Slade Wilson (Deathstroke)

I hope you all watched Arrow episode Damaged: the flashbacks in that one made the joy of every DC fan. Really. Especially, because a major villain is introduced, a very popular one. You know, the cool guy with the mask who catches the arrow aimed to his head in midair? That’s him. Deathstroke, portrayed by Jeffrey C. Robinson. Deathstroke already appeared in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman as a superkiller with magnetic powers called Bob Stanton and portrayed by Antonio Sabàto Jr. (better avoid every comment about it), and as the evil army general servant of Darkseid behind the Vigilante Registration Act in Smallville, portrayed by Michael Hogan. Let’s see why the Arrow portrayal is, so far, the closest to his comics version.

At the young age of sixteen, Slade Wilson ran away from home and enlisted in the U.S. Army, lying on his age for the privilege of becoming a soldier. He served in Korea, where he demonstrated an inborn talent for combat. He built up quite a reputation, and became a living legend, showing skills far superior to his comrades’. Back to the States, he was sent to Camp Washington, where he was promoted Major and met Captain Adeline Kane, who was serving as an instructor. Kane was teaching soldiers new combat techniques to prepare them to the upcoming war in Vietnam, and Wilson was her best student. Adeline soon realized he was the best combatant she had ever met, and she started a private training with him, during which Wilson mastered in brief time every guerrilla technique he was taught; his success earned him the promotion to Lieutenant Colonel. Slade and Adeline eventually fell in love and got married, and, when Adeline got pregnant of their first child, Grant, Slade was sent overseas, since the war in Vietnam had begun. In here, Slade’s unit was ordered to destroy a village and to murder the unarmed inhabitants, something that disgusted the young soldier. His obedience anyway made him the perfect choice for a secret experiment led by the Army, and Slade Wilson was selected for an experimentation on a formula which would have countered the truth serum. In reality, the formula was the prototype of a serum meant to create super soldiers. Slade’s body reacted badly to the substance, and the Lt. was bedridden for days. When he woke up, he found out that his physical capabilities had increased exponentially: he was stronger, faster, more agile and resilient than ever before. Along with his incredible martial skills, the serum made him the most formidable fighter ever lived.

Slade still fought under the Army, but one day a personal friend of his, William Wintergreen (a SAS member who saved his life in
the early days of the war) was sent on a suicide mission and, taken prisoner, was abandoned by the Army. Slade was denied the permission to save his friend, so he took a decision which would have changed his life: with a mask to cover his face, Slade went to the enemies’ base alone and saved his friend, disobeying a direct order. Because of his insubordination, Slade was discharged from the Army. With time, Wilson realized that his dismissal had been a blessing and, with full trust in his skills, he started a solo career as a mercenary, known as Deathstroke the Terminator. He tried to keep his activity secret from his family, knowing that Adeline wouldn’t have approved it. One unlucky day, the Jackal, a terrorist, was hired by the President of Qurac to interrogate Deathstroke and learn who had hired him to kill a colonel in Qurac’s Army. The Jackal knew better than to face Deathstroke directly, and chose to kidnap Joseph, his younger son (the future superhero Jericho). The mercenary refused to tell the names of the ones who hired him, since it was against his personal honor code, and chose to gamble his abilities on his son’s life. Deathstroke single-handedly defeated and killed the kidnappers, but Joseph’s troath was sliced in the battle, and the boy barely survived, becoming a mute. Adeline didn’t take the thing lightly, and tried to kill her husband, enraged for what he had done to their son: she shot him, but the bullet only took away Slade’s right eye. Trustful of his skills, Slade changed his mask, so that it was evident even with it that he was blind from an eye. After a reconciliation, the two decided not to tell Grant anything about his father’s true job and identity, a decision that would have proven wrong, since, some times later, Grant would have started to idolize Deathstroke (not knowing he was actually his father), become the mercenary Ravager and embarked on a mission to kill a group of young heroes, the Teen Titans, forcing his father to join him in the fight and transforming him in the group’s nemesis. Years later, Slade gained also the power of regenerative healing factor, a power that he transmitted to his wife with a blood transfusion when she got wounded: it saved her life, but drove her insane and turned her into one of his most deadliest foes.

Deathstroke is the world’s deadliest mercenary, an incredibly skilled warrior with complete mastery over armed and unarmed combat. He’s an expert marksman, swordsman and martial artist, and his regenerative healing factor makes him immortal, as long as his brain is not damaged. With a personal code of honor, Deathstroke is nevertheless ruthless and implacable when it’s about terminating a contract. Despite he tried many times to have a family life, he ended up sacrificing everything to his profession, his real life love. A criminal and a hero, Deathstroke alligns himself wherever his services are needed, and, as long as he’s paid, there’s nothing he cannot do or nobody he cannot kill.



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