Margaret Greene

Today, another regular member of The Walking Dead cast: Maggie Greene, portrayed on screen by Lauren Cohan. In the tv show, she’s the strong and independent daughter of Hershel Greene, and overprotective step-sister of the weak Beth. Over the episodes, she’s grown closer and closer to Glenn, another series’ regular, and started a relationship with him in the middle of hell. Let’s see who she is in the comics.

Margaret “Maggie” Greene was born in AtlantaGeorgia, during the period in which Hershel and his wife (unnamed in the comics, Josephine in the tv show) lived in the big city, running their common business. When her mother died, Maggie, along with her father and her six siblings, moved to Hershel Farm, a plance belonged to her grandfather, which had been abandoned after his death. Hershel managed to create a healthy and safe environment for his children, and Maggie grew up a stubborn and strong girl. She went to school in the nearby town, and expressed the will of going to the college when she came of age. She attended her courses for one semester, then she had to quit because her father had gone under serious economical problems and needed her at the farm (and, above all, he wasn’t able to pay for her school anymore). Life didn’t go on pretty well from that point, since Maggie wasn’t able to study as she wanted, and she started to date a guy who ended up being a violent and abusive one. She wasn’t able to dump the guy, but history made its course and helped her: the zombie apocalypse occured, and Maggie didn’t see him again. A drastical way to quit a relationship, but quite effective. With Hershel being convinced that the zombie plague was just a disease like the others, and that the undead could have been actually cured in a near future, Maggie helped her father to collect the walkers around the farm and to lock them in their barn, so that they could be restrained until the moment a cure could have been found. The farm offered the Greene family everything they needed, being it supplies or, especially, protection.

Everything changed when Otis, a farmhand who took shelter at Hershel’s place with his girlfriend Patricia, brought to the farm a wounded boy, Carl Grimes, who he shot by mistake (he took the boy for a zombie). Since Hershel was a doctor (sort of, a vet), Carl was brought to his place, and, along with him, came all Rick Grimes‘s group. Hershel allowed them to stay, at least until the boy would have been out of danger. Among the Atlanta survivors, Maggie noticed Glenn, a boy she immediately felt attracted to. She realized that Glenn had a crush on Carol Peletier, a girl from his group, so she put aside her ideas on him. For the moment. Some days later, in fact, Maggie and Glenn found themselves alone, speaking of relationships; as it seems, the discussion really involved them, and the two had sex together. From the very beginning, it was clear that between the two there was more than just some casual feelings, and they became very close from that point on. When the zombies escaped from the barn due to a mistake from Hershel, and her sister Lacey and her brother Arnold were killed in the following fight, Maggie was distupted, and it was Glenn that comforted her. The two had sex again, but this time Hershel caught them: for him, this was the final straw, and he sent away Rick and everyone else in his group…but Glenn, who stayed thanks to Maggie’s entreaties. Later, Maggie and Glenn would have become man and wife, much with Hershel’s joy.

Maggie Greene is a strong woman, with a clear idea of what she wants and what she can obtain. The death of her many siblings have put her on a test, and, despite falling in depression sometimes, she didn’t surrender to the end of the world, and keeps fighting her own battle for a normal life.



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