Martha Clark

Martha KentWe keep writing about the characters seen in Man of Steel trailer: today it’s Martha Kent‘s turn. Superman‘s putative mother will be portrayed in the new movie by Diane Lane, but she’s been many other actresses, both famous and not, in the years, appearing with her son in most of his portrayals. From Phyllis Thaxter to Eva Marie Saint, from K Callan to Annette O’Toole, many actresses nursed Earth’s mightiest hero as a child: let’s see who Martha Kent (or Martha Clark, with her nubile name) is in the comics.

We don’t know much of Martha Clark’s life before marriage. We just know that she always lived in SmallvilleKansas, and that she met Jonathan Kent when she was a young girl. The two fell in love, and soon after, with Martha’s parents’ permission, of course, they got married. Martha, now Mrs. Kent, moved to Kent Farm, heping her beloving husband in his daily work as a farmer. Jonathan and Martha soon discovered that they couldn’t conceive children of their own, but the woman, marthakentcomics1deeply religious, prayed every day for a miracle that could grant her and her husband a son. Actually, her prayer seemed to be listened: a day like any other, while Jonathan was driving down a country road with Martha at his side, the couple witnessed a violent meteor shower. Curious about what was happening, Jonathan drove the truck near the biggest crater, but at its center he didn’t find a rock: it was a space rocket. When it opened, Martha saw that a baby was inside the ship, and discharging Jonathan’s worries, she decided that the baby was a gift from heaven. She convinced Jonathan to take with them the child (they couldn’t just leave him in the middle of a cornfield!), and he agreed, happy for the finding. He also took away the ship, which they put in their storm cellar back to the farm. Jonathan and Martha prepared the adoption papers, and named the baby Clark Kent, giving him Martha’s surname as a first name.

The years passed, and the boy grew up: Jonathan and Martha immediately realized he wasn’t like all the others (besides, he fell from the skies on a space ship), since he started to develop amazing powers from his very childhood. He was extremely strong and fast, soon he learnt how to fly, and how to shoot heat beams from his eyes. Despite having a child that resembled more a god or a monster than a boy, Martha loved Clark with all her soul, and gave him all the affection and warmth he could desire. While Jonathan tried to teach him how to control his powers and especially how to keep them secret from everyone else (they didn’t want their child to be taken away by scientists or the army to be studied and experimented on), Martha educated him with a strong marthakentcomics2sense of morality, teaching him what’s right and what’s wrong and how to be a good person. It’s thanks to Martha’s love that Clark grew up to be a good man and Earth’s greatest hero. When Clark decided he could use his powers to protect the world, Martha designed and made his first costume, directly contributing to the creation of Superman. She always followed her boy’s life, and was overwhelmed with joy and pride hearing of the great deeds he was doing all around the world, but was even happier the moment he married a beautiful and good girl, journalist Lois Lane. Martha helped other Kryptonians, such as Kara Zor-El/Supergirl and Clark’s clone Kon-El/Superboy, teaching them how to conciliate their incredible powers with a human morality. She also welcome at Kent Farm the super-dog Krypto, since he was destroying Clark’s apartment with his powers.

Martha Clark-Kent is, above all, a good woman, a person with a lot of love to give and a wisdom born from a solid education. She’s one of the main pillars in Clark’s life, and she has always supported him in both his lives, as Clark Kent and as Superman.



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