Carl Grimes

Here we are, our last regular member of The Walking Dead cast: the little Carl Grimes, portrayed in the show by Chandler Riggs. In the tv series, he’s grown up from being a normal child (as normal as any child can be in the middle of apocalypse) to be one of the willing shooters and defenders of the little group of survivors led by his father. During Season 3, some traumatic events he’s gone through promise a further evolution of the character. Who, in the comics, has already evolved pretty much (warning: there may be some spoilers ahead).

Carl Grimes is the beloved son of Rick and Lori Grimes, a son who is truly the fruit of the couple’s love. He grew up with his parents in CynthianaKentucky, and often suffered because of the absence of his father, who he adored. Rick became Carl’s life model since his first childhood, and he started dreaming of becoming a sheriff like him once grown up. When Rick was shot during a car chase and fell into a coma, the event deeply shocked Carl, who was only seven and had suddenly to realize that his hero wasn’t invincible as he thought him to be. Along with Lori, he stayed at his father’s bedside, but their vigil could last little: a few days after Rick was wounded, a strange disease started spreading all over the city, and the dead rose from their graves to hunt for the living. Shane Walsh, Rick’s partner, took both Lori and Carl with him, willing to protect them in memory of his (believed) dead friend. The trio tried to go to AtlantaGeorgia, where the authorities had prepared a reception center for the refugee population. The big city was already overrun by zombies, and the army failed to contain the walkers, so Shane took Lori and Carl to a nearby camp, formed by a small group gathered around Dale Horvat‘s van. In the period spent in the camp, Carl started to dislike Shane, despite him being his savior, since he noticed the attentions of the man towards Lori. He also met Sophia Peletier, a girl almost his age, who became his “childhood girlfriend”; the two spent a lot of time together, under the surveillance of the women of the group, especially Andrea, who became Carl’s friend. Carl developed a deep bond with his mother, and the two often consoled one another in many situations.

When Glenn, the group’s scavenger, came back from Atlanta with an alive Rick, Carl finally saw his family reunited. His coldness towards Shane became even harsher, since he saw that Shane was now seeing his former partner as a rival to Lori’s attentions, despite the two had spent just a night together. Even if he was just a child, Rick, along with Shane, decided to teach Carl how to shoot, realizing that, in a world crowded with blood-thirsty zombies, it was indispensable to be able to protect oneself and the others. Carl proved to be a skilled shooter, and rapidly learnt to master guns and rifles. He proved his skills by saving Lori from a zombie, shooting it in the head from quite a distance. He also had to protect his father, when Shane, gone mad, tried to kill him: having followed the two men who were fighting, Carl saved Rick, and shot Shane in the neck, having him drown in his own blood. This event made Rick understand how much Carl had grown up, surely before time, and made him see him under a new light; the same happened with Carl towards Rick, but in a worse way: when the camp ended up being attacked and destroyed by walkers, resulting in many casualties between the survivors, the boy started to blame his father for his friends’ death, and started to believe that Rick was too weak to guide the group. The survivors, anyway, was forced to move, and faced many new threats, which costed them other casualties. Carl himself faced many desperate situations, and came close to be killed twice, every time by humans: when he was shot by Otis, a farmer who took him for a zombie, an occasion in which he was saved by Hershel Greene; and when he was shot in the head by Douglas Monroe, the leader of Alexandria Safe-Zone, a near fatal wound that took away his right eye and a piece of his face, and that didn’t kill him just because of the immediate intervention of doctor Denise Cloyd.

Carl Grimes is the normal child for an abnormal situation: hardened by his continuous experiences with death, he tries to hide his childhood to face the world as an adult would do. Serious and almost emotionless in presence of others, he cries every night for what he saw and what he was forced to do in desperate situations. With his father not being a guidance for him anymore, Carl is alone in a hostile environment, desperately aware of having only himself to rely upon.



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