique. The fourth time the heroes met them, however, was in their hideout, having tracked down their goons: with the “identical twins” trick exposed, Batman and Robin captured them both, and finally sent them to jail…not that any prison was able to hold the two masterminds for long, of course.

It didn’t take much for the Tweed Brothers, as they now called themselves (despite being cousins), to find a way to break out of prison, and obviously to resume their criminal career. Believing they had exposed themselves too much the first time, they devised another plan to rob people without taking matters directly in their hands. Instead of going from shop to shop to steal goods, they decided to let rich people come to them: they built a fake hotel, and robbed anyone that entered there as a client. Obviously, this plan couldn’t work for long, as the clients, left alive, started denouncing the theft: Batman and Robin intervened once again, and arrested the couple. This, however, was just the first part of a plan: with the money they had collected with the hotel fraud, they financed a political campaign to become Mayor(s) of a town nearby Gotham, Yonville (always pretending to be just one guy). Deever and tweedledeetweedledumcomics2Dumfrey managed to win over Yonville’s population, and they conquered the city hall. Suspicious, Batman came to investigate…but the Mayor(s) used an anti-vigilantism law they had just approved to incarcerate the Caped Crusader, and put him in jail. In the meanwhile, they deviced an entire series of laws aimed to exact from the citizens a growing amount of taxes, actually stealing from them using the law. Quite ironically, Tweedledee and Tweedledum found themselves on the opposite side of the law when Batman did what they usually did in the situation they put him in: he escaped from prison, and going against the law he attacked them and captured them. When it became clear also for the townsfolk they had been swindled, since the Mayor was actually two Mayors (something that was obviously against the law), the Tweed Brothers were sent away from Yonville, and back in Gotham they got arrested once again. As usual, being imprisoned wasn’t an insuperable obstacle for the criminal couple…

Deever and Dumfrey Tweed are intelligent and greedy men, whose sole purpose in life is to become as rich as possible as quickly as possible. Extremely lazy, they prefer to leave all the physical work to hired goons, while plotting absurd schemes from behind the curtains. As Tweedledee and Tweedledum, they possess unique physiques that make them unusually strong and durable, and that also give them the awkward ability of bouncing on their own phat, thus making their escape faster, and their fighting style unique; they are also skilled scientists, and they use an array of gadgets either for their own gang or for other criminals they seldomly work for, namely The Joker and the Mad Hatter. Just as unusual as a Gotham’s criminal pair can be, Tweedlum and Tweedledee are all the more dangerous, considering that, despite their look, they’re among the few ones to be considered mentally sane in town.