Walter Steele

When you have got a character who is a little bit more than nothing in the comics, you’ve got plenty of original work to do with him in other media. That’s what they might have thought while realizing Arrow, since one of the cast regulars is Walter Steele, portrayed by Colin Salmon. Steele is probably the less known character I’ve spoken of so far, so don’t hate me if there’s so little to know about the guy who, in the show, is Moira Queen‘s new husband and Oliver unwilling step-father.

First of all, there are some differences that immediately meet the eye between the two character’s portrayals: not only in the comics Walter Steele is not bald, displaying a fine blonde head of hair, but he’s not even Afro-American (I know Salmon is British and not American, but Steele isn’t). Walter Steele was a business associate of Robert Queen, and was part of the Queen Industries‘ board of directors. He seemed to apreciate Robert’s strong personality, and followed his lead willingly. When Robert died, the board of directors took control of the Industries, trying to keep it at the same levels it was when Queen was alive. Steele and his colleagues made their best efforts, and managed to direct Queen Industries making it one of the most powerful American conglomerates.

Walter Steele liked Robert, but didn’t like Oliver at all. The moment Ollie came of age, he took back the direction of his family corporation. His secret activity as the masked vigilante Green Arrow, anyway, took a lot of his time, so he wasn’t such a good director as everyone wanted him to be. After his personal chrisis, following the murder of the criminal Prometheus, Oliver Queen went missing, and Queen Industries’ direction went vacant. That was the moment Walter Steele was waiting for, and he took back the direction of the company as the leader of the board of directors. With a growing hatred towards the irresponsible and reckless Oliver Queen, Walter did everything he could to bring the company back to his glory, as it was before Oliver took it back. As the new CEO of Queen Industries, Walter Steele made more than a bad deal to reach the levels he wanted to, but the worst of them all was to chose the biggest shareholder as the new CEO of the company. The investor at issue was Isabel Rochev, a deranged woman who had been one of Robert’s lovers. In her madness, she saw herself as Robert’s one and only true love, and decided to take her beloved one’s place and to restore his life work to his former glory. The first point in Rochev’s agenda was to kill Robert’s disgraced son, Oliver, to restore his name. Despite not knowing the extents of his new boss’ insanity, Walter didn’t dislike her way of seeing things.

Walter Steele is a man completely devoted to his job, who idolizes his personal commitment in finance. His portrayal in the show seems to differ slightly from this one, but his real personality has yet to be seen.


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  1. […] and creepy Summer Glau. In the show, Rochev started buying Queen Industries the moment its CEO Walter Steele resigned, Moira Queen was arrested, and her son Oliver disappeared. When the latter comes back […]

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