Emil Hamilton

Emil HamiltonFirst of all, Merry Christmas to everybody!! My personal gift (maybe you didn’t want it, but I don’t care) is the last character from the Man of Steel trailer: Professor Emil Hamilton, who will be portrayed by Richard Schiff (from now on, I’ll be on vacation, until new characters show up somewhere or new requests arrive). Professor Hamilton already appeared in two tv series, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, in which he was a brilliant scientist who cloned Al Capone, and in Smallville, in which he became a cast regular, a doctor specialized in alien organisms. He was portrayed by John Pleshette in the first one, and by Alessandro Juliani in the second. In the comics, he’s always a scientist, but I can assure you that he never even thought about cloning Al Capone.

Emil Hamilton had always been a scientific genius: he overcame university in no time, becoming one of the most renowned names in many scientific fields, from mechanics to physical science, from biology to engineering. The government soon hired him, and he found a job in the S.T.A.R. Labs, one of the best private research organizations. As a genius, he developed many exceptional works, but professorhamiltoncomics1became mad the moment he realized that all of his work had been sold to billionaire Lex Luthor, who took credit for the inventions. Because of his madness, Hamilton lost his job and was put inside a mental health facility, in which he was cured. Deeply disappointed with the research field, he decided he would have worked alone, trusting nobody. He hid in the Suicide Slums, the ill-famed area of Metropolis, and built a lab in an abandoned warehouse. Working in the Slums, Professor Hamilton ended up meeting the city’s protector, Superman, who immediately guessed the man’s genius and made him his personal scientific adviser. With time, thanks to Superman’s nature and deeds, Hamilton came to trust humanity once again, and, from that moment on, he considered Superman his best friend, helping him anytime he was requested to, and many other times the hero didn’t need to ask. Among the inventions Hamilton provided Superman, there was a Phantom Zone Projector, a weapon that could imprison the Man of Steel’s enemies in the dimensional prison discovered by Jor-El, many Superman Robots, mechanical sentinels programmed to replace the original Superman when he was missing, and many other tools.

If, in a certain sense, Superman had saved Hamilton’s life, the professor did the same for the hero in more than one occasion. When Mr. Mxyzptlk took away Superman’s powers, Hamilton created many devices that could imitate his original powers, thus permitting him to be still a hero until the moment he took his powers back. He also helped Superman’s clone, Superboy, to imitate the original X-Ray vision, granting him a special visor. When Superman battled the invincible creature Doomsday, Hamilton tried to help him shooting the beast with a laser cannon professorhamiltoncomics2of his invention, failing to stop it; when Superman fell dead, he tried to reanimate him, but, failing again, was overwhelmed with guilt for letting his best friend die. He was clearly overwhelmed with joy when the hero came back from the dead, and put himself at his service once again. Emil Hamilton also helped Superman in exposing Lex Luthor’s evil nature, identifying him under the events that brought a mysterious plague on Metropolis. When one of Luthor’s weapons, a hallucinogenic gas, spread all over the city, Hamilton managed to blow it away, but was shot to his left arm by a terrified citizen in the process; his arm was lost, but he built a mechanical one in substitution, thus remaining on the field.

Emil Hamilton is an absolute genius, with a deep knowledge over mostly every known science, and even some of the unknown ones. His friendship with Superman has opened many new doors to him, and his studies on Kryptonian physiology allowed the world to defend itself against criminals such as General Zod and other Kryptonians. His incredible mind is unfortunately held by a fragile psyche, and folly is never too far from Hamilton’s destiny.


Perry White

Perry WhiteAlmost at the end of the list of characters appeared in the last Man of Steel trailer: this time, we’re speaking of Perry White, portrayed on screen by Laurence Fishburne (who’s the first Afro-American version of the character). Perry is one of Superman‘s most popular minor characters, and appeared in every single live action version of the Man of Steel (with the only exception of the Superboy tv series, in which he was replaced by a son, T. J. White). From Pierre Watkin to John Hamilton, from legendary Jackie Cooper to Lane Smith, with the latest additions from Smallville and Superman Returns (respectively Michael McKean and Frank Langella), Perry White has had many faces, but let’s see what his comicbook one looks like, despite it has been rebooted at least four times (I’ll just write about my favorite one).

