Garfield Lynns (Firefly)

fireflyfilmNow I’m taking a break from the Injustice request, since Arrow is finally back! And this week’s episode Burned introduces another character that DC comics’ readers should know well: the pyromaniac villain Firefly, portrayed by Andrew Dunbar. In the show, we’ve seen that the man is Garfield Lynns, a former fireman who, after an incident during which he was presumed to be dead, came back from the flames, severly burned, and started killing his former colleagues for revenge, burning them alive. Now, surely Firefly in the comics is a pyromaniac, but he’s never been a fireman, and vengeance has never been his aim while burning things. Let’s see who Garfield Lynns is in the comics…

Just as everyone else, Firefly got rebooted at least a couple of times, after many major events in the DC Universe. Anyway, his story is easier to tell than someone else’s one. Garfield Lynns was a special effects expert in Gotham City, with a specific ability in light effects fireflycomics1and in fire, of course. An economical chrisis fell upon Gotham, and many people lost their job: Garfield was among them, and entered poverty from a day to another. He decided the only solution to his situation was to turn to criminality, and so he did. Thanks to his skills, he faked a fire in a theatre hoping to rob it, but was stopped by Batman and Robin, who thwarted his plan. He escaped in the darkness, with Batman chasing him (not a pleasurable experience, indeed). Hidden in the shadows, Lynns waited for the inevitable, but Batman saw a firefly in the distance and, believing it was Lynns’ cigarette he was looking at, he followed that instead of the criminal. Garfield found the episode amusing, and decided to take the insect’s name as his own: that very night, the Firefly was born. Following his first, faked crime, the Firefly began to actually burn buildings, becoming a professional arsonist; he even built an equipment for himself, which consisted in a jetpack, that allowed him to fly away from the places he burnt in no time, and a flamethrower, his new best friend. What began as some sort of hobby soon evolved into an obsession, and Lynns became a true pyromaniac, who set on fires since he could “see visions in the flames”. The jetpack, from being a means to actually escape fires, became an instrument to better admire them from a safe place, granting Lynns the perfect position to fully apreciate his own work.

At the beginning of his criminal career, Firefly teamed up with another insect-themed villain, Killer Moth. This curious “dark Dynamic Duo” was meant to replicate the much more succesfull one of Batman and Robin, just in a criminal way, but Killer Moth fireflycomics2soon realized how much his partner had fallen into folly, and abandoned him to his own destiny, breaking their short-lived alliance. Firefly continued a solo career, going from obsession to obsession. Once he decided to burn down every single place he couldn’t visit as a child, in order to erase from history his bad childhood memories. When Bane helped him escape from Arkham Asylum along with many other psychos, Firefly started his personal burning campaing, managing to destroy his first two targets. At the third one, Gotham Zoo, he was eventually stopped by Batman, who defeated him and unmasked him for the first time. He tried again to burn Gotham, but ended up being surrounded by the fire he himself started, and got severly burned, with more than 90% of his body covered in scars. After that incident, he was sent to Blackgate Prison, where he first met Nightwing: he decided to kill him and to wear the hero’s skin over his own burnt flesh, but his project was luckily foiled. Firefly advanced in his criminal career when the new Black Mask (who was in reality Jeremiah Arkham) recruited him in his new villain team, granting him new technology to conquer Gotham for him. Firefly defied his new boss’ orders, using the chemicals he was given to build microchips that, inserted into Gotham’s citizens, made them burn from the inside; his “art” was once again stopped by Batman.

Garfield Lynns is a deranged and dangerous man, who gave up to madness and became completely fascinated with fire and flames, to the point of actually speaking with it. He believes fire holds mystical revelations for him, and tries to burn places and people to understand them. As the Firefly, Lynns has access to a vast amount of chemicals he uses to set things on fire, and wears a fireproof armor to be always in the center of his work. His most common weapon is a flamethrower, and uses a wings-shaped jetpack to move, being extremely fast and difficult to capture.



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