Felicity Smoak

From the episode Lone Gunmen, it seems that Emily Bett Rickards‘ character has joined the cast of Arrow regulars. We’re speaking of Felicity Smoak, the IT employee of Queen Consolidated. In case you’re asking yourself, yes, that annoying computer nerd with plain neurosis is a comicbook character. And no, she doesn’t look like her tv show counterpart.

Felicity Smoak is not a character from the Green Arrow series, she first appeared on The Fury of Firestorm and has always been a support character of that series, appearing also in the following Firestorm, the Nuclear Man. As I said before, she’s nothing like Rickards’ character: she’s much smarter, a little bit older, and surely not so Woody-Allenish. Felicity is introduced as the strong and professional manager of a New York computer software firm. Just as always, Manhattan soon became the battlefield of a superhuman clash between the superhero Firestorm and some criminals. During the battle, Firestorm neutralized the villains using his powers, but inadvertently magnetized the nearby area, thus destroying many computers in the near buildings. One of those buildings belonged to Felicity’s company. And in the computer Firestorm destroyed an important software in development was stored. Not the good beginning of a friendship. The accident almost ruined Felicity Smoak’s firm, and the woman started to hate the superhero, and also confronted him, trying to make him understand what he had done, with not much a success. The two of them clashed many times from that point on, and every single time Felicity tried to make Firestorm understand that his powers (which are quite remarkable, granting the hero control over almost every kind of matter and energy) have a lot of collateral damage, but her complaints always went unheard. On one particular occasion, Firestorm, fed up of the woman’s babbling, used his powers to transform her clothes into soap suds, a trick he had already used on the villainous Plastique to prevent her escape by having her naked in public. Felicity Smoak, anyway, is not Plastique, and her reaction was quite different from hers: immediately after the episode, she filed a lawsuit against the masked hero (and that is quite the least someone can get when stripping someone else in public).

During her legal and verbal war against Firestorm, Felicity met a widowed reporter, Edward Raymond. Ed was a good man, and Felicity grew fond of him, till the time they fell in love. Edward had a son from his first wife, Ronnie, who secretely was a part of Firestorm (just incase you don’t know it, the superhero Firestorm is the amalgam of two normal humans, and Ronnie Raymond was a half of him). When Ronnie found out that his father was seeing Felicity, his life became quite odd: having to hug your dad’s girlfriend sometimes and to face her in court some others was quite confusing for him. Anyway, Felicity and Raymond ended up marrying, deeply in love. Soon after, Felicity learnt about Ronnie’s secret identity, and faced him about it. Here came the surprise: Ronnie was expecting a scolding or something like it, but Felicity supported him in his activity, telling him how many good things he could do with his powers. But, as anyone can imagine, she insisted a lot on the responsibilities those powers entailed.

Felicity Smoak is a strong and forceful woman, an expert in her field and an intelligent and energic person in her private life. She surely knows what is and what is not right, and she’s not been afraid of confronting one of the most powerful beings on the planet to make her point clear. She is also a loving wife and (step)mother, a real pillar in the life of the Raymonds, who surely needed a women’s touch after Elaine‘s death.



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