Everything’s prepared for the big finale in Titans, as in Koriand’r Kory finally remembers her past, and her mission along with it: she has come to Earth to prevent the coming of the demonic overlord Trigon, who’s aiming to use his child Rachel as a living portal to this dimension… but she’s too late. After a season of waiting, Trigon has arrived in his human form, portrayed by Seamus Dever, and we only get a blurry glimpse of his true looks in a hologram aboard Kory’s spaceship. The end of the world is nigh, and we’re now about to meet the one who’s delivering it.

The being that would have been known as the Dread, Trigon the Terrible or Trigon the Ravager, was born millennia ago as a group of humans found a dimensional escape from Earth and its violence and founded Azarath, a haven of pacifism, harmony and wisdom. In a mystic ritual to purify themselves, the people of Azarath banished the negative energy they still had in them behind an interdimensional portal, the Great Door, where this compressed violence, brutality and cruelty fused with another, shapeless dark energy that had existed in the universe for eons. The energy grew, but was impotent, detached from the physical world, until a dark cult, on another world, summoned it and used it to impregnate a woman during a monstrous ritual aimed to make the woman mate with the dark god they worshiped. Trigon finally took a physical form, and as soon as he was born he killed everyone around him, his mother included, and wore their skin making a horrifying body for himself. It took him only six years to destroy the world he was born in, and, physically a child, he abandoned the husk that remained of it to travel the universe, looking for other worlds to conquer and to corrupt with his darkness. Moved by pure thirst of destruction, Trigon conquered a world after the other, and in merely thirty years he spread his dark influence over millions of worlds, conquering his entire dimension. His bottomless ambition wasn’t satisfied yet, so he started eyeing other dimensions, other universes, that were however beyond his reach. In order to have free passage to these other universes, he started manipulating people on the other side of the barriers separating him from other realities, starting cults that worshiped him and making his acolytes find women he could mate with, siring children with them that could act as living portals to let him in. Some of them cooperated with him, allowing him to expand his dominion beyond the boundaries of his home dimension, some others rebelled to him, so he destroyed them. Finally, after a thousand years of conquests, Trigon set his eyes on Earth and its dimension.

As he had done on countless other planets, Trigon manipulated some evil people to create a cult on Earth, in this case the Church of Blood, led by Brother Blood, who worshiped him like a god and prepared his coming. Eventually, the Church found him several women he could choose as brides, and, appearing in human form, he selected Angela Roth, and seduced her. The two married and mated, and only then Trigon showed his true face to the shocked woman. Instead of giving her back to the Church of Blood, that would have used her for its purposes, Trigon abandoned her on the streets of Gotham City, but he soon realized that the woman was trying to kill herself, so that she wouldn’t have given birth to his child. He then manipulated the people of Azarath to look for her, knowing that those idealistic imbeciles would have believed they could quell his influence on the baby, keeping Angela all the while. He left them with their illusions, and watched from a dimension away as Angela, now called Arella, gave birth to his baby girl, Raven, and followed her progresses under the tutelage of the High Priestess Azar. Some accidents happened, though, even in the peaceful Azarath: one of its ministers, Juris, felt the presence of the infant girl as an offense to everything Azarath held sacred, and tried to kill her by throwing her into the Limbo, the dimension between dimensions beyond the Great Door. As soon as he opened the Door, though, Trigon hit him with a powerful blast of energy, pulverizing him, but leaving the baby unharmed. Finally, when Raven was eighteen years old, she faced her last trial, and entered the Temple of Azarath and opened the Great Door to face her father for the first time: only when the two were face to face the girl realized that Trigon’s influence had been growing inside her for years, preparing her for the moment she would have let her father into her dimension to add it to its collection of corrupted worlds. Terrified by what she saw, and hellbent on stopping her father, Raven traveled to Earth to find help… just as Trigon had wanted since the very beginning. He was patient, and he could wait some more to put his hands on the world he had been aiming to for so long…

Trigon is, literally, evil incarnated, a being of pure malevolent force come to life just to corrupt, destroy and conquer. He’s terribly intelligent, and patient enough to concoct plans that span over decades, even centuries; he’s also terribly powerful, as he’s basically immortal and invulnerable, he can manifest himself in the form he prefers, he can cast powerful illusions, and he has an extensive knowledge over a dark kind of magic that allows him to shoot powerful mystic blasts, levitate, travel between worlds, control life and death, reshape entire planets and dimensions to its liking, create hordes of demons and hell-beasts, expand his knowledge beyond any limit, manipulate matter and energy at will, and a lot of other things. Terribly powerful and terrifyingly malevolent, Trigon is a demon who lives to taint everything that’s pure, to suffocate all light in his fiery darkness, to swallow all life in his void of death and violence: a living, walking apocalypse, always eager to add another world to his infinite collection of trophies.