Perry White’s childhood surely wasn’t an easy one. He was born in Metropolis, in the city’s worst area, nicely called the Suicide Slum. He found himself alone when his father went missing overseas, and learnt to take care of himself. He became the only and best friend of another young one from the Slums, Alexander “Lex” Luthor. Growing up, the two of them took different roads, but both promised each other that they would have become something better than what their actual life promised to them, and in a certain sense they both kept their word. Perry was hired as a copy boy at the perrywhitecomics1important newspaper Daily Planet, and the job allowed him to live without a father taking care of him; after some years, he became a young reporter. Investigating some racial crimes, Perry went to the small town called Melonville, where he met Franklin Stern, a young and talented student who was about to head off for Harvard Business School and that was investigating on his own about the disappearance of several members of his family. Perry and Franklin didn’t get along well at first, but things changed the moment White saved Stern from a beating coming from the Aryan Brotherhood. The two young men started working together, and soon discovered a racial nightmare, in which the local members of the Brotherhood kidnapped and killed many black men trying to transform them, through so-called scientific and eugenic experiments, into “supermen”. Perry White’s article (ironically called Supermen Plot Foiled) led to the arrest of the entire group, won him his first (but surely not last) Pulitzer Prize and created a strong friendship between him and Frank Stern. From that point on, his career in journalism became an all-ascending road, and he soon arrived to be Daily Planet’s editor in chief.

Perry White found a good girl he fell in love with, Alice Spencer, and the two formed an inseparable couple. The problem was, also Lex Luthor liked Alice. When Perry sailed overseas to report a war, Lex made Alice believe that her beloved boyfriend was dead, and, while comforting her, he slept with her. Coming back from the war, Perry found out that Alice had betrayed him, and that Lex, not happy with just ruining his sentimental perrywhitecomics2life, was attempting to shut down the Daily Planet, since he had become a media mogul and wanted to erase the competition. Perry managed to save his journal, but (it was the least!!) his friendship with Luthor ended once and for all. With time, he forgave Alice (it wasn’t her fault, after all) and ended up marrying her; the two had a son, Jerry (who in reality was Luthor’s biological son), who would have become Perry’s pride and joy (until he was killed by a gang). Perry and Alice would have (much) later adopted an orphaned boy, Keith Robert. His work with Daily Planet became the center of Perry’s life, an incredibly stressful job, but extremely satisfying. Perry hired some of the best journalists he ever met, such as a teenager Lois Lane, or the apparently goofy countryman Clark Kent, making the Daily Planet one of the best newspapers in the world.

Perry White is a hard working man, with a strong moral code and a precise idea about journalism, which he sees as a means to serve the people. Despite he’s often angry and mostly shouts instead of speaking, he’s a good man, an example for all his employees and one of the best journalists ever lived.


General Zod“Kneel before Zod!!!!” I think everyone has heard at least once this line in his/her life. General Dru-Zod has become quite a remarkable villain especially after Terence Stamp‘s portrayal in Superman: The Movie and Superman II, so in the next Man of Steel the new actor, Michael Shannon, will have to do quite a job to make the audience forget Stamp. Zod also appeared in the long-running tv series Smallville, this time portrayed by Callum Blue (who sometimes imitated Stamp’s version of the character). So, let’s see together who he is in the comics.

A direct descendant of Admiral Zod, one of Krypton historical heroes, General Dru-Zod served as the leader of the military security defense of the Kryptonian Science Council, an important and enviable position. He had always been faithful to his duty, so, when scientists Jor-El and Non made their research about the forthcoming destruction of the planet, Zod, accompanied by his generalzodcomics1lieutenant Ursa, broke into their lab and arrested them for heresy (declaring that the Council had missed something as important as a global catastrophe was pure blasphemy, and moreover the scientists was creating panic among the population). Soon after the arrest, anyway, Zod learnt that Jor-El was right, and decided to support him and Non informing the population. When Non was lobotomized by the Council, Zod lost a precious ally and a friend, and decided to start a violent rebellion against the Council itself. Jor-El was a pacifist, and didn’t support Zod’s initiative, while the General had already put up his mind that violence was the only solution left to save the planet and avenge Non. Along with Ursa, Zod broke into the Council chambers and slaughtered five members of the government, but he was arrested before he could complete his quest. With the little influence he was left with, Jor-El convinced the remaining Counselors to spare Zod’s life, demanding and obtaining, for him and his accomplices, exile. Before being sent to the dimensional prison known as the Phantom Zone, Zod, seeing Jor-El as a coward for his stubborn refusal of joining his cause, swore vengeance against the whole House of El, with the popular words: “You will kneel before me, Jor-El. Both you and one day… your heirs!” Ironically, it was Jor-El’s decision that saved the lives of Zod, Ursa and Non, since, while they were trapped in the Phantom Zone, Krypton exploded, leaving but one survivor: baby Kal-El, son of Jor-El.

