Cyrus Gold (Solomon Grundy)

solomongrundyfilmGoing on with casualgamer‘s request, we meet the second villain revealed to be in Injustice: Gods Among Us, the hulking Solomon Grundy. He made his first live action appearance in the tv special Legends of the Superheroes, portrayed by Mickey Morton; in this version, he ruined the party for a retired superhero challenging the guests with clues following which the Justice League would have avoided a bomb explosion. He also appeared, very briefly, in Smallville, portrayed by John DeSantis. In the episode Prophecy, he’s revealed to be a member of Marionette Venture (some sort of Injustice Society), and he’s assigned by the Toyman to kill Black Canary. In none of these versions he’s been portrayed in a way true to his comicbook counterpart: let’s see who this maxi zombie is.

Surprise surprise: Solomon Grundy’s story has been retold more than once in the years, with his origins having been changed many times after every major event in DC Universe. One thing is for certain: Grundy’s true name is Cyrus Gold, and, before becoming the hulkling zombie we all know and love, he was a rich merchant from Gotham City, who lived at the end of the XIX century. There are many stories regarding how Gold ended up being killed in the Slaughter Swamp, a marshland not too distant from Gotham. Someone says Gold was killed during a robbery, and his body left rotting in the swamp; some others claim that a local prostitute, Rachel Rykel, accused Gold to be the father of her son, and that when the merchant refused to listen to the girl and to pay the money she asked him, Rachel’s pimp killed him and threw his body in the swamp, where nobody could have ever found him; some others say that Cyrus Gold solomongrundycomics1was a perverse pedophile, reached and killed by a furious mob at the Swamp. Where the truth lies, nobody knows, but something is for certain: Cyrus Gold didn’t stay dead. Even the reasons for his resurrection are clouded in mystery, and many have attempted an explanation: someone believes that Gold’s new life is the result of some voodoo-like curse, some others believe that the Slaughter Swamp is composed by unique detritus made of magical and chemical substances that interacted with Gold’s body making him come back to life; Ra’s al Ghul believed that Gold had fallen into a Lazarus Pit, a source of immortality that he himself used many times in the centuries, while the Parliament of Trees claimed to be responsible for Gold’s resurrection, having attempted to turn him into their Plant Elemental, failing the process that would have been successful years later with Alec Holland, aka Swamp Thing. Being one or another, it’s a fact that Cyrus Gold came back to life in 1944, with absolutely no memory of his previous life, without remembering his own name or who he was at all. The first humans he met in his life were two escaped criminals, who were hiding in the Swamp: he killed them and stole their clothes, then he came back to the city. In here, he met some tramps, who welcomed him around a fire; when one of the hobos asked him his name, the undead replied he could only remember he was born on Monday, at which the man replied “Like Solomon Grundy, dat noisery rhyme guy!”. The zombie liked the name, and took it as his own from that moment on.

In the city, Solomon Grundy, strong, unstoppable, with almost no mind and surely no conscience, started a criminal spree that attracted the attention of Green Lantern, the superhero identity of Alan Scott, at that time. The two fought, but Grundy proved to be an opponent too powerful for Scott: being dead already, he was unkillable, at least by conventional means, and his body was soaked with substances from the swamp, and the Lantern’s Power Ring was ineffective against wood. At the solomongrundycomics2end of their first fight, Grundy apparently killed Green Lantern, while the superhero in reality chose to retreat disappearing in a green flash: the monster liked the light, and started a killing spree, hoping to see again the green flash everytime he killed somebody. When Green Lantern came back, the two fought again, and this time, Scott imprisoned the monster under a train. Grundy came back many times, fighting the entire Justice Society of America even single-handedly, and the superheroes managed to defeat him only by exiling him on the moon, where he remained several years. Grundy always managed to come back, and he started to hunt his hometown Gotham City, inhabiting its sewers. He fought the new city’s protector, Batman, many times, and he arrived to the point of befriending the ex district attorney Harvey Dent, prior to his definitive transformation into the villain Two-Face, and helped him slaughtering the Falcone family. He also traveled outside of Gotham, reaching Metropolis, where he fought SupermanOpal City, where he befriended the hero StarmanStar City, where he fought Green Arrow, and many other places. With no mind of his own, he was often used by other criminals as a powerhouse in some evil teams, such as the Injustice Society, the Secret Society of Super-Villains and many others.

No more Cyrus Gold present here, only Solomon Grundy: Grundy is a mindless monster with a violent and brutal attitude, an immortal being who wreaks havoc wherever he goes. Everytime Grundy’s body is destroyed, he’s revived again the Slaughter Swamp, and every incarnation of him differs in powers, personality and intelligence from the previous, sometimes even showing a heroic character. Grundy always possesses a great strength, but, if sometimes his strength has been just the one of five or ten adults, some others he has been able to even surpass Superman and to defeat him in combat. He also possesses some unique toxins in his body, which allow him to resist to most of plant-based powers (as Poison Ivy discovered when she tried to mind-control him with her hypnotic kiss, being knocked out in result) and to kill any plant with a simple touch. He is also able to absorb and manipulate various amount of energy, but his always-low intelligence makes him unaware of this power, and he uses it only accidentally, being much less powerful that what he could be if he was smarter.



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