The most recognizable and identifiable character spotted in the trailer for the second half of The Walking Dead season is definitely the creepy and deadly Beta, who’ll be portrayed by Ryan Hurst. In the show, Beta will retain his original role of Alpha‘s second in command, as his name suggests, and he’s just as bad and scary as his appearance indicates. In the comics, he gradually evolved from secondary antagonist to primary one, in an unwilling rise to power that makes him one of the greatest threats our group of survivors ever faced. Let’s take a look.

For some people, the world before the Outbreak was simply heaven. The man later known as Beta, real name unknown, was a star, a NBA basketball player, one of the most paid of his generation. Rich and popular, he became even more when he became an actor, first starring in several commercials (mainly for cars), then even in actual movies. All of this, of course, crumbled at his feet when society did. As people were now completely focused on trying not to get eaten by hungry zombies, nobody cared for who he was anymore, and all his fame revealed itself for what it was: an illusion, fed and sustained by a society false and rotten to its core. Wandering without a purpose and questioning everything he had been before, the man met the woman of his life: Alpha, one who, like him, had realized that humans had been living the wrong way to begin with, but who, unlike him, had seen in the Outbreak an occasion to start it all over again, from scraps, living as the animals they had always denied to be. Alpha was creating a pride, a group to start the new era for mankind, and the former actor was by her side since the beginning: he believed in her vision, believed in her, and wanted to protect her leadership to see her dream realized. He became her Beta, albeit he refused to challenge her authority, as he would have been entitled to, for a simple reason: he had feelings for her, so he used his authority as Beta to stop the strongest challengers and to kill them in Alpha’s stead. The group lived among the walkers, like nobody else dared to do, and they covered themselves in the skin of the corpses to fool the man-eating dead and whoever else saw them; Beta, huge as he was, couldn’t find any walker his same size, so he simply wore a scalp and upper face as a mask. As he became more and more part of Alpha’s vision, he completely gave up on his human past, and chose to never take off his mask again. The man he used to be was dead: now, there was only Beta.

Beta kept serving Alpha, embracing all her rules, killing whoever threatened the group, now known as the Whisperers, and even many members of the group, those who either challenged Alpha or were stupid enough to try and take away his mask, that was now his new face. The Whisperers became more numerous, forcefully recruiting the survivors they found on their path, and destroying larger groups that were trying to reform society as it was and that were far too big and organized to join them. Beta was always on the front line in supporting Alpha and her decisions, and when she decided that the alliance of communities formed by Alexandria Safe-Zone, Hilltop, The Kingdom and The Sanctuary was expanding too close to what she considered the Whisperers’ territory, Beta quelled all voices who opposed the declaration of war that Alpha left behind, with the decapitated heads of twelve members of the coalition. He stood behind for most of the deals and agreements between Alpha and Rick Grimes, but he stepped out of the shadows when the group was reached by a fugitive from Alexandria: Negan, the infamous ex leader of the Saviors, who had escaped his prison and was apparently eager to join the Whisperers. Beta agreed to let his people introduce Negan to Alpha, but shortly after a pair from Alexandria came looking for him: Michonne and Aaron. The two declared they didn’t want any trouble and only wanted Negan back, but Alpha had agreed to meet him, so Beta had no hesitation in attacking the duo, stabbing Aaron to the stomach. As he was about to finish him, Michonne slashed his face with her katana, to which Beta reacted violently, knocking her down. Again, as he was about to kill her, he was interrupted by the entire Militia, led by Dwight, who killed all the Whisperers in the area. Only Beta managed to escape, ready to reach Alpha again. From that moment, he would have taken his gloves off…

Beta is a violent and ruthless man, blindly faithful to the cause of the Whisperers, loyal to a fault to the group’s leader, Alpha, whom he secretly loves, and who he always protects from any harm. He is, without a doubt, the most formidable combatant amidst the Whisperers: he’s terribly strong, and extremely fast despite his imposing physique, and he uses with absolute mastership a pair of long knives. A terrifying warrior who firmly believes in a lost primeval paradise to be reconquered, Beta is a man not to be taken lightly, one who gave up on his human identity to embrace a world of instinct and of emotionless murder: a psychopath, most likely, but a terrifyingly driven one.