While in the immaterial Phantom Zone, Zod and Ursa found a fragment of Fort Rozz, a Kryptonian prison, floating in their jail: the structure was there due to a projection error, and inside it Zod and his allies were able to maintain a generalzodcomics2physical form. Taking advantage of this unexpected situation, Zod and Ursa conceived a son, Lor-Zod, a real Kryptonian born inside the Phantom Zone. Zod wasn’t interested in a family, and abused his son often, seeing him only as a vessel for his freedom. When the boy grew up, in fact, Zod built a rocket for him and sent his son to Earth with it (on Earth he would have met Kal-El, now the hero known as Superman, but Kal-El became for Lor-Zod the father figure he never had, thus spoiling Dru-Zod’s plans). Using the track left by his son to escape, Zod and Ursa, along with Non, came out of the Phantom Zone, and immediately went to Earth, in order to take revenge on Jor-El’s son. Once there, the three Kryptonians easily overpowered Superman with their newly found superpowers and sent him to the Phantom Zone in a cruel retaliation. With its most powerful hero missing, Earth was easily enslaved, and Zod started to rebuild Krypton on the planet. Something unexpected happened, as Lor-Zod betrayed his father and saved Superman, who managed to defeat the three Kryptonians thanks to the unforeseeable help of his nemesis Lex Luthor (who had a lot of anti-Kryptonian technology created for destroying Superman himself) and to send them back to the Phantom Zone. From that day, Zod had tried to take his revenge many times, representing one of the universe’s bigger threats.

General Dru-Zod is a strong and determined man, who strongly believes in a philosophy according to which the stronger ones are meant to rule over the weakest. Being a soldier, he doesn’t despise violence, quite the opposite, he considers it the best way to solve a problem. As a Kryptonian, Zod gains incredible powers under the radiations of a yellow sun, such as superhuman physical attributes (strength, speed, stamina, resistance and so on), flight, the ability of shooting heat beams from his eyes, freezing breath, and much more. Zod is also a well trained combatant (differently from Superman, who, growing up with his powers, never needed to learn how to fight) and a genius strategist. His violent and aggressive nature made Zod a formidable threat for all the known universe, a man with the same powers of Superman, without his moral code.

Jonathan Kent

Jonathan KentAfter Superman‘s mother, we’re now speaking of his father, Jonathan Kent, who will be portrayed in the upcoming Man of Steel by no less than Kevin Costner. Jonathan had fewer appearances than his wife, since in most of them he dies when Clark is still a young boy, leaving Martha a widow (it’s the case of Glenn Ford‘s version in Superman: The Movie, or even John Schneider‘s one in Smallville). In some of his comicbook alternate versions, he indeed dies before his wife, but in the mainstream one (now called New Earth) he lived much longer. Let’s take a look at his story.

Jonathan Kent was born in the 1920s, son of the farmer Samuel Kent, who had a farm in SmallvilleKansas. Despite now being a peasant family, the Kents could boast quite a great family tradition, being the descendants of the legendary Sir Brian Kent, better known as the Silent Knight in the Medieval Age (the Silent Knight was an incarnation of the Egyptian prince Khufu, who was cursed to be born in every century to love and lose his wife Chay-Ara: his modern incarnation is the archaeologist Carter Hall, aka the superhero Hawkman, so Superman and Hawkman are some sort of relatives). When his mother Eliza died, Jonathan became, along with his sister Sarah and his brother Harry, the major help to his father, despite being extremely young. When he was a teenager, he fell in love with a local girl, Martha Clark, but the two never managed to stay together during Jonathan’s youth. In 1944, Jonathan was old enough to enlist in the U.S. Army, and left Smallville to fight in World War II. During a mission, he was captured by Japanese soldiers, and was declared missing in action. He managed to survive, anyway, and to come back home on his own. Back in Smallville, anyway, Jonathan found out that Harry had died, and that Martha had married rich businessman Daniel Fordman. He clearly was sad because of it, but decided to respect Martha’s decision, jonathankentcomics1concentrating on his farm. When he knew Kent was alive and back from the war, Fordman asked him for a personal meeting, during which he told Jonathan that he was dying from cancer, and that he wanted him to take Martha away, knowing that the two were in love before she believed him dead, and wanting to spare her the sight of him dying. Jonathan refused, not wanting to break a marriage. Soon after, when Daniel died, Martha was free to start where she left with Jonathan, especially after she left all of her husband’s fortune to his sister Eliza, who wanted to cut her out of Daniel’s will. She was able to be with Jonathan, and some months later, they got married, and she moved at Kent Farm with him (Samuel died, and Jonathan inherited the farm).

