Chien Na-Wei (China White)

Good evening everybody! New Arrow episode, new character to speak about! In the latest Honor Thy Father, we had the pleasure of meeting a tough criminal, portrayed by the splendid Kelly Hu, who managed to kick our green hero’s ass at the end of the story. The character is the deadly and beautiful China White, the leader of the triad of Starling City and the ally of the export corrupt magnate Marc Summers. Today, we’ll see what her story in the DC comics is!

First of all, China White is quite a young character, she appeared in just five issues starting from the miniseries Green Arrow: Year One of 2007. We don’t know much of her past, but we know her real name: Chien Na-Wei. Chien arrived on an island, the name of which is never revealed, as a powerful druglord. On the island, she proceeded to enslave the local population, forcing the inhabitants to work for her in the production of heroin. The island soon became infested by opium fields and refineries, all of them controlled directly by Chien Na-Wei, who assured her slaves’ loyalty with an iron fist. The production of heroin became rich enough to supply the bulk of the entire Pacific Rim. The nickname China White was mistakenly created by Hackett, an ex British soldier who worked as the chief of security for Oliver Queen; he mispelled her name when speaking of her to his employer, and the nickname remained. Queen was deceived by China White and Hackett, who worked with her: the second tried to convince him to invest 14 million dollars in Chien’s activity (building resorts on Fijis…), but the plan went bad (also for Hackett, who was killed by China White herself for his failure in murdering Queen) and China White was defeated and arrested by Oliver and an unexpected ally, Taiana, a native girl who rebelled against the druglord when her husband was brutally killed by her. To make Taiana’s husband’s death an example for the others, in fact, China White had him slowly eaten by rats in a cage. Gruesome.

China White is a skilled martial artist, quite able in the use of fire arms too. Her main weapon, anyway, is the fear she manages to induce into the ones who are submitted to her: she doesn’t have any problem to admit not to have a heart at all, and her cruelty has discouraged many enemies to take action against her. Maybe China White is not among Green Arrow‘s most powerful or fearful enemies, but she surely knows how to make herself obeyed, and she’s proven to be more than a challenge for the Emerald Archer the first (and, for now, only) time the two of them clashed.



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