Emil Hamilton

Emil HamiltonFirst of all, Merry Christmas to everybody!! My personal gift (maybe you didn’t want it, but I don’t care) is the last character from the Man of Steel trailer: Professor Emil Hamilton, who will be portrayed by Richard Schiff (from now on, I’ll be on vacation, until new characters show up somewhere or new requests arrive). Professor Hamilton already appeared in two tv series, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, in which he was a brilliant scientist who cloned Al Capone, and in Smallville, in which he became a cast regular, a doctor specialized in alien organisms. He was portrayed by John Pleshette in the first one, and by Alessandro Juliani in the second. In the comics, he’s always a scientist, but I can assure you that he never even thought about cloning Al Capone.

Emil Hamilton had always been a scientific genius: he overcame university in no time, becoming one of the most renowned names in many scientific fields, from mechanics to physical science, from biology to engineering. The government soon hired him, and he found a job in the S.T.A.R. Labs, one of the best private research organizations. As a genius, he developed many exceptional works, but professorhamiltoncomics1became mad the moment he realized that all of his work had been sold to billionaire Lex Luthor, who took credit for the inventions. Because of his madness, Hamilton lost his job and was put inside a mental health facility, in which he was cured. Deeply disappointed with the research field, he decided he would have worked alone, trusting nobody. He hid in the Suicide Slums, the ill-famed area of Metropolis, and built a lab in an abandoned warehouse. Working in the Slums, Professor Hamilton ended up meeting the city’s protector, Superman, who immediately guessed the man’s genius and made him his personal scientific advisor. With time, thanks to Superman’s nature and deeds, Hamilton came to trust humanity once again, and, from that moment on, he considered Superman his best friend, helping him anytime he was requested to, and many other times the hero didn’t need to ask. Among the inventions Hamilton provided Superman, there was a Phantom Zone Projector, a weapon that could imprisonate the Man of Steel’s enemies in the dimensional prison discovered by Jor-El, many Superman Robots, mechanical sentinels programmed to replace the original Superman when he was missing, and many other tools.

If, in a certain sense, Superman had saved Hamilton’s life, the professor did the same for the hero in more than one occasion. When Mr. Mxyzptlk took away Superman’s powers, Hamilton created many devices that could imitate his original powers, thus permitting him to be still a hero until the moment he took his powers back. He also helped Superman’s clone, Superboy, to imitate the original X-Ray vision, granting him a special visor. When Superman battled the invincible creature Doomsday, Hamilton tried to help him shooting the beast with a laser cannon professorhamiltoncomics2of his invention, failing to stop it; when Superman fell dead, he tried to reanimate him, but, failing again, was overwhelmed with guilt for letting his best friend die. He was clearly overwhelmed with joy when the hero came back from the dead, and put himself at his service once again. Emil Hamilton also helped Superman in exposing Lex Luthor’s evil nature, identifying him under the events that brought a mysterious plague on Metropolis. When one of Luthor’s weapons, a hallucinogenic gas, spread all over the city, Hamilton managed to blow it away, but was shot to his left arm by a terrified citizen in the process; his arm was lost, but he built a mechanical one in substitution, thus remaining on the field.

Emil Hamilton is an absolute genius, with a deep knowledge over mostly every known science, and even some of the unknown ones. His friendship with Superman has opened many new doors to him, and his studies on Kryptonian physiology allowed the world to defend itself against criminals such as General Zod and other Kryptonians. His incredible mind is unfortunately held by a fragile psyche, and folly is never too far from Hamilton’s destiny.



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