Judith Grimes

Judith GrimesFinally, in The Walking Dead episode When the Dead Came Knocking the little baby Grimes has been named, so we can be pretty sure she’s the same character from the comics (it wasn’t a given thing, considering the many changes the show brought to the original story). So, today we’re speaking of the very very very very young Judith Grimes, portrayed on screen by an unnamed, beautiful baby. You’re warned: huge spoilers ahead, if you just started to read the comic series, or you want to do it in a near future, do not proceed.

The birth of Judith Grimes wasn’t exactly the quietest possible. First of all, she was the first newborn baby of Rick Grimes‘ group in the post-apocalypse world, and that makes it difficult from the beginning. The positive thing about it, according to her parents Rick and Lori, was that, being born in a world infested by zombies, maybe, growing up, she would have accepted it as normal, not having a memory of a world in which the dead stayed dead, and so she would have not lived in fear like her parents and brother and friends. Another delicate trait in her birth was represented by her doubtful fatherhood: in the time Rick was in a coma, Lori had a brief affair with his best friend, Shane Walsh, thus leaving a doubt on which one, between Rick and Shane, was the natural father of young Judith. Anyway, Lori’s pregnancy became a common concern for every member of the group, and everyone did his or her best to take care of the woman; Lori herself tried not to be a burden to everyone else, and was more than active in taking judithgrimescomics1care of the group. Rick forbid to anyone to make mention of the possibility of Shane being the biological father of the newborn, and declared that he would have accepted the child as his own son or daughter. So, the moment arrived when Lori went in to labor: the group had gathered in West Georgia Correctional Facility, simply known as The Prison by the survivors. In here, the birth started at evening, and everyone did his own part to help Lori and the baby: since light was needed and the generator was low on gas, Dale and Billy siphoned gas from the cars parked outside the prison, while Alice and Hershel delivered the baby. A beautiful female was born, and Rick and Lori called her Judith.

Surely, Judith immediately had a harsh confrontation with the world she was born in, since one of her first “tasks” as a member of the group was to share her room (a cell, actually) with the wounded Dale, who had been bitten by a walker to the hankle and had his leg amputated by Rick to have his life judithgrimescomics2saved. Judith was quite welcome by the rest of the group, especially by her brother Carl, who really liked and loved her; actually, he was a little bit jealous of her, since she didn’t have memories of a different world, and she would have adapted to the new one better that he’d never do. Despite the general situation of crisis, Judith managed to live for a while in tranquility, with a beloving father and mother and a lot of friends ready to take care of her. She became the symbol of hope, the hope of seeing a future even in complete despair, a future at the end of the world. Clearly, she was unaware of this, but she became a pillar for the mental health of the whole group. Good things must come to an end, even if some do it far too soon. Rick’s group had come across a psycho dictator, who called himself the Governor and ruled the seemingly paradisiac community of Woodsbury. When the Governor learnt of the Prison’s existence, he wanted it for himself, and started a massive attack against Grimes and his group. During the siege, when things started to go badly, Rick tried to save his family, and snuck out of the Prison along with his wife and children. The Governor saw them fleeing, and ordered a member of his army, Lilly Caul, to shoot them. Lilly shot Lori in the back, not seeing that she was holding a newborn baby in her arms: the gunshot killed Lori, who fell on Judith, crushing her and putting an end to her young life.

Surely, we cannot say that Judith Grimes has been a deep and fundamental character in the series, but, in the small time she lived, she gathered in herself all of the love, the hope, the will of a better life of the entire group. She represented a possible future, a future, maybe, dead with her.



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