Jonathan and Martha had a beautiful life together, but they suffered greatly when they tried to form a family of their own. After some miscarriages, Jonathan had Martha see a doctor, Smallville’s Doc Whitney, who told them they would have always been unable to conceive. Although Jonathan put up with his impossibility of being a father, Martha kept praying God for a miracle. Two years later, during the worst blizzard Smallville had suffered in over one hundred years, Jonathan and Martha were driving back home after being in the city, when they were caught in the middle of a massive meteor shower. A big asteroid crashed near Jonathan’s truck, and he decided to go and see it. In the middle of the crater, Jonathan and jonathankentcomics2Martha didn’t find a rock, but a rocket, with a baby inside of it. Clearly surprised, they decided to take him with them after a brief discussion, during which Martha pointed out that the child was clearly an answer to her prayer. Jonathan and Martha adopted the alien baby, called him Clark and raised him as he was their own. Jonathan taught Clark a strong sense of morality, and when he manifested prodigious powers coming from his alien inheritance, he helped him to control and hide them, at first, and to secretly use them for good under the identity of Superboy, later. He and Martha were overwhelmed with joy when their boy became a famous journalist for the Metropolis newspaper Daily Planet and the most loved and famous superhero of all time, in his Superman identity; Jonathan also befriended immediately his daughter-in-law, Lois Lane, finally enjoying the beautiful family life he had always wanted.

Jonathan Kent is a good man, with grounded values and a good sense of morality. Because of a life spent working, he has a strength superior to the average men of his age, and remembers some of his soldier training from the ’40s, thus rarely helping his son with the most human of his adversaries. Jonathan is the perfect father for the perfect son, and a loving husband for his loving wife: they form the ideal American family, for Jonathan a dream come true.

Martha Clark

Martha KentWe keep writing about the characters seen in Man of Steel trailer: today it’s Martha Kent‘s turn. Superman‘s putative mother will be portrayed in the new movie by Diane Lane, but she’s been many other actresses, both famous and not, in the years, appearing with her son in most of his portrayals. From Phyllis Thaxter to Eva Marie Saint, from K Callan to Annette O’Toole, many actresses nursed Earth’s mightiest hero as a child: let’s see who Martha Kent (or Martha Clark, with her nubile name) is in the comics.

We don’t know much of Martha Clark’s life before marriage. We just know that she always lived in SmallvilleKansas, and that she met Jonathan Kent when she was a young girl. The two fell in love, and soon after, with Martha’s parents’ permission, of course, they got married. Martha, now Mrs. Kent, moved to Kent Farm, helping her beloved husband in his daily work as a farmer. Jonathan and Martha soon discovered that they couldn’t conceive children of their own, but the woman, marthakentcomics1deeply religious, prayed every day for a miracle that could grant her and her husband a son. Actually, her prayer seemed to be listened: a day like any other, while Jonathan was driving down a country road with Martha at his side, the couple witnessed a violent meteor shower. Curious about what was happening, Jonathan drove the truck near the biggest crater, but at its center he didn’t find a rock: it was a space rocket. When it opened, Martha saw that a baby was inside the ship, and discharging Jonathan’s worries, she decided that the baby was a gift from heaven. She convinced Jonathan to take with them the child (they couldn’t just leave him in the middle of a cornfield!), and he agreed, happy for the finding. He also took away the ship, which they put in their storm cellar back to the farm. Jonathan and Martha prepared the adoption papers, and named the baby Clark Kent, giving him Martha’s surname as a first name.

