Derek Reston

In last week Arrow episode Legacies we met many new characters, and the first I’m going to speak about is the one portrayed by Currie Graham. This one was actually the fusion of two different characters: Derek Reston, used as his civillian identity in the show, and the King of Spades, who surely exists in the comics, but is not Reston. So, today we’ll se who Derek Reston is, leaving the King and the other members of the Royal Flush Gang for the next time(s).

Well, it seems that today I’ll take some rest, since there’s not much to say about Derek Reston as he is in the comics: he only appeared in two issues in the history of DC Comics, and those were brief appearances too, in Justice League of America #204 and #205 if you want to chek him out. Anyway, Reston was an industrialist and a brilliant engineer, who happened to be the president of MegaCorp, a macro group of industries. Rich and brilliant, he became the target of the telepathic villain Hector Hammond, a petty criminal who became extremely intelligent and gained psychic powers thanks to a meteorite. Hammond was trying to recreate the Royal Flush Gang, a group of super criminals founded by a notorious crime boss, Amos Fortune, disbanded after Fortune left the team, and the Joker manipulated it. Reston was mind-controlled by Hammond to create an android, the new Ace, programmed to recruit a second Gang, this time with greater aims than simply stealing money or technology around the country. Reston managed to build the android, to disguise it as a human and to make him recruit a whole new Royal Flush Gang, which would have become the most famous and succesfull version of the team, coming closer than every other else to defeat the Justice League.

Hector Hammond’s mind control continued even after the android’s construction. When two superheroes, Dinah Drake aka Black Canary and Ralph Dibny aka Elongated Man arrived to MegaCorp following an investigation, they met a still controlled Derek Reston, who tried to fight them. The two heroes easily disposed of the scientist, despite the many machines and weapons he had at his disposal, and defeated him. When Hammond realized that Reston was lost, he lifted his mind control, freeing the industrialist, but erasing his recent memory in the process. Back to himself, Derek Reston didn’t remember anything about Hammond, the Royal Flush Gang, or even the Ace android he built himself. Without a clue, Black Canary and the Elongated Man left him go, and, from that moment on, Reston was never seen again. His name, anyway, kept haunting the superhero comunity, since his android, disguised as a human and become the leader of the new Gang, used it as his alias: for every member of the team, but for the smart Jack of Spades who saw under his appearance, Ace was a guy named Derek Reston. Truth became evident to the other members of the Royal Flush Gang the moment Black Canary destroyed the android, defeating the criminal syndicate. For the first time, at least.

So, Derek Reston is a brilliant man, unwillingly acting as a criminal, no more than a puppet at the mercy of Hector Hammond’s psychic powers. A genius in technology, Reston left his trace in the world by creating the Ace android, first of a long series of criminal machines that would have infested the world the following decades.



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