Ace of Spades

Here’s the second member of the Royal Flush Gang as it has been portrayed on tv show Arrow, the Ace of Spades. In the episode Legacies, Ace’s real name was Kyle Reston, son of Derek, who became a bank robber after quitting high school, following his father’s footsteps. He was portrayed by Kyle Schmid. In the comics, his origin story is completely different…especially because, despite actually being some kind of Derek Reston’s son, the Ace of Spades is not even human!

In the original Royal Flush Gang, the place of Ace (in this case, Ace of Clubs) was taken by the leader and founder Amos Fortune. After some time, anyway, Fortune got incarcerated, and the rest of his team remained without a leader. The situation changed the moment an unknown man took up the mantle of Ace and, after changing the card seed from clubs to spades and supplying the team with new technology, such as the Gang’s trademark hoovering cards, guided them for some time. The Gang didn’t like the new Ace at all, and, after some failed robberies, left him by himself. It was quite clear, at this point, that the Royal Flush Gang needed a good Ace to actually do something in the criminal world. The solution came with Hector Hammond, a powerful telepath who named himself the Wild Card: wanting to form another, more powerful version of the Royal Flush Gang (the first one had gone missing and, above all, it was far too weak to compete against the powerful heroes of the Justice League of America), Hammond kidnapped and brainwashed the industrialist Derek Reston, a brilliant engineer, and forced him to build for him a powerful android. Thanks to Reston’s technology, the robot was advanced enough to pass as a human being, and Hammond used it to recruit a new Gang. The Ace android was remotely controlled by Derek Reston himself, who proceeded to find a new KingQueenJack and Ten for the team. The Ace of Spades, introducing himself as Derek Reston, was believed to be human by everyone, his teammates included, and led them in their first robberies. During a fight with the Justice League, anyway, Black Canary destroyed the android with her Canary Cry (her super-powered scream), while Elongated Man dealt with Reston. After discovering their leader was an android, the Gang disbanded.
Some times later, anyway, the Ace android was replaced with a human, Ernest “Ernie” Clay, who didn’t last long as the new Ace of Spades. Despite his exoskeleton, which granted him super strength and durability, he was quite a disappointing addition to the team. The King of Spades, who meanwhile had taken the leadership of the Gang upon himself, decided that the android option was really the best one, and proceeded to have another robot built. The new Ace of Spades was much bigger and more muscular than the previous one (nobody had to believe he was a human anymore), losing in human appearance, but gaining a lot in super strength. As a real “ace up the sleeve”, the android was used as a trump card when the team wanted to have more power, or had to retreat and needed someone (or something) covering their escape. From that moment on, a lot of Aces of Spades followed one another: despite being very powerful, none of them were a match for heroes like Superman or Booster Gold (who holds the record of destroyed androids: five for the first one, three for the second one), and they always ended up in pieces on their first assignment.

From being the leader of the Royal Flush Gang, the Ace of Spades has become the secret weapon of the team, to be used in emergency situations. With a considerable amount of super strength, an incredible durability and the undeniable advantage of the lack of a conscience, the Ace of Spades is a powerful asset for one of the most feared team of robbers in the DC universe.



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