The years passed, and the boy grew up: Jonathan and Martha immediately realized he wasn’t like all the others (besides, he fell from the skies on a space ship), since he started to develop amazing powers from his very childhood. He was extremely strong and fast, soon he learnt how to fly, and how to shoot heat beams from his eyes. Despite having a child that resembled more a god or a monster than a boy, Martha loved Clark with all her soul, and gave him all the affection and warmth he could desire. While Jonathan tried to teach him how to control his powers and especially how to keep them secret from everyone else (they didn’t want their child to be taken away by scientists or the army to be studied and experimented on), Martha educated him with a strong marthakentcomics2sense of morality, teaching him what’s right and what’s wrong and how to be a good person. It’s thanks to Martha’s love that Clark grew up to be a good man and Earth’s greatest hero. When Clark decided he could use his powers to protect the world, Martha designed and made his first costume, directly contributing to the creation of Superman. She always followed her boy’s life, and was overwhelmed with joy and pride hearing of the great deeds he was doing all around the world, but was even happier the moment he married a beautiful and good girl, journalist Lois Lane. Martha helped other Kryptonians, such as Kara Zor-El/Supergirl and Clark’s clone Kon-El/Superboy, teaching them how to conciliate their incredible powers with a human morality. She also welcome at Kent Farm the super-dog Krypto, since he was destroying Clark’s apartment with his powers.

Martha Clark-Kent is, above all, a good woman, a person with a lot of love to give and a wisdom born from a solid education. She’s one of the main pillars in Clark’s life, and she has always supported him in both his lives, as Clark Kent and as Superman.

Lois Lane

Lois LaneAfter overlooking Superman‘s parents, let’s speak of his eternal love, Lois Lane, comics’ most famous love interest, who’s been, in the many live action appearances she collected over the years, his girlfriend, wife and even lover. In the upcoming Man of Steel, Lois will be portrayed by Amy Adams, clearly in a pre-marriage version of the character. The tough journalist is one of the major elements in Superman’s mythology, and has appeared along him almost every depiction of the hero, but her most famous portrayal is possibly Margot Kidder‘s one, who gave her an enjoyable neurotic character; many other actresses have donned Lois’ tailleur, from Kate Bosworth to Erica Durance, from Noel Neill to Teri Hatcher. Let’s see who she is in the comics.

Lois Lane was the eldest daughter of Ella and Sam Lane. Her father, an army general, wanted two sons, and didn’t care much of the fact that the sons he was promised were actually daughters, so he raised Lois and her sister Lucy as they actually were males, arriving to the point of training them in armed and unarmed combat (a skill that would have proved useful in the future, but was quite odd at the beginning). Because of Sam’s soldier life, Lois used to travel a lot when she was a kid, and moved from a place to another with her family, never settling down. This made her become very independent and self-reliant, anloislanecomics1 uncommon girl with a strong character and a stubborn attitude. When she was fifteen, the Lane family moved in a military base near Metropolis, the biggest city in USA. In Metropolis, she approached Perry White, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper Daily Planet, who Lois had met once when she was visiting the journal’s building with her class. Lois, lying about her age (she told Perry she was eighteen), asked him for a job, but her brilliant plan was thwarted by Lucy, who came with her and told Perry her sister’s real age. Lois was clearly sent away, but she managed to overhear some journalists who were speaking of White’s desperate desire of having a scoop about Lex Luthor, Metropolis’ new celebrity. Lois, who didn’t surrender at all, escaped from her house during the night (a house that was inside a military base, so the task wasn’t an easy one at all) and sneaked into Luthor’s tower (another hard task). In Luthor’s office, Lois managed to steal some files, but was caught by the tower’s owner, who just scolded the child and sent her away. Perry White, knowing what Lois did, was so impressed that he decided to giver her a job, despite her very young age, and that proved to be one of the rightest choice of his life, since Lois soon grew up to be one of Daily Planet’s best reporters ever.

The biggest story Lois had ever covered fell literally from the sky. While she was flying on the new experimental shuttle Constitution as one of the test passengers, an incident occurred, and the space cruiser started to fall on Metropolis. The tragedy was foiled by a flying man, who grabbed the shuttle in mid-air and made it land smoothly and safely. Lois tried to reach him, but he flew away before she could even speak to him. Back to the Daily Planet, Lois wrote an article about the incident, in which she named her unknown savior “Superman”, a name that he would have loislanecomics2become famous with all over the world. Superman became an obsession for Lois, and she tried to have an exclusive interview with him many times, but always failed, until the day she faked a car accident to get his attention. The expedient succeeded, and Lois had her interview, but back at the Planet she learnt that a newcomer, Clark Kent, had beaten her on time. This event at first put a professional enmity between Lane and Kent, but with time the two became good friends, and even started dating. With many superheroes showing up, Lois became an expert in the field, and was among the very first humans to visit Themyscira, the Amazons‘ kingdom. With the years, Lois also became a media enemy of Lexcorp and of its CEO, Lex Luthor, and she managed to expose many illegal deeds of the corporation, putting in danger the Planet many times in the process. After some time together, then, Clark Kent finally proposed to her, and she agreed to become his wife; willing to share his life with her, Clark also revealed Lois that he was Superman. She accepted her husband-to-be dual identity, and from that moment on (after a brief time in which she tried to use her position of Superman’s wife for getting the best scoops) she helped Clark to keep his identity secret the best she could.

