AllenToday we go for another character from The Walking Dead, one of the new ones introduced in the mid-season finale Made to SufferAllen, portrayed by Daniel Thomas May. In the show, he briefly appeared trying to save his wife Donna from a walkers‘ bite, and didn’t have such a big part. At least, not for now: it’s presumable that he’ll have more space in the following episodes of the season. As for us, let’s see who he is in the comics’ series.

Like in the tv show, Allen was the husband of Donna. The two of them lived in GainesvilleGeorgia, and Allen was deeply in love with his eight years senior wife. He didn’t have voice inside the family, willingly leaving the “rule” of the house to Donna. His duty was to take care of the financial issues of the family, and he was quite satisfied with it. He worked as a shoe seller inside Gainesville’s mall, and despite giving his best to the job, that wasn’t quite a good one to pay the bills with. In a way or the other, Allen’s family managed to go on, and even when he had two twins from Donna, Billy and Ben, he remained the one and only bread-winner, making a living out of his work despite the low incomes. Everything changed when the dead began to rise: Allen and Donna immediately decided to leave Gainesville and to go to Atlanta, following the authorities’ advices. Luckily for them, they arrived late enough to see that the city wasn’t a safe place at all, and stayed away from it, searching for a shelter in the nearby outskirts. When their car broke in the middle of the street, Allen was lucky enough to meet a small group of survivors, namely GlennAmyAndrea and Dale Horvath, that allencomics1welcomed them in their campsite. While Donna joined the other women of the growing group in doing average small jobs for everyone, Allen took the defense of the survivors upon himself along with the other men.

More than the other males in the group, he proved to be lazy to say the less, and refused to practice his shooting with the others, pretending to stand guard while the others were training; in reality, he was enjoying his time sitting on the RV’s roof avoiding to walk to the shooting ground. It was during one of his duties that Donna, coming back from the washing up, was attacked by a walker: he tried to save her shooting the zombie in the head, but didn’t manage to have a clear shot. Luckily for Donna, Dale was nearby, and the old man saved her chopping the zombie’s head. Allen just comforted his scared-to-death wife after the accident, getting some satisfaction in dealing the final blow to the still-living chopped head. From that moment on, Allen understood far too well that not even the campsite was a safe place, and decided to protect his family, no matter what, being on the lookout from that moment on. After a second attack to the group from the walkers, Allen and Donna took care of one of the victims, Jim, and cured him when he developed a fever following a zombie’s bite. After burying the dead ones (and leaving Jim out to become a zombie according to his allencomics2own desires), Atlanta’s survivors moved away under Rick Grimes‘s lead, and Allen and his family started to travel on Dale’s RV. There’s no safe place in a post-apocalypse world, but the group didn’t seem to know this, yet. So, when they arrived at Wiltshire Estates, they felt like being in heaven. During an exploration, while she was searching for a residence for her family, Donna, who didn’t have her gun with her (Allen told her to wait for Tyreese to bring it back, but she was impatient and felt safe in a gated community), was attacked and killed by a zombie. Allen shot the one who bit his wife’s face, but many others arrived from the houses; while he was ready to let the walkers eat him, allowing him to reach his beloved wife, Rick convinced him to survive for his twins’ sake. From that moment on, anyway, his mental health began a serious deterioration.

Allen is a good man, always willing to help the best he can and sincerely caring for other people. He’s deeply in love with his wife Donna, and has sworn to protect her and their children from any arm; it’s Donna’s death that undermines his will to live, and transforms him into a gloomy, depressed man from the cheerful and smiling one he used to be. Somewhere deep in his psyche, the old Allen survives and strives to emerge to take care of the twins, but his grief may be greater than his love for Ben and Billy.



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