Floyd Lawton (Deadshot)

It seems that The CW is going to introduce new major characters in every Arrow episode! That makes it difficult for me to stay up to date with every episode, but I’ll try to do the best I can. In the latest Lonely Gunmen we’ve witnessed the debut of DC Universe’s deadliest marksman, Deadshot, portrayed by Michael Rowe. He already appeared in Smallville Season 10 portrayed by Bradley Stryker in a much more Western-ish appearance: he was a member of the Suicide Squad, and was good enough to place a bullet on Superman himself. Let’s see who Deadshot is in the comics…

First of all, Deadshot’s real name is Floyd Lawton. He was born the youngest of two brothers, and he had quite and adoration for Edward, his big brother. The two of them lived with their mother, Genevieve, and their father, the wealthy and powerful George Lawton. Now, Edward was good in everything he did (sports, studies, girls), while Floyd wasn’t. He lived in his brother’s shadow, but still loved and idolized him. To compensate the good attentions given to Edward, Floyd bacamen quite a little delinquent, putting up every kind of possible trouble. At a certain point, Genevieve, who had quite an evil side, decided to use her sons to get rid of her hated husband, and put up some lies about him, telling David and Floyd that George was a violent and evil man, who would have killed her if someone didn’t do something before. Edward, the always good son fond of his mommy, decided to help her and agreed to kill his father, on Genevieve’s suggestion; Floyd, on the other hand, didn’t fall for it, and refused to harm his own father. For this brave decision, he was closed in the houses’ shed. From the window, Floyd saw Edward shooting George (the shot would have paralyzed him), broke free, grabbed a gun and climbed a tree: from a branch, he tried to save his father by shooting his brother’s rifle, meaning to disarm him, but, at the last moment, the branch broke, Floyd fell, and he ended up shooting his brother in the face, killing him instantly. Not a lucky guy, indeed. His brother’s death by his own hands took away every meaning Floyd gave to life at all, and forged him into an assassin.

Lawton began to travel the world, building up his markmanship and becoming infallible with a rifle, a gun or any kind of fire-arm. The main intent behind this obsession with aim was Floyd’s promise to himself, that the one which killed Edward would have been his last missed shot. When he arrived in Gotham City, Floyd witnessed the amazing deeds of the Batman, and decided to take his place as Gotham’s protector, following someway his brother’s footsteps as the hero. For the occasion, he created a costume and the identity of Deadshot, the new lethal vigilante. His plan went horribly wrong: his capabilities in fighting crime weren’t enough to make Gotham’s citizens see him as the new hero, and Deadshot became quite frustrated because of it; he decided to change his plans and to become the master of the city’s underground criminality, giving up to his original nature. Batman and Commissioner Gordon managed to publicly unveil his schemes, and Deadshot was arrested. Years later, Lawton stole a device from the Penguin, who had been put in a cell near to his one, that allowed him to escape from prison. Seeking vengeance against Batman, Lawton reinvented his Deadshot’s identity as a killer, and began to kill innocent people to gain Batman’s attention. After some fights with the Caped Crusader, Deadshot eventually used his unique skills to become an assassin-for-hire, making a name of himself as the best marksman ever lived, a killer who never misses a shot. After continuously being captured by Batman, Deadshot finally received an offer he couldn’t refuse, and became a member of the Suicide Squad, a secret team used by the Government for dirty works, led by Amanda Waller and formed by convicted criminals.

Having brought his physical condition to a more than excellent level, naturally agile and athletic and, above everything else, having mastered and incredible aim and knowledge of fire-arms, Deadshot surely comes up to his boasts to be the greatest marksman ever. An assassin with deep emotional wounds, who always seeks someone who can fill the hole left by his brother’s death, Deadshot is nevertheless one of the most dangerous men alive, with no superpowers, but armored and equipped enough to be more than a challenge for every super-being.



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