Edward Fyers

Last new character appeared in the Arrow episode Damaged. Sooner or later I’ll catch up with all the characters they’re introducing, I hope (I still have to write about the protagonist…), but, as for now, I’m a week late. Anyway, Edward Fyers, portrayed by Sebastian Dunn, has been introduced as a mysterious mercenary arrived on Lian Yu in search of Yao Fei, and he appears to be the one who pulls the strings of Deathstroke. In the comics, he’s not a bad guy. Not so bad, at least.

Edward Fyers, Eddie for friends (and for anyone else, since he doesn’t have many friends) was introduced as a skilled CIA agent, a weapon master and a good hand-to-hand combatant.  He was employed by the Agency to hunt down and possibly kill the Yakuza assassin Shado, a skilled Japanese archer. Shado had also kidnapped the heroine Black Canary, and so Green Arrow was on her trail. The agent and the vigilante met while they where both chasing Shado, and a battle occured between the two. From that point on, Eddie Fyers would have become a recurrent adversary of the Emerald Archer, who he saw as a standalone vigilante, dangerous because of his unclear position towards the official law. Especially, not having to respond to anyone made Green Arrow do whatever he wanted: someone with a military-setted mind like Eddie just couldn’t stand it. Even if the two of them were often forced to cooperate, since they met many times while fighting the same opponents, Fyers didn’t trust the archer at all, and often tried to put him down immediately after a team-up. In one occasion especially, Fyers put up a scene from which it resulted that Green Arrow was responsible of a terrorist attack in the Panama Canal, but his plan was thwarted and Green Arrow was recognized as innocent.

This enmity wasn’t meant to last long, anyway, and fighting together against common threats ended up to build a friendship between Fyers and the Arrow. After quitting with the Agency, Eddie became a world-wide known mercenary, who sold his indubitable skills to the best offerer, but always trying to stay on the right side of the law. He also became a regular ally to the Arrow Family, especially to his former enemy Green Arrow himself, and his sidekick Speedy, an identity used, at that time, by young Roy Harper. When Oliver Queen, aka Green Arrow, had a son, Connor, from Sandra Hawke, one of his old girlfriends, their friendship was firm to the point that Ollie asked Eddie to take care of his son if something ever happened to him. His words were prophetical, since Oliver ended up being killed in a fight with some echo-terrorists in Metropolis (don’t worry, no spoiler here: no hero stays dead for long). With his father lost, Connor Hawke took up the mantle of the Green Arrow for himself, and Eddie Fyers became a father figure to him. Eddie trained him and helped him in his hero career, and grew very fond of the boy. The two of them formed quite a team, and Eddie also teamed Connor up in fighting his old nemesis Shado, who had risen the Earth Dragon (!) from his sleep. Eddie stayed near to Connor even after Oliver came back from the dead (just as I told you…), and the bond between the two proved to be unbreakable.

Eddie Fyers started as an untrustworthy and double-crossing spy, a man ready to do and say everything to bring on the justice he believed in. With time, he has become one of Queen’s closest allies and friends, a honorable man, with an unsuspected sweet side, and a strong, wise and caring father figure for Connor Hawke.



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