We knew that John Constantine was hunted by some powerful demon in Legends of Tomorrow, but it was hard to suspect that the demon in question was the most powerful of them all, the ruler of Hell himself, Neron. In Legends of To-Meow-Meow, we learn that, after being sent back to Hell inside his lover Desmond‘s body by Constantine, Neron is walking freely on Earth possessing Desmond, and having business with Hank Heywood. Portrayed by Christian Keyes, Neron shows his real face only for a moment, a horrifying void made of screaming mouths. Now that the big bad has been revealed, we can prepare for the second half of the season, hoping that this time it won’t all end in a fight with a giant plush. In the meanwhile, let’s take a look at the baddest monster ever seen in the DC Universe.

Said to be ancient as the universe itself, Neron was a fallen angel, a demon lord of immense power who spread corruption and evil since the beginning of time, seeking to destroy purity and innocence in any form. At some point in his immortal life, he gained control over the Hell dimension, vanquishing the competition and dedicating his endless existence to collecting more souls to add to his realm. Regarded as the Lord of Lies, among other titles (King of Hate, Whishweaver, Ruler of Hell…), Neron revealed something of his past, but many of said deeds, such as causing the downfall of Adam and Eve, were actually accomplished by the former ruler of Hell, Lucifer, and it’s quite hard to tell lies from truth in what he says. As the immortal Vandal Savage, his old acquaintance, confirmed, Neron traveled through history offering Faustian deals to the souls he wanted to collect, granting whatever his victim desired in exchange of his/her immortal soul. Usually, instead of directly appearing to the intended victim, Neron sent a black candle forged with demon blood, called Demon Stick, to the mortal, so that lightning it to summon him (or to be teleported in Hell in his throne room) represented in itself an act of willingness and understanding, enough to damn a soul. The offer made by Neron usually reflected the deepest desire in the mortal’s heart, but usually had some trick in it, especially because Neron always spoke in half-truths and wordplays that made every deal construable, and led ruin or even death to the dealer. This way, while aiming to conquer Earth, he tricked five criminals, Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Mirror Master, Weather Wizard and Captain Boomerang, to cause explosions in Central City, explosions that killed them, damning their souls to Hell, and that formed a giant pentagram on the planet’s surface, that allowed him to finally enter the world and act freely. The apocalypse was about to begin.

Neron spent time enhancing the abilities of dozens of supervillains, obtaining in exchange a small army of souls, but what he truly wanted was to corrupt and collect an absolutely pure one that would have allowed him to rule over Earth. He then approached several superheroes: Green Lantern, Batman and The Flash, promising to bring back to life, respectively, his girlfriend Alex DeWitt, Robin and the previous Flash, but they all refused. Their souls, however, were nowhere as pure as the one Neron needed, and while most of the heroes believed he was after Superman‘s soul, he actually was targeting Captain Marvel, a mortal with the power of a god and the heart of a kid. The fate of the entire world rested on Marvel’s shoulders, and he had no idea how to outwit such a clever demon… but there was someone who knew just how to do it: the Trickster, who devised a plan to fool even Neron. The Justice League gathered its most powerful members, Captain Marvel included, to try and battle the devil, but it was an uneven fight, and at the end of a battle that costed the life of powerhouses such as Mongul, Marvel accepted to make a deal with Neron. Enthralled, Neron listened to Marvel’s terms: he was asked not to conquer Earth, and to release all heroes (and villains) who, in the last days, had made debts with him accepting his offer, taking in exchange his soul and nothing else. Seeking the power only the purest of souls could have granted him, Neron accepted the deal… but he found himself unable to collect, as Captain Marvel’s soul, after such a self-sacrifice, was still so pure and bright that he was hurt by merely touching it, and couldn’t keep it. He was, however, bound by his word to keep his end of the deal, so he abandoned Earth and returned all the villains and heroes their souls, coming back to Hell with the greatest defeat he ever suffered. His candles, however, were still on Earth, and it was only a matter of time before someone else summoned him again, giving him a chance to complete his work…

