Penny Blake

In The Walking Dead last episode Say the Word, another character has been introduced, and quite a creepy one: Penny Blake, portrayed by the young Kylie Szymanski. Penny is shown to be The Governor‘s daughter, the one we could see on the picture, but, being a zombie, she’s now quite different from what she used to be. Let’s speak about her…

Penny was the daughter of Philip and Sarah Blake, born in Waynesboro, Georgia. She was very young when her mother died in a car accident (she was driving drunk and intoxicated), and she remained with her father alone. The two of them became even closer to each other, having to face the shock followign Sarah’s death together. When the zombie apocalypse occured, Philip decided, above everything else, that he had to protect his daughter, his only reason of life reamaining. Along with her father, her uncle Brian and Philip’s friends Bobby Marsh and Nick Parsons, Penny left Waynesboro (which was already overrun by the undead) and moved to the Wiltshire Estates, an apparent safe place which used to be a community of houses for rich people. Before arriving in there, Penny had started to face all the bad experiences she had had with a progressive alienation, and she arrived to the point of being almost completely isolated from the rest of the world (quite a comprehensible reaction from a child in the middle of apocalypse). While in Wiltshire, anyway, she began to come out of her psychological shelter, feeling safe again. Things weren’t meant to last long, as zombies arrived also in Wiltshire, Bobby was killed and the group had to escape once again. In Atlanta, the group stayed for a while in Chalmers family‘s apartment: Penny grew fond of April, the youngest member of the family, and she started to see her as a mother figure. Once again out of her shell, Penny had her peace shattered for the third time the moment the Chalmers kicked out her and the others from their place (this was because Philip had raped April, but Penny would have never known it). A rare moment of happiness in the life of the child arrived when Philip, Brian and Nick decided to stay for some time in the abandoned Tom Thumb’s Tiny Toy Shoppe, and Penny was free to chose whatever toy she wanted from the store. Having chosen a broken one, she solemnly decided that she would have fixed it, a way of subconsciously hoping for everything else to be fixed as well. During this period, Penny formed a deep bond with her uncle Brian, who was usually committed to take care of her: they developed a strong relationship, and also decided a secret word (“Away”) for the times she had to close her eyes and cover her hears to avoid unpleasant situations.

After a while, the group settled in an abandoned villa, a place that could be a perfect shelter for them all. Again, Penny started behaving as a normal child, feeling safe in her new house, with her father, her uncle, and her “other uncle”, and again, all of this was abruptly taken away from her. A group of bandits arrived at the house and attacked it, wanting it for themselves: Philip decided to try and fight, taking Nick with himself and entrusting Penny to his brother Brian. Brian and Penny tried to flee while the other two men were fighting, but a marauder reached them and shot, killing the little girl. At this point, Philip went through a terrible breakdown, and insanity started to spread inside his mind. Penny rose again as a zombie, and her father decided not to destroy her, despite his companion’s complaints. He put her on a leash and took her with him. When the trio reached the town of Woodbury, Penny was tied to a tree, but later Philip managed to bring her secretly to his new house inside the city and to hide her in the laundry room. The man, who didn’t want to lose his daughter (not again, at least), started feeding her with the flesh of people he personally killed. One night, Philip was killed by Nick while he was trying to murder another victim for his daughter, and Nick was killed in turn by Brian. Assuming his dead brother’s identity, Brian kept taking care of the zombie girl, keeping her in his house chained to a wall, and feeding her with the flesh of the people he killed. From the moment the Governor removed Penny’s teeth with pliers, the undead was free to roam in his house.

Penny used to be a sad and traumatized girl, who clinged to any chance of happiness just to see it turn into ashes. As a zombies, she is no more human at all, just a mindless beast who only craves for human flesh. Having become a “tamed” zombie after having her teeth removed, Penny has lost her appetite, and seems to have become the object of a deranged and disturbing sexual attraction from her once-beloved uncle, now known as the Governor.



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