Brian Blake (The Governor)

Even if he’s not introduced exactly as a villain, I think you understood quite well from his first appearance in Walk With Me that The Governor, portrayed by David Morrissey, isn’t quite a good guy. Ok, he welcomes Andrea and Michonne in his little paradise, Woodbury, but every fan of The Walking Dead should know by now that humans are much more dangerous than zombies, especially the friendly ones, especially if they’re politicians. And the Governor makes no exception. Quite the opposite.

The Governor’s real name is Brian Blake and, believe it or not, he’s graduated in Comparative Literature at the University of Georgia. He was a man of weak character, always relying on his younger brother Philip for everything. Using his parents’ money, Brian tried some business ventures, but they all failed, soon drying up the family funds. Luckily (?) for the Blakes, the economic problems didn’t matter anymore, the moment the zombie apocalypse happened. While everyone seeked for a safe place, Brian took refuge in his parents’ empty house. In here, he was found by Philip, who wanted to make sure his parents were ok: after finding Brian instead, he wasn’t exactly happy at the prospect of taking care of his older brother once again. Anyway, Brian left his home along with Philip, his daughter Penny and two friends, Nick Parsons and Bobby Marsh. The group took shelter at Wilthshire Estate, a golfing community for reach people nearby. In there, they were attacked by zombies, Bobby was killed, and they had to go away (Brian left a sign, reading “All dead, do not enter”, the same sign that would have later saved Rick Grimes). The four of them stayed for some time with the Chalmers, a family of musicians, whose apartment, in Atlanta, was zombie-free. They were sent away the moment Philip unwillingly raped April, the Chalmers’ daughter. Without their weapons, taken away by the Chalmers, Brian, Philip, Penny and Nick arrived in a nearby orchard, with a house at its center. Unfortunately, the house was soon surrounded by a riders’ gang, who wanted to kill the inhabitants to take it for themselves. Philip agreed to leave them the house in exchange for their lives, but, the moment he realized the bikers would have killed them the moment they went out, he ordered the group to run, entrusted Penny to Brian, and, along with Nick, started fighting the gang. During the battle, Penny was killed, despite being with her uncle, and Brian himself was about to be shot, but he was saved at the last moment by Philip who, enraged for his daughter’s death, severly wounded his brother, considering him responsible for what happened. Despite knowing that Penny would have risen again as a walker, Philip was not able to put her down, and just tied her to a tree.

The group finally arrived in the town of Woodbury, where quite a large number of survivors resided, protected (and ruled) by a group of soldiers from the National Guard. In here, Philip had an ultimate breakdown, and, having hidden Penny in his apartment, started feeding her with body pieces, belonging to people he pretended not to have killed. When Nick saw Philip taking a young girl in the woods, with her clearly been displeased by it, he decided to follow him, despite having Brian at his toes telling him his life-long mantra “Philip always knows better”. Nick was right, and Philip was about to kill the girl to feed his daughter: the man shot Philip (inadvertently killing also the girl in the process) and Brian, acting by instict, killed Nick in turn. Back to the town, alone, on the next day, Brian witnessed the leader of the National Guard soldiers, Gene Gavin, shooting an old man who wanted to leave Woodbury. Brian, not having Philip to follow anymore, started thinking what his brother would have done in that situation: without hesitation, Brian killed Gavin, and instigated the population to kill the remaining soldiers. When a man asked Brian for his name, he answered “My name is Philip Blake”.

After the revolution, Brian, known by everyone under his brother Philip’s name, took control of the town, and adopted the title of Governor. He managed to keep Woodbury’s people safe, fed, and also entertained: like in ancient Rome, the Governor put up a deadly show, with two people fighting in a cage, surrounded by packs of zombies in chains. The Governor is a pitiless man, a power-hungry monster with no consideration at all for human life. Having shaped his mind after the idea that he had of his strong-willed brother, Brian Blake has become an evil parody of a leader, a man who rules with lies and terror. In a world made of chaos, the Governor’s Woodbury is the only piece of order, but it may be even worse than the post-apocalypse world itself.



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