Constantine Drakon

Here we are again! This time, we’re speaking of a character who appeared briefly on The CW’s tv show Arrow, first episode Pilot. The guy is Constantine Drakon, presented as the main villain Adam Hunt‘s head of security. Since nothing and less is said of him, and since he appears almost only for the final fight scene, I think it’s better to focus on him, since he’s a character who, in the comics, has had for the Arrow Family many surprises…

We don’t know much about Constantine Drakon’s past. We know that he is the son of a Greek rich family, and that, because of his short height, he has often been mocked by other children when playing. This didn’t influence him to the point of traumatizing him, of course: everyone has been mocked for something as a child. Not everyone, anyway, began killing at the age of ten, as our man, who started his brilliant career with the unlucky gardener of his family. Drakon doesn’t claim he suffered some strange psychic breakdown to justify his actions: he simply wanted to know what he was able to do, and he found out that he was extremely skilled in the “art” of murder. Given that, he easily found a job, and he became a killer and a mercenary. He started to study martial arts, becoming extremely competent, a real prodigy. He also developed an incredible speed, a very useful talent in his job.

Drakon first faced Green Arrow, the archer superhero of Star City, when he was hired by Coverast Corporation to kill the monsters that were haunting the city, and to cover all the links between the creatures and the company. In that occasion, he fought the Emerald Archer for the first time, completely vanquishing him thanks to his abilities, and going so far as to stab both Green Arrow’s hands with his own arrows. He didn’t kill the hero just because, on that occasion, his pay wasn’t enough to make him kill a masked vigilante. Later, he confronted other members of the Arrow Family, besting Connor Hawke, Speedy and Arsenal on several occasions. Every time, he’s been hardly beaten by the heroes, who arrived as far as to call in aid the entire Justice League when Drakon allied himself with another deadly mercenary, Deathstroke. Drakon is one of the deadliest foes of Green Arrow, an incredible martial artist who firmly believes that killing, for him, is not just a job, but some sort of holy vocation.



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