Rick Grimes

The Walking Dead series is going on, and we’re all happy for it. Since we’re going deeper and deeper in to the world of the few survivors fighting for their lives against the walkers, I think we should speak a little bit of their leader and the protagonist of the series, Rick Grimes, the knight in the shining armor that joined the group and became its guide and guardian soon after. In the tv show, Rick is portrayed by the great Andrew Lincoln, and is evolving in a much darker and disillusioned character that he was in season 1. But let’s see together where it all started.

Before the zombie apocalypse occured, Rick Grimes was a law abiding citizen of Cynthiana, in Kentucky. When he was still a boy, he came to the decision of becoming a police officer, and entered college for police administration. During his second year, his parents organized a New Year’s Eve party in his college, and Rick was chosen to be the chaperone of it; at the last minute, anyway, mommy and daddy declined the invitation to go to another party, and Rick found himself alone with his brother Jeff. It was thanks to Jeff, anyway, that Rick met at the party a young girl, who just finished her high school, named Lori. Between Rick and Lori there was a certain spark, a chemistry that made clear the two were meant to be together, but Lori had to leave for entering the college, and so they parted. The two of them decided to keep in touch anyway, and while Rick finished college, Lori dropped out after her first year and came back to Cynthiana, thus allowing their relationship finally to get started. Rick became a police officer, a sheriff, as he always dreamt of, and married Lori soon after. The two of them had a beautiful child, Carl, and Rick’s career in police was promising. Rick also became friends with Shane Walsh, the partner he was assigned to, and the two of them started a strong friendship. Life, for Rick Grimes, was absolutely perfect.

Things started going bad the day Rick was shot: along with Shane, he was chasing some robbers by car, and things went bad the moment the criminals started shooting. The wound was pretty severe, and Rick fell into a coma. When he reawakened a month later, day more day less, he found the world around him completely changed. Nobody was in the hospital, nor in the streets, nor everywhere else. Many corpses were all around and some of them…well, some of them were moving. Walking corpses. Cannibal, fierce walking corpses. Clearly, Rick was quite confused about it and, in search of something familiar, he came back to his house, which he obviously found deserted. Luckily for him, Rick was found by Morgan Jones, one of the few city survivors, who lived in Rick’s former house with his son Duane. The two of them informed Rick about the zombie outbreak, and about the Government’s announcement to go in Atlanta. After taking some proper dresses and some of his weapons, Rick went to Atlanta, hoping to find Lori and Carl in there. The car he took from the police station ran out of gas on the street, so Rick borrowed a horse from a farm nearby and a hatchet, that would have become his trademark weapon. As you know, also Atlanta was overrun by the undead, but in there Rick found a man named Glenn, who brought him to his group, a team led by nobody else than Shane…who had become Lori’s lover and Carl’s putative father.

Life for Rick didn’t go easy from that point on, but, thanks to his honest character and his strong sense of morality, he has gained the respect of everyone in the group. He seldomly makes mistakes, seems to know what to do in the most desperate situations, and has a personal way of making everyone believe to be safe. Unfortunately, the time passed living in hell has somehow transformed Rick, who’s becoming more and more disillusioned about the current situation of the human race. As he said, the real walking dead are the people still alive, who are waiting to become a zombie, and he clearly knows it. With all the mental problems a knowledge like this can create.



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