Neron is pure evil: an impossibly vast and calculating intelligence voted only to corrupt, taint and kill, an immortal source of darkness who seeks to destroy even the faintest light shining in the universe. As the Satan (not a name, but rather the title granted to the ruler of Hell), he’s immortal and invulnerable, strong enough to kill with his bare hands Mongul and Wonder Woman, capable of teleportation, flight, telekinesis, shapeshifting and much more; his magic power is unlimited in his realm, but also outside of it it allows him to manipulate reality, bring the dead back to life, create tools and weapons out of thin air (such as the trident for Ocean Master or a cigar box for The Joker), augment people’s powers or give them new ones. Neron is practically omnipotent, a relentless and unstoppable force for evil, bound only by the terms of the deals he makes: the devil is in the details, but also the way to outsmart him often lies in single words or in unexpected interpretations of a clause…

Thomas “Tom” & Thaddeus “Tad” Trigger (Trigger Twins)

The final part of Elseworlds seen in Arrow and Supergirl brings along another little surprise. As Dr. Deegan rewrites reality once again with the Book of Destiny, Barry and Oliver are stripped of their heroic identities and turned into a couple of renowned and feared criminals, the Trigger Twins… who are actually another couple of renowned criminals from the comics, Tom and Tad Trigger, the second ones to go by the moniker (the first Trigger Twins were Western heroes). As we can guess by the way people react to Barry and Oliver, the Trigger Twins are infamous gangsters even in Deegan’s reality, and their look is somewhat reminiscent of the one they have in the comics, sans the hat. Let’s see together.

Tom and Tad Trigger were twin brothers, but they never met until they were adults. For some unspecified reason, in fact, they got separated at birth, and grew up in different cities. For some weird trick of fate, both of them ended up becoming criminals, specializing in armed robberies, and they constantly moved from city to city after a heist. Finally, with another incredible coincidence, they targeted the same bank, and they first met each other while they were robbing it. Shocked to see a lookalike in the bank, both Tom and Tad didn’t quite realize what was happening, and escaped to try and figure it out. They confronted each other, and soon realized that none of them was a fake: they rejoiced for finding a lost brother, and someone in the same “field of work”, even, and they decided to form a criminal duo, the Trigger Twins. From there on, they moved as one, planning the heists together and robbing a bank after the other. Soon they became more ambitious, and decided to step up on the ladder, wanting to become more than simple robbers. Some rumor in the underworld had it that Bane had finally gotten rid of Batman, so the duo moved to Gotham City, aiming to make a name for themselves among the bloodiest and most powerful criminals in the country. The Trigger Twins made quite a debut, as they robbed a local mob boss, Dirty Dan Doyle… but they got caught immediately after. Much to their surprise, though, the boss was quite impressed by both their skill and their audacity, and he decided to hire them as enforcers. Without much of a choice, and having to start somewhere, the Trigger Twins accepted the offer.

The Trigger Twins kept doing for Doyle what they usually did for themselves, dividing the loot with their new boss. They were even entrusted with some men to lead during their heists, but something went terribly wrong as they attacked a subway train loaded of money. A new Batman, who replaced the old one, was protecting Gotham in his predecessor’s absence, and he was much more brutal than the original. This Batman quickly disposed of Doyle’s men, he badly wounded Tad’s arm with his shurikens, and broke Tom’s nose, leaving them to lick their wounds. By the time they got out of jail, Dirty Dan had been killed by his rival Black Mask, so the Trigger Twins were free-lancers once again. It didn’t pass much time before they were approached by a blonde girl, a robber herself, who introduced herself as Tonya Trigger, their lost sister. Used to unlikely coincidences, Tad and Tom fell for it, and they rejoined with their third sibling, gladly granting her their help in some troubles she was in. In reality, “Tonya” was Paige Willingham, and she wanted to use them to steal a chip from PanchoTech to sell it to some foreign buyers. The Trigger Twins used a bikers gang, the Bandidos, as a distraction, and successfully stole the computer chip, later taking refuge in an abandoned Western-themed attraction, the Gotham Gulch. Here, however, they were reached by Robin, who had been hunting for them, accompanied by Sheriff Shotgun Smith, the Huntress, Deputy Cissy Chambers, and the new Nighthawk and Pow-Wow Smith, descendants of the originals. It would have been quite a hell of a high noon for the gunmen…

