TyreeseAgain with The Walking Dead, today, and we’re speaking of the main character introduced in the episode Made to Suffer: the fan-favorite Tyreese, protrayed on screen by Chad Coleman. In the show, he’s been showed as the leader of another small group of survivors, accompanied by his sister Sasha, an original character portrayed by Sonequa Martin-Green. In the comics, Tyreese has no sisters, and he’s been one of the main characters in the series for a lot of time. Let’s see better…

So, prior to the zombie apocalypse, Tyreese was a pro in the National Football League, and played at the end of the ’90s in an unspecified team. Due to a injury, anyway, he was forced to leave sport, and he retired. This proved to be not such a disgrace for Tyreese, who now had time to spend with his beloved wife and his daughter, Julie. He started to work as both a bouncer and a car salesman to win some bread for his family, thus managing to earn their living despite not being a pro player anymore. We tyreesecomics1don’t know if his wife died prior to the outbreak or immediately following it, but, being it the first way or the second, Tyreese suddenly found himself alone with his daughter, in a world crowded with flesh-eating zombies. Being considerably strong, he managed to keep his daughter and her boyfriend, Chris, safe, and protected them from the undead. He also had to protect them from other living people: once, at the very beginning of the hell they would have learnt to call life, Tyreese and Julie searched for supplies in a store near their home, and the vendor, a man they had known for all their life, tried to rape Julie, since he didn’t fear rules or laws anymore, in a world turned a living cemetery. He had to fear parental love more than laws, actually, since Tyreese himself killed him while protecting Julie. This event deeply disturbed the man, who started to wonder what kind of humanity would have survived in a place in which everyone was a potential monster, living or dead may it be. Unable to stay in the city anymore due to lack of food and supplies, Tyreese decided to start wandering in search of a safer place with Julie and Chris. With the strength and durability coming from his athlete’s past, Tyreese, armed with just a hammer (his trademark weapon), kept alive and well what little remained of his family for all the time they spent on the road.

It was outside Atlanta that Tyreese’s small group met the larger one led by former sheriff Rick Grimes. Tyreese immediately prooved himself to be useful to the group, putting his strength to everyone’s service and helping the tyreesecomics2others to remove obstacles and to kill zombies on the road. His presence contributed to the group’s morale, since, tall and muscular, he gave everyone a sense of safety, despite everything. After Shane‘s death, Rick trusted him to the point of making him his “right hand man”, and the two of them became friends; Tyreese and Rick were very similar, so sometimes they clashed because of some issues that put the common traits of their character in disagreement. During the time with the group, Tyreese grew a deep affection towards Carol Peletier, a woman from the Atlanta group, and they became a couple. He proved himself to be an awful marksman with any kind of fire weapon, but ultimately his prowess in physical combat made him a more than reliable member of the group in fighting zombies nevertheless. Being Julie the only member of his family left, he grew overprotective with her, thus starting to dislike Chris; when the two teenagers got closer in intimacy, and started to seek time and spaces to be alone (especially during their time at Hershel‘s Farm), Tyreese got more and more worried about his daughter, and tried to prevent her to become too attached to Chris…obviously failing in his attempt. An oveprotective father, sure, but the following events proved him to be right, since, once arrived in the Prison, Julie and Chris tried to commit suicide together, shooting each other at the same time. Chris was scared and too hasty, and killed Julie before she could shoot him: finding them, Tyreese was overwhelmed by grief. He hugged his daughter’s corpse and held her crying, without realising she was transforming into a walker. Only Chris’ intervention saved him from being eaten alive by his own daughter, but Tyreese, not grateful at all, killed the boy with his bare hands. That was the first moment Tyreese fell to the new world’s bad influence, while his strong personality had saved him from depression and madness during the months before.

Strong, reliable, wise and helpful, Tyreese has been one of the happiest additions to Rick’s team. With his physical prowess he’s able to protect himself and the other survivors from external threats such as zombies and hostile humans, while his charismatic personality makes him a good leader and a moral guidance for everyone. When the group decided to have more than one person leading the group, since the pressure was too much for Rick alone to bear, Tyreese was one of the people chosen for the “leading committee”, along with the wise old men Hershel and Dale. Sure, Tyreese has his fears and his weaknesses, but he knows well enough that he has to hide them and to use them for the better good to make the others feel as comfortable and safe as they can in the post-apocalypse world.



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