Maya Hansen

Today, we’re meeting the last new face seen in the Iron Man 3‘s trailer: Maya Hansen, portrayed by Rebecca Hall. We don’t know much about her portrayal in the movie, apart from what Hall said that she will be a “strong female character”. Luckily, we know plenty about her from the comics.

Maya Hansen is an old acquaintance of Tony Stark: the two met when she was in her twenties, at a conference regarding emergent technology. The two of them went along pretty well, especially because Maya was a beautiful girl, first of all, and a scientific genius herself, on the second hand: these are both qualities Mr. Stark widely appreciates. Their roads, anyway, parted soon after, and Maya started working for the U. S. Army along with another great scientist, Aldrich Killian. The two doctors were commissioned to recreate Abraham Erskine‘s Super Soldier Serum, which gave birth to Captain America in the 1940s: despite many failed attempts, infact, the Serum’s formula had never been retrieved or recreated. Hansen’s and Killian’s work had a great turn the moment they decided to use nanite technology, which they called Microsurgery Experimental Robotics. The result of the amalgam between nanites and the Serum was the Extremis Virus, a powerful fluid that granted whoever was injected with it the same superhuman abilities gained by Steve Rogers, at the price of a brain damage that increased violence and aggressiveness. The project was believed to be a failure, and was about to be shut down. Maya and Killian decided to prove the government wrong in the worst way possible, and sold the Extremis Enhancile to some domestic terrorists, so that the commissioners understood the efficacy of their creature and granted them federal funding. Pretending not to be involved with the facts, Maya called her long time friend Tony Stark to intervene in the “theft” of the Extremis, but Iron Man was severely beaten by Mallen, the only terrorist who had injected himself with the Virus. To defeat Mallen, Stark injected himself in turn with the Extremis, and arrested the criminal. Stark also understood that Killian, who committed suicide, wasn’t able to do everything by himself and, after confronting Maya, he forced her to confess her part in the accident. Maya Hansen was apprehended and brought to jail.

In prison, Dr. Hansen was scarred on a cheek. She stayed briefly in jail, since Stark, thinking that the Extremis Virus was damaging his brain, freed her and took her under his personal surveillance. After healing Tony, Maya was paroled, and started working for S.H.I.E.L.D., becoming also Tony’s new love interest. When her friend Sal Kennedy was killed, she felt guilty, thinking she could have saved him if she only continued her research on the Extremis, and, after faking her own death, she started working for the secret organization Prometheus. Maya believed to be working for the government, but, behind Prometheus, there was nobody else than the Mandarin, who wanted to use Extremis to annihilate half of the human population and start a new world with the survivors.

Dr. Maya Hansen is a strong and brilliant woman, who firmly believes in a “the end justifies the means” philosophy. She is an incredibly capable scientist, skilled enough to have something to teach to Tony Stark himself. Despite some spots on her curriculum, Maya has a strong sense of (personal) morality, and truly believes to be working for making people’s life better.



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