Marvel Comics’ article today, and we’re continuing to check the characters appeared in the latest Iron Man 3 trailer. This evening, time for Tony Stark‘s nemesis, the always feared and loved Mandarin, leader of the Ten Rings terrorist association, played in the movie by the great Sir Ben Kingsley. “Some people call me a terrorist. I consider myself a teacher. Lesson number one: heroes. There is no such thing.” Great introduction, for a character well known to the comics readers…

Regarding  the Mandarin, we don’t even now what his real name is. He’s gone under a lot of aliases: Gene Khan (a way to pay homage to his ancestor and life model, Gengis Khan), Zhang TongTem Borijin, and many others. Maybe, the only true part of them is the surname “Khan”, but even that remains a mystery. We know that the Mandarin was born around 1920 in a very wealthy Chinese family. He is the son of an important and powerful descendant of the aforementioned Gengis Khan and of a British aristocrat. The boy’s parents died soon after his birth, and he was raised by his father’s sister, a woman enraged with the entire world, who handed down her hatred to him. Although he gained all his parents’ money, the boy and his aunt spent all their wealth for having him trained in combat and acknowledged in science by the most expensive teachers in the world. As a result, the Mandarin went bankrupt at a very young age and, uncapable of paying his debts nor the taxes on his family estate, he was sent away along with his aunt, becoming homeless. His aunt died for the grief, and made sure with her last words that her nephew hated the world as much as she did. The Mandarin then started wandering the world, trying to get the means to get his revenge on the society that stole his house and fortune and “killed” his aunt. Travelling all China, the man reached the forbidden Valley of Spirits, a land in which nobody entered for centuries, since it was thought to be cursed. In the Valley, the Mandarin found the skeleton of Axonn-Kar, a dragon-shaped alien from the planet Maklu IV, and the remnants of his ship. He stayed there for years, until he gained complete mastership over Makluan science, ages beyond terrestrial one. In the ship, the Mandarin also found ten Power Rings, weapons of great power, which granted him many gifts, and Ultimo, an alien robot which he reactivated and used many times against his enemies.

When he abandoned the Valley, the Mandarin was a reborn man, with more knowledge and wisdom than anyone else. First of all, he decided to conquer the world, wanting to guide it with wisdom and harmony, so that the same thing that happened to him with the Communist government didn’t happen to someone else. He started his campaign by conquering the area around the Valley itself: he gained some followers, convinced by his superior skills, and kept expanding his influence in the nearby Chinese regions. His thirst to understand more about Makluan science made him kidnap, with the aid of the local warlord Wong Chu, the billionaire genius Tony Stark and the physicist Ho Yin Sen, forcing them to work for him, and inadvertently prompting the events that led to the birth of Iron Man, who would have become his nemesis. Sure to be the world’s best chance to gain a peaceful and enlightned guidance, the Mandarin attempted many times to conquer the entire planet (also by taking psychic control over the Hulk), but always failed because of Iron Man’s interventions.

The Mandarin is a scientific genius, having mastered every terrestrial science and a lot of alien ones. He’s also and extremely skilled martial artist, whose control over chi (body’s inner energy) has granted him with many abilities, first of all an extreme longevity. His most fearful weapons are, anyway, his Ten Rings, an unlimited source of power: each one of them gives the Mandarin a different ability (ice blast, electro blast, fire blast, impact beam, vortex beam, disintegration beam, mento-intensifier, black light, white light, matter rearranger). A megalomaniac and a tyrant wannabe, the Mandarin is easily among the most dangerous men alive, a warlord with thousands of followers who believe in his vision of the world and are ready to give their lives to help him change the society they hate.



  1. […] ninjas, and she even provided an escape for her and Wolverine when the duo was captured by the Mandarin, using her powers (much stronger now) to blow up a portion of the Chinese warlord castle. The duo […]

  2. […] Not much is known about Christine Everhart’s early life: she was most likely born in New York City, where she lived, and she studied journalism to become a reporter. Eventually, she showed skill enough to be hired by The Daily Bugle, one of the most renowned newspapers in town…not exactly an easy task, considering how severe and strict the editor in chief, J. Jonah Jameson, was. Christine worked her way to the top, until she was assigned to the politics session and moved to Washington D. C., where she distinguished herself as a “biter”, a reporter able to hinder any interviewee, even the most expert one. When billionaire Tony Stark, now publicly acknowledged as the superhero Iron Man, announced his bid as a candidate for the Secretary of Defense, Jameson sent Everhart to the press conference to do with Stark what she did best: to cause problems for him. One of Stark’s supporters, the President’s press secretary Artemus Pithins, tried to warn Stark against the beautiful reporter (“She’s a terrible woman. Her parents named her after an evil car”), but the billionaire proved once again to be far too easily won by feminine charm, and the press conference ended up being a disaster for him. Christine, in fact, stepped forward at the end of the conference with a question, despite Pithins and Stu Conrad (another of Stark’s supporters, working in the Pentagon‘s acquisitions) had suspended any Q&A session. Stark, intrigued, agreed to let her ask him what she wanted, all the while complimenting her on how a beautiful name she had, and Christine embarassed him with a sudden: “Have you been hit on the head one too many times by the Mandarin?” […]

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  12. […] believed to be working for the government, but, behind Prometheus, there was nobody else than the Mandarin, who wanted to use Extremis to annihilate half of the human population and start a new world with […]

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