Martin N. Somers

Martin SomersWell, it seems that I missed another comicbook character appeared in Arrow in one of the first episodes, Honor Thy Father. This time it’s one of the villains, Martin Somers, portrayed on screen by Ty Olsson. In my defense, I can say that the character only appeared in one issue, and wasn’t easy to track back. Anyway, here he is. In the show, he’s a corrupt businessman affiliated with the Chinese Triad and allied to its leader China White. In the comics, he never met China, but was in league with another villain appeared in the show…

The first thing about the tv version of the character is true also for the comics’ one: Martin N. Somers was a corrupt businessman indeed. He was the president and CEO of Elevast, apparently a normal and honest company specializez in civil engineering and construction, which made quite a name for itself in Star City. martinsomerscomics1The problem was, Elevast and Somers weren’t normal or honest at all. A common way of dealing affairs for Somers, in fact, was to forcibly evict residents who happened to live in the site of the hotels Elevast proposed to build on. Clearly, in case the residents refused to leave their houses, Somers proceeded to have them threatened, scared, beaten, and ultimately killed. His “violent negotiations” went mostly unnoticed (or unspoken), and Somers managed to transform Elevast in one of the biggest corporations in Star City. Good things never last, not even for bad guys, and the day came in which someone squealed on Elevast. The voices reached Joanna Pierce, a lawyer, the lead attorney for the Lamb Tenants Associations. This legal practice was financed by billionaire Oliver Queen, who started a philanthropic policy; in the time Queen helped Lamb Tenants, he also befriended Joanna.

As you can perfectly understand, Martin Somers was a man without half-measures, and the presence of a law firm biting on his trails was a risk he wasn’t disposed to take. One thing he was absolutely not short of was money, so he could afford the best of the best, in this case the best killer on market. Somers hired Constantine Drakon, the infamous Greek assassin, to take care of Joanna Pierce, eliminating the most direct threat to his activity. Drakon was already martinsomerscomics2known to be an infallible professional, and even in this case he didn’t let down the expectations: despite being protected by Green Arrow, Star City’s superhero and secret identity of Pierce’s friend Oliver Queen, Joanna was killed. This could have been the end of Somers’ problems, but for a little detail he neglected to consider: Green Arrow wasn’t the only superhero watching over Joanna. She was, in fact, the niece of Jefferson Pierce, who happened to be the superhero Black Lightning. Apart from a real bad attitude, Jeff Pierce was famous for his trademark ability to create bolts of lightning, and Somers had to prove in first person the effectiveness of his superpowers: enraged for his beloved niece’s death, Black Lightning hit Somers with a bolt, killing him instantly. In reality, it was later discovered that the finishing blow was dealt by Deathstroke, who had been hired by a rival to kill Somers, but the mercenary found it interesting to see what could happen to the hero after he believed himself responsible for a murder, and let Pierce take the blame for the killing.

Martin N. Somers is a wealthy and unscrupulous man, who is ready to sacrifice anything and anyone for a reasonable profit. His only language and belief is money, and he acts on consequence… without realizing, most of the times, that the world is full of people that base their actions on something else.


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