Carol Peletier

Still speaking of The Walking Dead regular cast, and this time it’s Carol Peletier‘s turn. She’s been portrayed by Melissa Suzanne McBride since the first season, and she’s one of the characters who underwent the major evolution in the series, starting from a submissive object-wife and going to a badass survivalist. Now, let’s see who she is in the comics.

We know little of Carol’s life prior to her marriage. She lived in a normal family, and she had a very good relationship with her (unnamed) sister. She made herself a name with the number of guys she dated: beautiful as she was, she didn’t have problems in finding always new companions, and she made quite a sport out of it. Still young, she met the man that would have become her future husband (in the tv series he’s called Ed, and he’s not a nice person at all, but in the comics his name is never mentioned). She dated him for quite a long time, until he decided they had to marry. She wasn’t very convinced about it, but she was really afraid of ending up being alone, so she accepted. After not so much time, she got pregnant, and she gave birth to a daughter, Sophia. Her marriage life wasn’t happy at all, but Carol never left her husband, for many reasons: she needed someone who took care of her life and Sophia’s (he was the only one working, and, being a successful salesman, Carol never needed to learn a job of her own), and, especially, there was always that hidden fear of solitude, lurking somewhere in her heart and mind, that made her stay with him, no matter what. She tried something like a job when she decided to sell Tupperware out of catalog to friends and family members, a home-business she started just to pass the time, since the money her husband brought home was more than enough to make a living out of it. To fill her spare-time, she became an artist of sort, and tried many activities like scrap booking and similar.

Her boring life was abruptly changed the moment in which the zombie apocalypse arrived. Carol’s parents-in-law died shortly after the beginning of the epidemic, and her husband saw them dying and becoming zombies afterwards. This event deeply traumatized him and, despite having a wife and a daughter to take care of, he decided to give up on life and killed himself, leaving his family alone. Left on her own, Carol saw her worst nightmare come true, and decided to go to her sister’s place in Atlanta with Sophia; in there, she was sure she would have been safe and zombie-free. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned (do they ever?), and the big city was already infested with living dead. Luckily for them, on their way to Atlanta, Carol and Sophia met Shane Walsh and the other survivors, who welcome them in their group. Along with her daughter, she settled down in a campsite in the nearby quarry, a temporary shelter built around Dale‘s van. Carol immediately got along with the other women from the group, and she gave a hand in doing the washing up and in taking care of the children. Sometimes, she just “supervised” the other women working, and expressed judgement on how well they were doing it.

Carol Peletier is a fragile and neurotic woman, who hides behind a friendly and chatty appearance a deep wound that is slowly eroding her soul. Afflicted with the fear of being alone, she forms an attachment to everyone she sees fit for protecting her and taking care of her. She tries to protect Sophia from her inner dark emotions, and stays overprotective towards her, but cannot avoid to cry over herself in presence of her daughter, arriving to the point of, following a depression, harming herself in front of her.



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