Lori Grimes

After this week shocking episode of The Walking DeadKiller Within, I think it’s time to speak a little about Lori Grimes, portrayed in the show by Sarah Wayne Callies. She’s one of the series’ regulars, and, being the wife of the protagonist, she’s one of the main characters. She has showed different sides of her personality throughout the series, but let’s see who she is in the comics.

Lori Grimes was born in CynthianaKentucky, and attended high school in there. In her school, she befriended Jeff Grimes, a nice guy who was her age. Together, they became seniors in their high school. Once, for New Year’s Eve, Jeff brought Lori to a party in his brother Rick‘s college. Lori met Rick, and the two had an instant crush for each other: as everyone said, they were “perfect for each other”, and they both realized it. Rick was two years older than Lori, and was studying Police Administration to become an officer; Lori was about to finish her high school studies, and their relationship had to be suspended soon after its start, since Lori wanted to attend college too. She moved away, but kept in touch with Rick, and the two shared many letters during her first year of college. At the end of her freshman year, anyway, Lori decided that studying wasn’t her path, and quit with college. As soon as she came back to Cynthiana, she took back her relation with Rick back where they stopped it, and things started to get serious. The two of them were deeply in love, and they got married soon after. Rick became Sheriff’s Deputy, and Lori remained a housewife: when they had a son, Carl, the boy became the center of Lori’s life. Lori also became close friend of Shane Walsh, Rick’s partner on work, who became some sort of uncle for Carl. Life was perfect: Lori had the family she had always dreamt of, a beautiful house, a beloving husband and a wonderful son.

Things started to get bad the morning Rick was shot during a car chase: Shane informed her that her husband was seriously wounded and that he went into a coma, and Lori started to visit him at the hospital every day. Unfortunately, a few days later the zombie apocalypse occured, and the city became infested with living dead. After Shane told Lori that Rick was dead, she decided to go to Atlanta, where her parents lived, and, accompanied by Shane himself, she took Carl and left their house. During the travel, anyway, she felt more and more guilty about the idea of having abandoned her comatoes husband in the hospital, and her feelings brought her on the verge of a depression. Dominated by her emotions, Lori shared a night with Shane, a mistake she would have regretted for all her life. Once in Atlanta, they found out that also the big city was overrun by zombies, and Lori, Carl and Shane tried to find a shelter in the nearby hills. In there, they found other survivors, gathered around an old man’s van. With the group, Lori and her son started a new life. She became friends with the other women of the group, and together they took care of washing up the clothes, looking after the children and many other things. In the meanwhile, Shane kept making advances to her, but, confused by her feelings towards the man, Lori always tried to ignore them. Her life was shocked once again when Glenn, a boy of the group who often went foraging in Atlanta for supplies, came back with a man he had saved: Rick Grimes, alive and well (not exactly well, but well enough for a man who came out of a coma in a world inhabited by zombies). Her sense of guilt became even stronger, now that she knew that Rick was still a live and that she slept with another man while her husband was struggling to survive. The return of Rick caused a direct rivalry between him and Shane, who still wanted Lori, but the woman had already chosen years before, and she immediately preferred her husband to the other.

From that moment, the adventures of the reunited Grimes family have been many and horrible, but they shared some good moments together, like the birth of Judith, the first infant born after the apocalypse. Lori is a forceful woman, whose strength has been built during the absence of the husband she always relied upon. She deeply loves her son, and so she does her husband, but, if before the apocalypse she thought they were the most compatible couple on Earth, she soon realized that the stress of survival somehow hardened their relationship, and things aren’t easy as they were before, even between them. In a way or the other, her love for Rick cannot be questioned.



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