Tad and Tom Trigger are two nostalgic gangsters, a couple of Western-themed gunslingers who live for the thrill and the loot, and only care about money and family. As the Trigger Twins, they are quite a formidable couple, nearly infallible marksmen who use as trademark weapons a couple of old Colt pistols. Not exactly bright, but smart enough to follow orders, the Trigger Twins make good henchmen, and they are so easily manipulated that they end up working literally for anyone… the important thing, of course, is that they have a lot of fun while amounting a lot of money; everything else is purely accidental.

Maire Granger

One week later, we finish breaking down the last episode of Titans with the last character appearing. In Hank and Dawn, as Dawn lays comatose, she dreams of her past, and she remembers her mother: Maire (misspelled in the show as Marie) Granger, portrayed by Marina Sirtis. In the show, she’s an abused wife who can’t let go of her husband, despite what her daughters tell her, but she doesn’t live long enough to put herself back into a toxic relationship, as she dies in the same accident that killed Don. In the comics, she’s still a secondary character, but she definitely lives longer. Let’s take a look.

Maire, maiden name unknown, was born in Washington D.C., and she lived there most of her life. With the dream of entering politics, she studied hard and finally obtained what she wanted, joining US Diplomacy Center. As she was building her career, Maire met a young, brilliant scientist, Russ Granger, who worked in the local division of S.T.A.R. Labs, and they fell in love. They eventually got married, and they had two daughters together, Dawn and Holly. Dividing her time between work and family life, Maire became a diplomatic courier, being entrusted with delicate documents to be carried and delivered in several embassies around the world. For a time, she was assigned to the American embassy in London, and she stayed there for quite a while, enough for Holly to decided to stay on British soil for the rest of her life. What was supposed to be just another day on the job, suddenly, became possibly the last one of her life: the entire world was facing an incomprehensible catastrophe, the signs of a Crisis spanning throughout the entire universe. The skies had turned red, and everyone had become more scared, more violent, more aggressive… and the American embassy was an easy target for someone.

A terrorist group that had been threatening the embassy for a while found the perfect occasion for attacking during the Crisis, as all law enforcers were busy with the violence escalating on the streets and strange beings from other dimensions popping up everywhere. Maire was in the embassy with Dawn when the terrorists attacked, and she was among the ones taken hostage. Just as she was about to be executed, though, Maire was saved by a blue-and-white-dressed woman, a new Dove, who defeated all the armed men on her own, and then disappeared. After that adventure, both Maire and Dawn came back to Washington, but the woman’s encounters with the new Dove weren’t over yet. One day, a street urchin of Ispanic descent, some Azure, broke into her house and stole one of her memorabilia from her travels, a piece of jewelry from Central America… that, in contact with someone with Aztec ancestors, turned her into an avatar of the god Huitzilopochtli. Believing to be the deity’s incarnation and wanting to tap into the full powers of the god, Azure prepared a human sacrifice, wanting to use Maire for it, but she was eventually stopped by the combined efforts of Hawk and Dove. She came into the crossfire other times, mainly because of the villainous Kestrel, Shellshock and The Top, always landing on her feet thanks to the heroic duo. She was definitely lucky to have someone constantly watching over her…

Maire Granger is a hard and authoritative woman, used to have people at her orders and at getting what she wants in no time. With a strong sense of justice that often becomes simple moralism, she never loses a chance to tell everybody what they should do with their lives, her daughters included… not always with the intended results, clearly.

Roger Hayden (Psycho-Pirate)

The crossover Elseworlds introduced a character who’s been teased around quite a lot, in the Arrowverse: Roger Hayden, the (second) Psycho-Pirate. Hayden was first mentioned in The Flash, as the article written by future Iris West-Allen about the disappearance of The Flash quotes his cryptic statement about “worlds living and dying” and a crisis that would have changed everything. Then, in Constantine, we spotted his trademark Medusa Mask among the many trophies in Jasper Winter‘s house. Finally, in Arrow, we meet him as one of the patients in Arkham Asylum, one who’s swiftly recaptured by Batwoman, but who promises to have a wider role in next year’s crossover. In the comics, he distinguishes himself for being “cursed with memory”, memory of erased realities that he can’t forget. Let’s see together.

