DonnaSure, in The Walking Dead mid-season finale Made to Suffer the authors introduced a lot of new characters, the majority of which came directly from the comics. Before speaking of the main one, Tyreese, I’d like to spend some words on Donna, portrayed by Cherie Dvorak. She appeared briefly in the show, and it’s unlikeable that she’ll appear ever again, but in the comics she’s been part of the main group for a while, despite being a minor character. And she wasn’t as pretty as Cherie Dvorak, this little is certain.

Donna lived in GainesvilleGeorgia, a place she was born and raised up in. It’s not specified when she met her husband, Allen, but it’s quite clear that he’s been the only man in her life. Despite she was eight years older than him, the two got married and lived together for a while, before having two children, twins: Ben and Billy. She didn’t work and stayed a housewife for all her life, leaving Allen be the breadwinner for the family. In her house, anyway, Donna was surely the supreme commander, since she took every decision for the family, leaving to Allen only the financial administration of it; this wasn’t some sort of tyranny, quite the opposite: it created a balance that made their marriage be happy for some years, and had Ben and Billy grow up with a strong mother figure, in a healthy environment, with strong principles and values being taught to them. Being a Christian, Donna always took particular care in the moral education of her children, and her husband didn’t have much voice in it, even if he always agreed with the values passed on to their children and really appreciated what Donna always did for their family. donnacomics1Their normal life was sharply interrupted by the zombie apocalypse, which ruined Donna’s peaceful life. She and her husband decided to move to Atlanta, following the authorities’ alert.

Once in Atlanta, Donna, Allen and the children soon found out that the city wasn’t a safe place anymore, and started searching for a shelter. They found it on the outskirts of the city itself, in a campsite born around the RV of an old man, Dale Horvath. The four of them settled with the rest of the group, which started to become quite a large one, and everyone (but the children, of course) found a way to help. Donna was the only woman displeased with her tasks, which consisted of doing the washup for everyone, cooking and taking care of the children: despite having been a housewife even in her life before the epidemic, she claimed that in the group the jobs had been assigned according to the stereotypical view on females from the men’s part, and this made her angry. Nevertheless, she did anything she was asked, and limited herself in occasional shouts against the male dominion even in times of crisis. She proved herself to be a reliable worker, and taught also some of the other women how to properly do the jobs she’s been used to all her life. She befriended particularly Lori and Carol, and the three of them formed some sort of best friends trio that lasted for a while. Being a staunch Christian, anyway, Donna didn’t like at all the way donnacomics2someone in the group was living; in particular, she had something to say about the old man Dale living together with the young sisters Amy and Andrea, something that she considered a real scandal. She didn’t change her mind, but became less single-minded when Dale saved her from a premature end, the moment she was attacked in the forest by a walker. Debtor to the old man, she didn’t scold him anymore about his way of living.

Donna is surely a strong and self-confident woman, some sort of matron who perfectly knows how  to handle herself and her family. Among the group’s women, she’s the one with the stongest and more dominant personality, and sometimes she speaks in delegation of all the other female survivors. Quite a rare trait, she’s possibly the only member of the casual team who really loves everyone else: she proved to be really attached to every single member of the group, and to be sincerely worried for everyone’s problems.



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