Lois Lane is an incredibly strong and determined woman, a girl who is used to fight for everything she wants since she was a child. She has a nearly infallible reporter instinct, and her boss, Perry White, forgives her many professional misdeeds because of her indubitable talent and honesty. She’s deeply in love with her husband, Clark Kent, aka Kal-El, aka Superman, and learnt to live well with being married of a super-powered alien from another world. With a deep sense of duty and a strong belief in the power of journalism, a tough character and a true affection towards her friends and family, Lois Lane is one of the best citizens Metropolis has ever had.


AmyThird and last part of SleepingDead‘s request: in The Walking Dead episode Hounded, Rick speaks on the phone with a young woman, who will be revealed to be Amy. Amy, as well as Jim, was a character from Season 1, and she was portrayed by Emma Bell. The sister of Andrea, Amy has been cited in many episodes since her premature demise, and she’s be haunting her sister’s memory for three whole seasons. Even in the comics, she’s been present for a very brief time, but let’s try to summarize her story.

Like in the tv series, Amy was Andrea’s little sister, and the two of them shared a very deep relationship. Every year, as some sort of ritual, Andrea enjoyed to take Amy to the college by car, thus instituting what they called “bonding trips”. Amy was a junior in Physical Education, and she wanted to become a teacher, having always been good with children. It was during one of these sisters’ trips that Andrea’s car broke down in the middle of the road, and the two were prevented to proceed. They waited for someone to cross their path, so that he or she could help them with the car, but they received the surprise of their life when an old man, going to Atlanta, informed them of the hell that had been unleashed on earth while they were busy with their little car trip: the zombie apocalypse had begun, and many cities and towns were already crowded with dead people who enjoyed feasting on the living’s flesh. amycomics1Despite being skeptical at first, the two sisters joined the man, called Dale, on his RV and followed him to Atlanta, which was supposed to be a safe zone. Amy had her first evidence of the truth of Dale’s stories in the city, where she watched horrified as zombies were already invading the so-called safe city. Amy, Andrea and Dale moved in the city’s outskirts in search of a shelter, and established a campsite in the nearby countryside. In no time, many other survivors gathered around Dale’s RV, and the group become quite a considerable one in a few days.

When Shane Walsh, a (former) policeman took the lead of the group, everyone among the survivors received a task, and, considering Amy’s skills, she was entrusted with the children’s care. She became some sort of older sister for the four children present at the campsite: Carl Grimes, son of Lori and of her missing husband Rick, Sophia, daughter of Carol Peletier and her deceased husband, and Ben and Billy, the twin sons of Donna and Allen. In the time spent in Atlanta’s outskirts, everyone slept where they could find place, and most of the survivors had a tent or something; Amy and Andrea began to be very nice with Dale, thus convincing him to let them sleep with him in his RV. This “immoral” behavior scandalized Donna, who was a fervent Christian, thus putting an enmity between her, the sisters and Dale; this feeling diminished the moment Dale saved the woman from a zombie who had managed to reach the campsite, but, despite this, Donna amycomics2never approved Amy’s and Andrea’s way of acting (the fact that, in that days, Andrea and Dale developed a close romantic relationship only worsened everything). Anyway, apart from Donna, Amy was well-liked by everyone, and her kindness and her good character helped her to become friends with almost everyone in the group, while for the quiet and reserved Andrea it was much harder to integrate. She also managed to gain Donna’s respect and affection when, following her incident, the girl took care of Ben and Billy waiting for her recovery. One night, anyway, a group of zombies arrived at the camp, unseen: Amy, who had gone in the wood for a pee, was attacked the moment she came back, and bitten to the neck. She died for the blood loss in no time. Andrea, stating that her sister didn’t want to come back as a monster, shot her corpse’s head, thus preventing her to come back; during Amy’s funeral, everyone remarked their sorrow for her death.

Amy is a nice and cheerful girl, a pleasant company for everyone and a loving sister for Andrea. Her open and sunny character has always allowed her to become friends with everybody, a trait that she doesn’t share with her older sister.