Roger Hayden’s story began on Earth-Two, in Gotham City. He was the son of a renowned psychiatrist, but despite the man’s profession, he was very abusive with his son, constantly manipulating the boy’s emotions to belittle and mistreat him. Finally, when he was nearly twenty years old, Roger snapped and attacked his father, severely beating him. The court wasn’t sympathetic with the damaged Roger, and he was sentenced to one year of prison. His cellmate was an elderly criminal, Charles Halstead, the first Psycho-Pirate. Sensing his death approaching and wanting to leave a legacy, Halstead told Roger about his Medusa Masks, golden mystic relics that allowed their wearer to control, manipulate and absorb other people’s emotions. As soon as he was released from prison, Roger went to the location pointed by Halstead, and found the masks: ambitious and not very cautious, he fused them all into a single, more powerful golden mask, and proceeded to use it to exact his payback on the world for all he had suffered. His debut wasn’t exactly glorious, as the new Psycho-Pirate was stopped by the combined efforts of Dr. Fate and Hourman. He made quite a ruckus when he managed to influence Bruce Wayne and Alan Scott with his powers, with the unforeseen effect of unleashing the frustration of Batman and Green Lantern (and even of The Flash) on Gotham, but he was once again apprehended, this time by the entire Justice Society of America. He was then recruited by Ultra-Humanite in his Secret Society of Super-Villains, and battled the JSA, the Justice League of America, the All-Star Squadron and Infinity Inc., but was eventually arrested. The constant use of the Medusa Mask made Roger addicted to others’ emotions, and eventually his psyche broke under the pressure of all these stimuli: instead of jail, he was this time sent to a criminal asylum.

Roger Hayden stayed in the mental hospital until he was recruited by the Harbinger, who was gathering a team of heroes and villains for The Monitor in his war against his evil twin, the Anti-Monitor. The Psycho-Pirate proved to be fundamental in recruiting the last member of the team, Killer Frost, making her fall in love with Firestorm, but he proved to be too unstable to work in a team, and even if his entire universe’s fate was at stake, he ended up trying to use his powers first on Pariah, then on his teammates Arion and Obsidian. While he was battling Arion, though, he was kidnapped by the Anti-Monitor, who also found his powers useful, and forced him to use them on the captive Barry Allen to make him open a portal to the remaining realities: Earth-X, Earth-4 and Earth-S. The Anti-Monitor also augmented the Psycho-Pirate’s powers so that he could influence anyone on these three universes, but this left him completely drained, unable to use the Medusa Mask. Because of this, he couldn’t stop Harbinger and the remaining heroes when they invaded the Anti-Matter Universe and stopped the Anti-Monitor and his underlings once and for all, and he wandered, lost, looking for someone to save him. All he found was an empty Flash costume, belonging to the now deceased Barry. Looking for the hero, believing he could bring him back home, the Psycho-Pirate was found by Kid Flash instead: even if he was angry for his mentor’s death, Kid Flash did save the Psycho-Pirate, but brought him directly to Arkham Asylum, locking him there… and for a good reason. The reality the Psycho-Pirate found upon returning to Gotham was different from the one he had left, it wasn’t Earth-Two anymore, but a fusion of the surviving realities named New Earth… but he remembered everything of the world before the end of the world, and unlike most living beings in the universe he had memories of what the world was like before the Anti-Monitor’s attack… definitely too much for a single mind to maintain its sanity.

