Brian Nudocerdo

Commissario Brian NudocerdoThe Arrow mid-season finale Year’s End, apart from confirming that the “real Merlyn” is the father, Malcolm, also intrudoced a new character, Commissioner Brian Nudocerdo, portrayed by Robert Moloney. In the episode, he appeared only to attend Moria Queen‘s dinner and to scold his subordinate Quentin Lance about the policy towards the two archers in town, but in the comics he’s been a minor villain for quite a time, in a way that I think will be explored in the tv show as well.

Commissioner Brian Nudocerdo is the chief of Star City Police Department, a role that allowed him to enter in contact with many big time and small time criminals. Instead of arresting them and putting them in jail, as he was supposed to do, Nudocerdo found it much more rewarding to allow them to bribe him, thus becoming one of the richest man in Star City. His “clients” inclueded almost every criminal in the city, from the big corrupt businessmen to the street gangs, the drug dealers and even some snatcher, whoever could afford his price. His actions led him in direct collision with Star City’s new mayor, Oliver Queen, who couldn’t stand his clear corruption and his pride in being a dishonest man. Queen and briannudocerdocomics1Nudocerdo often clashed, but from the commissioner’s side it was never a clean fight: trying to clear a path for his own candidacy for mayor, Nudocerdo exposed Queen as the financier of the Outsiders, a group of mercenaries from Markovia, in Eastern Europe, whose actions had been oftentime questionable. Queen couldn’t just explain that he was the Green Arrow and was financing the group once led by his friend Batman, and that he had joined the Outsiders to free Roy Harper from Constantine Drakon, a man who had been freed by Nucerdo himself from Alcatraz along with another infamous killer and mercenary, Deathstroke. Nudocerdo’s plan ultimately failed because of the intervention of Queen’s many friends, and his mayor run was cut off, at least for the moment.

The greatest victory Commissioner Nudocerdo obtained against his all-time rival Oliver Queen was when the vigilante Green Arrow killed the supervillain Prometheus, who destroyed much of Star City itself and maimed Roy Harper cutting one of his arms off. After a deep psychosis, and after a killing spree that involved also Mia Dearden, the new Speedy, Green Arrow understood he was walking the wrong path and turned himself in. It was Nudocerdo’s pleasure to arrest the self-confessed criminal and to unmask him publicly, revealing to everyone that Green Arrow was in fact Star City’s former mayor, Oliver Queen. Despite the jury didn’t find Queen guilty, Nudocerdo pressed the judge enough to have him overruling the verdict, and sentenced the hero to an everlasting exile from what little remained of Star City. With his enemy gone forever, Commissioner Nudocerdo allied himself with the city’s new mayor, Altman. Publicly, the two of them put an effort to ribuild the city and briannudocerdocomics2make it as bright as it was before Prometheus’ attack; secretly, he was working to rebuild his underground empire. Everything got much more complicated the moment Green Arrow came back in the city, this time as an outlaw. During a fundraiser, which both Nudocerdo and Altman attended to, it appeared that someone had stolen all the food: the culprit was Green Arrow himself, who, as a modern Robin Hood, distributed the stolen food among the people who had become homeless after the supervillain’s attack. The very next day, Nudocerdo’s car was stopped by a construction worker: impatient and enraged for the delay, the commissioner started yelling at the worker, who replied by slitting his throat, killing him instantly. The worker was in reality the assassin Nix, who had been paid by new Queen Industries‘ CEO, Isabel Rochev, to press on Altman and to make him accept the Royal Guard, a private force of police trained by Queen Industries.

Brian Nudocerdo is an unscrupolous and perfidious man, a disloyal public officer who sees his chair just as a means to obtain power and wealth. He has alliances with some of the most powerful criminals in and outside Star City, but he’s playing a game much more dangerous than what he thinks, and he avoided stepping on a bigger treath than himself only by chance.


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