Dione (Thanos the Mad Titan)

First of all, I’d like to start with a personal favorite of mine, Thanos the Mad Titan. The reason is simple: he’s the one who directly caused the existence of this blog. Many people, after seeing The Avengers, asked: “Who is the purple guy appearing at the end of the movie?” To answer them and many others (who probably had all the time in the world to check out the informations they needed, but never mind), let’s see who this Thanos guy is.

First of all, Thanos was born on Titan, the moon of Saturn. He’s the firstborn son of A’lars, also known as Mentor, and his wife Sui-San. Mentor was the leader of the Eternals‘ colony on Saturn, and the wisest of his race. Thanos doesn’t look much like an Eternal because he was born with the gene of the Deviants: to make long story short, both Eternals and Deviants are races created by the genetical experiments of the Celestials (some sort of space-gods, who created many life-forms around the Universe) on Earth, something like 5 millions years ago. While the Eternals are a beautiful, wise and peaceful people, the Deviants are unstable, violent and twisted. Despite being raised gently and introduced to superior knowledge and arts, Thanos deployed from the very beginning the character of his genetic cousins Deviants. He isolated himself often from the others Eternals, giving some kind of relationship only to his carefree brother Eros (who will become the superhero Starfox). In his loneliness, Thanos started to develop a deep sensitiveness and a wide knowledge of the universe’s laws, and became fascinated by the way everything comes to life only to disappear some time after: he fell in love with Mistress Death herself, the personification of death in the Marvel Universe. The things you do for love! Thanos tried to impress his beloved, wanting to give her a present beautiful enough to satisfy her hunger and to make her love him: he wanted to kill every single living being, as a betrothal gift to Death. He started from Titan itself, which suffered great destruction from his first attack; during the attack on Titan, Sui-San got killed, and Eros and Mentor swore to stop the Mad Titan.
Since then, Thanos (whose name is taken from Thanatos, the Greek god of death) has become one of the most powerful beings in the universe, trying to gain more and more power to finally satisfy his beloved Death. To the normal powers of his race (superhuman strength, durability and longevity, energy manipulation and some kind of telekinesis) he adds an extremely cunning intelligence and a wise knowledge of bionics and mysticism. He has searched in the years for sources of unlimited power, such as the Cosmic Cube (that in the movie universe is called Tesseract) or, above all, the Infinity Gauntlet, a powerful item able to reshape reality; every time he plans something, the entire Marvel Universe gathers to fight him, and every time he loses by a hair’s breadth. Sometimes, depending on where his interest lies, he’s also become some sort of anti-hero, teaming up with human and alien superheroes to face some threat even he regards as dangerous.



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  12. […] sabretooth tiger Zabu to fight against the Devil Dinosaur, Giganto and even Thanos to collect all the Infinity Gems. Quite surprisingly the animals, calling themselves the Pet […]

  13. […] When Thanos attacked Earth for the umpteenth time, Wakanda found itself on the first line, but things weren’t as clear as before: Atlantis had declared war on Wakanda months before, while Namor was possessed by the Phoenix Force, but Black Panther had kept contacts with him as both were members of the Illuminati. When the Dora Milaje found out about this, they considered it to be treason, and they presented the evidence of the meetings to Shuri, T’Challa’s sister: Ayo and the others pled their allegiance to Shuri, who became the new Black Panther and Queen of Wakanda. From that moment, Ayo and the other Adored Ones followed a leader they truly respected, and a new relationship with the crown was established; Ayo particularly grew close to another one of the Dora Milaje, the instructor Aneka, and they eventually became lovers. Peace didn’t last, as Shuri was killed in battle by Namor when Atlantis invaded Wakanda once again, this time trying to stop the Incursions that had been plaguing the world. The chrisis that ensued was solved only when T’Challa reprised his position as King of Wakanda, but things were much different now, as the population didn’t trust its king anymore. Even Ayo’s loyalty was put to a test when Aneka was imprisoned after killing a chieftain who was abusing the women from his tribe: hoping that the harsh justice of Wakanda could know compassion, Ayo went directly to Ramonda, the Queen Mother and the adiministrator of justice of the country, to plead for her beloved, but although saddened, Ramonda couldn’t allow any ecception, and she sentenced Aneka to death. This was the last drop for Ayo, who decided she didn’t recognise herself in her country, its ruler nor its justice anymore: she stole two Midnight Angel armors, and she used them to free Aneka from the prison of Fort Hahn. Together, they would have brought justice to every region Wakandan law didn’t arrive to, fighting together for a better Wakanda to live in, with no king to obey to, nor repressive rules to follow: for the first time in their lives, they were free. […]

  14. […] her that Him, evolved into Adam Warlock, had sacrificed his life in order to stop the genocidal Thanos. Not discouraged by this, sure she could revive him, Her was accompanied by Alicia, Thing and […]

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  24. […] ever see in your life. Portrayed by Peter Dinklage, Eitri is the one responsible for crafting Thanos‘ Infinity Gauntlet (a service he payed dearly for…), and who tries to amend by building […]

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