Lois Lane

Lois LaneAfter overlooking Superman‘s parents, let’s speak of his eternal love, Lois Lane, comics’ most famous love interest, who’s been, in the many live action appearances she collected over the years, his girlfriend, wife and even lover. In the upcoming Man of Steel, Lois will be portrayed by Amy Adams, clearly in a pre-marriage version of the character. The tough journalist is one of the major elements in Superman’s mythology, and has appeared along him almost every depiction of the hero, but her most famous portrayal is possibly Margot Kidder‘s one, who gave her an enjoyable neurotic character; many other actresses have donned Lois’ tailleur, from Kate Bosworth to Erica Durance, from Noel Neill to Teri Hatcher. Let’s see who she is in the comics.

Lois Lane was the eldest daughter of Ella and Sam Lane. Her father, an army general, wanted two sons, and didn’t care much of the fact that the sons he was promised were actually daughters, so he raised Lois and her sister Lucy as they actually were males, arriving to the point of training them in armed and unarmed combat (a skill that would have proved useful in the future, but was quite odd at the beginning). Because of Sam’s soldier life, Lois used to travel a lot when she was a kid, and moved from a place to another with her family, never settling down. This made her become very independent and self-reliant, anloislanecomics1 uncommon girl with a strong character and a stubborn attitude. When she was fifteen, the Lane family moved in a military base near Metropolis, the biggest city in USA. In Metropolis, she approached Perry White, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper Daily Planet, who Lois had met once when she was visiting the journal’s building with her class. Lois, lying about her age (she told Perry she was eighteen), asked him for a job, but her brilliant plan was thwarted by Lucy, who came with her and told Perry her sister’s real age. Lois was clearly sent away, but she managed to overhear some journalists who were speaking of White’s desperate desire of having a scoop about Lex Luthor, Metropolis’ new celebrity. Lois, who didn’t surrender at all, escaped from her house during the night (a house that was inside a military base, so the task wasn’t an easy one at all) and sneaked into Luthor’s tower (another hard task). In Luthor’s office, Lois managed to steal some files, but was caught by the tower’s owner, who just scolded the child and sent her away. Perry White, knowing what Lois did, was so impressed that he decided to giver her a job, despite her very young age, and that proved to be one of the rightest choice of his life, since Lois soon grew up to be one of Daily Planet’s best reporters ever.

The biggest story Lois had ever covered fell literally from the sky. While she was flying on the new experimental shuttle Constitution as one of the test passengers, an incident occurred, and the space cruiser started to fall on Metropolis. The tragedy was foiled by a flying man, who grabbed the shuttle in mid-air and made it land smoothly and safely. Lois tried to reach him, but he flew away before she could even speak to him. Back to the Daily Planet, Lois wrote an article about the incident, in which she named her unknown savior “Superman”, a name that he would have loislanecomics2become famous with all over the world. Superman became an obsession for Lois, and she tried to have an exclusive interview with him many times, but always failed, until the day she faked a car accident to get his attention. The expedient succeeded, and Lois had her interview, but back at the Planet she learnt that a newcomer, Clark Kent, had beaten her on time. This event at first put a professional enmity between Lane and Kent, but with time the two became good friends, and even started dating. With many superheroes showing up, Lois became an expert in the field, and was among the very first humans to visit Themyscira, the Amazons‘ kingdom. With the years, Lois also became a media enemy of Lexcorp and of its CEO, Lex Luthor, and she managed to expose many illegal deeds of the corporation, putting in danger the Planet many times in the process. After some time together, then, Clark Kent finally proposed to her, and she agreed to become his wife; willing to share his life with her, Clark also revealed Lois that he was Superman. She accepted her husband-to-be dual identity, and from that moment on (after a brief time in which she tried to use her position of Superman’s wife for getting the best scoops) she helped Clark to keep his identity secret the best she could.

Lois Lane is an incredibly strong and determined woman, a girl who is used to fight for everything she wants since she was a child. She has a nearly infallible reporter instinct, and her boss, Perry White, forgives her many professional misdeeds because of her indubitable talent and honesty. She’s deeply in love with her husband, Clark Kent, aka Kal-El, aka Superman, and learnt to live well with being married of a super-powered alien from another world. With a deep sense of duty and a strong belief in the power of journalism, a tough character and a true affection towards her friends and family, Lois Lane is one of the best citizens Metropolis has ever had.


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