Anthony Edward Stark (Iron Man)

Today, ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to speak about the origins of the character who made the Marvel Cinematic Universe possible thanks to the success of his movies: Tony Stark, aka Iron Man. The character was brought to life by the great Robert Downey Jr., who managed to make him a fan-favorite also on the screen. Tony’s origins have been told in the first Iron Man movie, but in the comics, they’re slightly different.

First of all, Anthony Edward Stark was born the son of billionaire genius Howard Stark and his wife Maria. It seems that scientific genius is a genetic trait in Stark’s family, so the child developed an incredible intellect since a very young age. When he was 7, he decided that people were too hard to relate to, and he decided he preferred machines, starting to develop a deep love towards technology. At just 15 he entered the MIT, and graduated in both Physics and Engineering at 19. When his parents died in a car accident two years later, Tony inherited the family company, Stark International (then Stark Industries), a mega-conglomerated which mass-produced weapons for the U.S. Army (mainly). His first project as CEO was to reproject the car engine that killed his father and mother (an “incident” that was brought about by a rival company, which would have later become the Roxxon Oil). Soon, Tony got bored of the CEO life, and, finding out that one of his secretaries, Virginia “Pepper” Potts, fixed an accounting mistake of his, he decided to promote her, made her his personal assistant and often left the burden of leading the company to her. Anyway, he was still responsible for the company, and often traveled around the world to promote his weapons.

During one of this travels, in Vietnam during the war, Tony Stark fell in an ambush along with the soldiers who were accompanying him, and was shot by a booby trap. He survived the attacked, but he was captured by a local warlord, Wong-Chu (who was in reality a lackey of his future nemesis, The Mandarin). Wong Chu wanted Stark to build weapons for him, and, after informing him that the shrapnels in his chest would have killed him within a week, he forced Stark to cooperate. Stark was helped by Yinsen, Wong-Chu’s man servant, another kidnapped scientist. The two of them invented a way to prolong Stark’s life through a magnetic device, than proceeded to create something that would have allowed them to escape. With the combined knowledge of the two scientists, a power armor was created, an armor that allowed Tony to escape (Yinsen was unfortunately killed in the process). Stark then met a wounded American soldier who was trying to come back home, the one who would have become his life-long friend: Jimmy Rhodes, a Marine pilot who was shot down with his elicopter. Together, they escaped Vietnam and came back to the US. Changed by his experience, Tony (who found out that the shrapnels couldn’t have been removed without killing him, and perfected the magnetic device that kept him alive) showed to his girlfriend of the time, Joanna Nivena, the armor he had created, and she told him he should have continued to wear it becoming a superhero. In that very moment, Iron Man was born.

At first, Stark used his grey armor, but, since he was scaring the people he tried to protect, asked his girlfriend Marion (yes, another one) what she would have done to make people comfortable if she were Iron Man: listening to her advice, he painted the armor in shining gold (lucky him Marion wasn’t a very smart girl and never made the connection). To the world, Tony Stark was just a billionaire playboy who cared more of fun and girls and parties than of his own company, while Iron Man was his invincible body guard, a real hero that faced much more threats than just the ones to his master. After intercepting a message from Rick Jones to the Fantastic Four, in which the boy was asking for help since the Hulk had been manipulated by Loki, Iron Man allied himself with Ant-ManWasp and Thor to stop the villain, founding the Avengers, world’s mightiest heroes. With the years, the Iron Man persona became more and more popular, while Stark’s life became more and more messy: worsened by a serious alcohol problem, unable to put up a serious relationship since he knew he could die at any moment due to the shrapnels around his heart, Tony risked more than once to become the man he was pretending to be. A divided man, Tony Stark is a hero deep inside, but his psychological problems, his continuous nervous breakdowns and his alcoholism has often prevented him to express his full potentiality: one of Earth’s greatest geniuses is also a frail man, who’s still more at ease with machines than with humans like when he was a child, always struggling for creating a real personal relationship with someone.



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