Moira Queen

Regarding DC Comics, we keep analyzing the characters from the new tv series, Arrow, this time speaking of one of the recurring characters, Oliver‘s mother, the ambiguous Moira Queen, portrayed by the always beautiful Susanna Thompson. The character briefly appeared also in Smallville, only in photo, and her name was changed into Laura. In this continuity, she was killed by Lionel Luthor for some issues related to the Veritas secret society. In the comics, her portrayal is different from both the Arrow and the Smallville version…

First of all, not much in known about Moira’s life before wedding millionaire Robert Queen. For many years, the only thing known for sure regarding Oliver’s mother was that she had a great chili recipe, which she taught her son how to cook. During the JLA meetings, Green Arrow‘s Chili managed to make also Superman and Martian Manhunter cry for the extremely strong spices it contains. Lately, we managed to know something more relevant about the woman who gave birth to the Emerald Archer, and it came out she was a pretty tough woman (not only because of the chili). Her marriage with Robert wasn’t exactly the happiest one, especially because of the many affairs her husband had. She nevertheless tried to keep her son Oliver out of the problems between her and Robert, not always succeeding in it. An occasion of family reconciliation arrived when Robert organized a safari in Africa, an idea the small Oliver was more than happy of. During the trip, anyway, something went horribly wrong, and a pride of lions attacked the family. Robert was killed almost immediately, and Moira shielded her son with her own body; she managed to kill one of the lionesses with a precise shot through its mouth, and gave Oliver the time to escape, but she was eaten alive immediately after, and the trauma of seeing both his parents teared apart in front of his eyes clearly marked the child’s mind (add to this the fact the he thinks he’s responsible of the accident because he wasn’t brave enough to brace a weapon and kill the lions, and you’ve got a superhero-creating-trauma).

Moira’s presence in her son’s life didn’t finish with her death (why should it?). Green Arrow came through a very different period of his life, and he arrived to murder the villain Prometheus in cold blood. This event led to the hero’s exile from Star City, and he ended up wandering in the magic forest created by the Entity (the creator of all life in DC Universe, and the being who gave birth to the White Lantern Corps). In here, he found a mysterious, shining woman walking through the forest, and when he confronted her, he found out that she was nobody else than his mother’s ghost. Moira appeared just in time to tell her son that she was proud of the man he had become, that he has to learn to forgive himself for her death (and Prometheus’ one too, but no one thought about him anymore, poor little guy) and so on. After relieving her son from his pain, she disappeared in the forest. Quite creepy and useless.

If Robert cannot win the Father of the Year Award, surely Moira is much a better mother, and she proved to be a sweet woman, able to put her son’s life before her own (in both the occasions of her disastrous marriage with Robert and her actual death). Her good heart made her become something near to an angel, definitely different from her portrayal in Arrow… and that’s why it is so intriguing to see her this way.




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