Roger Hayden is completely, totally and irredeemably crazy, although this doesn’t quell his keen intellect at all: his mind may be broken because of memories belonging to different planes of reality coexisting all together, but he’s still calculating, focused and relentless. As the Psycho-Pirate, his Medusa Mask gives him the ability to absorb other people’s emotions and then redistribute them (he even became an “emotion dealer”, selling ecstasy, joy and the likes), to augment and manipulate other people’s feelings, and even to feed on them; after the Crisis, he displayed other powers of unknown origins: he’s able to heal from even lethal attacks, to compress his body in impossible shapes, and most notably to create perfect duplicates of people from other universes erased from existence after the Multiverse was crunched into New Earth. With insanity dictating all his actions, the Psycho-Pirate is an unpredictable, erratic threat, who attacks following his own logic and possibly schemes and plans originating in long-forgotten realities. Being the only one to remember, he’s also the one who knows more than anyone else, and this is something not to be taken lightly…

Dwayne Wainwright (Sudden Death)

Still breaking down the latest episode of Titans, we meet a character from the comics in a “blink and you’ll miss it” cameo. At the very beginning of Hank and Dawn, we witness the first night out of Hawk and Dove, and they target a pedophile who’s been released from jail the very day he was arrested thanks to his lawyers; the vigilantes make sure that he confesses on tape while they beat him to convince him, and the entire sequence is quite blurry, as it’s seen through Dove’s camera in the dark. The freak is Dwayne Wainwright, a notorious criminal from the comics, portrayed by Bas Reitsma. In the comics, though, Wainwright is not a pedophile, but this doesn’t make him a good guy either. Let’s see together.

Not much is known about Dwayne Wainwright: he lived in the area of Washington D.C., but it’s unclear if he was born there. Most of all, we don’t know how he got his powers, if he was born a metahuman or if he was somehow mutated. What we know is that he never had the slightest intention of using his powers for good, not even to use them properly: he spent his time body-building and showing off on the beach, and with his abilities he basically became a super-powered bully. One day, as he was blessing the world with his presence as usual, he set sights on a girl he liked, Ren Takamori, and decided he would have had her… not minding much the fact that she was with her boyfriend, Hank Hall. Presenting himself as Sudden Death, his stage name, he started flirting with Ren, obviously making Hank angry. As soon as the rival started complaining, though, Sudden Death punched him away, and took the girl along by force. He didn’t even start to have fun with her than one of those masked superheroes, Hawk, reached him, and started battling him over the girl. At first, Sudden Death easily got the upper hand, surprising his adversary with a series of powerful explosion he caused as he collected enough kinetic energy from Hawk’s blows. As soon as Hawk realized how his powers worked, though, he started hitting him even more than before, overcharging him and then throwing him in the sea, where he could explode without harming anyone. As he came back to the shore, Sudden Death had been weakened by the massive explosion he had just caused, and Hawk was able to knock him out with a single punch. As soon as he regained his senses, Dwayne found himself in police custody, led to jail.

He didn’t stay long behind bars though, and he came back to Washington, becoming a hired muscle for local drug dealers. One night, as he was drinking at a bar, he spotted Dove, Hawk’s new partner, arresting some of the dealers he worked with. He didn’t care much about them, but he had a score to settle with Hawk, so he attacked his partner, overpowering the heroine with his brute strength… until Hawk joined the fray. As powerful as he was, Sudden Death never stopped a moment to think ahead of what he was doing, and he was easily defeated by the perfectly coordinated duo, and arrested once again… but this time, he never reached the prison, or even the precinct, as the car he was on was brutally stopped by a third party, the mob boss Velvet Tiger. Tiger was in need of a new bodyguard, and she had liked what she had seen in the alley: Sudden Death was clearly too dumb to work on his own, but maybe he would have been a precious asset if he learnt to do what he was told. Sudden Death gladly accepted the offer, as working for a hot woman was definitely better than being locked up again, and he helped his new boss in a series of deeds, especially the most dangerous ones. He accompanied Velvet Tiger to Chinatown, where she had to collect dues from mob boss Jimmy Tieng, and he alone was more than enough to keep Tieng’s entire gang at bay, while the two bosses discussed their agreement. Even someone like Wainwright, however, had something similar to a conscience, and he opposed his boss when she decided she would have killed her own brother, Ward “Hakker” Gilbert, who was coming after her. This was enough for him to lose his job, but there were many other employers ready to hire a muscled blockhead like he was.

Dwayne Wainwright is a dumb, violent and arrogant man, an inflated bully who has a too high esteem of himself. As Sudden Death, he is remarkably strong, and he has the ability to accumulate energy that he later releases in powerful explosions. A powerhouse, but definitely not a tactician, Sudden Death could be a threat if he only learnt to think before acting, something that is, with all evidence, far beyond his possibilities…