Robert Henry Queen

We’ve seen the hero’s mother, today we’re going to see the hero’s father. Robert Henry Queen, portrayed by Jamey Sheridan, is one of the central characters of the new show Arrow, being the one who, repenting for his life of corruption, entrusted his son with the mission of freeing Starling City from criminality and sacrificed himself to make him live. He also appeared in Smallville, portrayed by Jonathan Scarfe: he was associated with Lionel Luthor, and helped him found the Veritas secret society, being later killed by Luthor. In the comics, he’s not always a positive character…

Robert Queen was one of the wealthiest and most powerful men in Star City. During World War II, he was a naval officer based in the Pacific. During his years as a soldier, he met Moira, a girl who he fell in love with; the two of them got married and, after the war, they came back to Robert’s place in Star City. In here, Robert founded the Queen Industries, which would have become the main economic power of the city. His marriage was blessed by the birth of a son, Oliver, whose timid character often displeased Robert, who had dreamt of a much stronger heir, more similar to himself. He tried several times to fortify Oliver’s temper, without much a result. When Oliver was still a baby, for Christmas, Robert gave him a bow with arrows, the family trademark (Robert was a descendant of Sir Robert Queen the Earle of Dornee, who was a distant relative of Robin Hood himself); Oliver was at first pleased with the gift and immediately started practicing, but ended up killing a rabbit by mistake, and he was hardly traumatized by the event: Robert, once again, was almost disgusted by his son’s weak heart. Also his marriage started to go badly, since he couldn’t resist his natural womanizer aptitude: clearly, Moira found out many of his affairs, and the couple started to break apart, with Robert feeling more and more a prisoner in a marriage he didn’t care of anymore. To try and save what was possible saving, Robert organized a safari in Africa to be some time with his family. He hired the best guide on market, the adventurer Congo Bill, and brought his family in the savannah. In here, he tried to change once again Oliver’s attitude regarding harming other creatures, but his lessons went unheard just as the previous times. He started to hate the way his son was always scared by everything, incapable of taking care for himself, but nevertheless allowed him to stay with them at the camp. Unfortunately, the group was attacked by a pack of lions: Oliver was fast enough to catch his weapons, but his character didn’t allow him to hurt the lions, and he didn’t shoot them. This way, Robert and Moira were killed, while Congo Bill managed to save the child.

Just as with Moira, not even Robert stayed away from his son’s life after his own death. When the War of Lights began in the universe, many Black Lantern Rings were sent in every galaxy, and brought back to life dead people to turn them into Black Lanterns. The Black Lanterns were zombified version of their alive selves, but retained their memory and their character, the only difference being that they were all servants of the death entity in the DC Universe, Nekron. Among the ones brought back to life, there was also Robert Queen, who faced his son, now the vigilante known as Green Arrow. Although they posed as enemies, at least in death Robert recognized that his son had finally met his expectations and become a “real man”. When Nekron was defeated by Hal Jordan, one of Earth’s Green Lanterns, Robert came back to his grave.

Robert Henry Queen is a very intelligent and work-committed man, who was able to start a major company like Queen Industries virtually from nothing. He is harsh and hard-tempered, especially with his son, but behind his anger towards Oliver’s weakness there is a true concern about the boy’s lack of self-confidence: being a self-made man, Robert thought that Ollie wouldn’t have survived in the “real world”, and tried to make him strong, at any cost.



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