Yao Fei (Accomplished Perfect Physician)

Well, I think it’s time to say something about the mysterious mentor Oliver Queen finds on the deserted island he’s shipwrecked on in Arrow. The man is Yao Fei, portrayed by Byron Mann and better known to the comics’ readers as the Accomplished Perfect Physician (yeah, I know, it’s a pompous title). Well, our man has never been on Lian Yu, nor he’s been the mentor of the Emerald Archer.

Yao Fei was born in China, a simple peasant in the Anhui Province. He wanted to become a doctor to save people, but was too poor to afford the studies, and so he enlisted in the People’s Liberation Army, the Chinese army. He was just a simple soldier, so, all he had to do was to follow orders and to kill the enemies of the State. From his original intention of saving lives, killing people was exactly the opposite way he wanted to use his potentials. Anyway, he had to live. At a certain point of his military career, Yao was sent along with his platoon in Tibet, in the town of Gyantse: in here, an uprising occurred, and the army had the order of killing the leaders of the revolution and putting down the rebellion. During the battle, Yao Fei killed an unarmed monk, named Tenzin Cering: that was the proverbial final straw and Yao, horrified at what he had done, deserted the army and tried to escape. Caught, he was sentenced to death at the scene and was shot by his superior officer. As you can easily imagine, the bullet didn’t kill Yao Fei, who was saved by a local man, a physician, who took him to his house and healed his wounds. When Yao woke up and was strong enough to speak, he found out that the man who saved him was the father of the monk he had killed. The healer revealed to Yao that Tenzin, his dead son, was the man who had been chosen to become the new Accomplished Perfect Physician, a sacred title of his order. Since Yao Fei had killed Tenzin, he had to take his place as the new Physician.

Willing or not, Yao was forced to assume the title, and was thrown by the man in a magic portal opened for the occasion. While in another dimension, Yao was filled by the memories and the knowledge of all the previous Accomplished Perfect Physicians, gathering the wisdom of generations and many powers derived by the perfect knowledge of  the nature of both human body and the world itself. When he came out of the portal, Yao Fei was a different man: he was the seventeenth Accomplished Perfect Physician. As the new Physician, he had the power of healing or hurting through his voice: with simple vocal sounds, he could create earthquakes or cure a disease, he could paralyze a man or free him from fever, he could create force fields or destroy matter. In order to redeem himself from his past guilt, the Physician started using his powers for good as a renegade and an outlaw, wanted by the Chinese government as a traitor and a deserter. He started helping the people he had damaged with his actions as a soldier, and soon became a local hero. Finally, he was able to fulfill his dreams of becoming (more than a) doctor and to save people’s lives. With time, anyway, Yao realized that he could do much more if he wasn’t an outlaw: hiding from the government and its agents, moving fast from a place to another, prevented him to fully use his gift for people, and, since the army was after him, he put at risk everyone he tried to save. So, he decided to surrender to the state and to join the Great Ten, a group of Chinese superheroes at the orders of People’s Republic of China. His self-imposed role in the team became quite clear: always self-controlled and rational, Yao Fei prevented his teammates to commit unuseful slaughters on behalf of the government (such as he did in the past), always being the diplomat of the group and saving many lives restraining his colleagues from the inside of the group. Acting this way, however, made him an enemy of August General in Iron, the team leader, an elite Chinese soldier who still saw him as a dangerous pacifist and a despicable deserter.

Yao Fei, as the Accomplished Perfect Physician, possesses powers far beyond imagination, the full entity of which is still to be seen. Anyway, his nature brings him to use his powers for people’s benefit, and his presence in the Great Ten has brought an elite force used to murder and destroy following orders to become a more balanced and peaceful (as it can be) team which really acts for justice. Yao has become a wise and good man, the man he always wanted to be.



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