Today we’re going to speak of Michonne, the mysterious woman who briefly appeared at the end of The Walking Dead Season 2 saving Andrea from a walker in the Beside the Dying Fire episode, and was properly introduced only in the Season 3 premiere, Seed. Her physical portrayal in the show is almost identical to the one in the comic books, but her introduction is quite different, and her character seems to be too. So, let’s see who Michonne is in the comics, trying not to spoil anything to both the readers and the tv show’s watchers.

Before the zombie apocalypse arrived, Michonne was a lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia. She had two sisters and a brother, and she practiced fencing as a child, and also during college, while studying law. She got married, but her family life got ruined by a divorce that took her two daughters away from her. After the separation from her husband, Michonne started weightlifting and gym, using physical activity to face the stress following the loss of her daughters. She spent some time living alone, but she eventually started a new romantic relationship with a good man called Mike. The two of them were living together when the first roamers (zombies, the ones in the tv show they call “walkers”) appeared. She managed to escape by foot to her house, where she found Mike and his best friend Terry (a nice guy, but quite idiotic) unarmed. The three of them barricated themselves into the house, but they were soon attacked by a school of roamers: one of them managed to get in, and before Mike could kill it, he was beaten by the zombie. Now, we all know what happens when a zombie bites you, right? Well, they didn’t, and Michonne just bandaged Mike. On the same night, the woman managed to sneak into her neighbor’s house in search for medicals and supplies. In here, she found the katana that would have become her trademark: her neighbor’s pesty son collected swords, and used the same katana to kill Michonne’s cat and to destroy her fence, just for playing. When Michonne came back home with the sword, she found out that Mike became a roamer, and that he had bitten Terry, transforming him too. Unable to kill the man she loved, Michonne closed Mike and his friend in a closet, waiting for the end, until the day she took a resolve. Studying the roamers from her window, she noticed that they never attacked other roamers, and she figured out a way to escape her house: after cutting Mike’s and Terry’s arms and lower jaw, so that they couldn’t attack her, she chained them and went out with the two zombies on a leash. The presence of the two rotting corpses allowed Michonne to leave Atlanta undetected by other roamers, and she started her own personal adventure for survival.

Michonne is an incredibly skilled fencer and swordswoman, and her time alone made her tough and lethal. As Andrea noticed when Michonne joined Rick Grimes‘ team, Michonne suffers from some sort of delusional state, and despite not being mad, she keeps talking to the dead Mike, a coping mechanism that she uses to stay focused and not to forget who she really is, in a world that has become a living nightmare. With loneliness and fierce-living, Michonne has become quite cynical and disillusioned, but she nevertheless tries to teach herself to be with others again, and has become one of the most valuable members of Rick’s survivors team.



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