Diana of Themyscira/Diana Prince (Wonder Woman)

wonderwomanfilmToday we’re coming back to casualgamer‘s request, speaking about the last one of the characters revealed with Injustice: Gods Among Us first trailer: Wonder Woman. She surely was one of the most notorious characters from DC tv shows thanks to Lynda Carter‘s portayal from the 1970s series, but nowadays she’s going through a period of bad luck, with some projects announced and never started, and the discharged Wonder Woman pilot starring Adrianne Palicki. Before Lynda Carter, the character was portrayed by Cathy Lee Crosby in a television movie, but instead of the well-known amazon princess, she appeared to be some blonde spy with a lot of gadgets and superhuman agility. In the comics, she’s one of DC most iconic characters, and one of the most important in the continuity. Let’s see together.

Being one of the major characters in DC universe, Diana has also been one of the most retconned and rebooted characters. In her first appearance, she was an Amazon, a member of a women’s tribe located on Paradise Island, in the middle of an unspecified ocean. Daughter of Queen Hyppolite, she left her home when Steve Trevor, an America pilot, crashed on the island; Diana won in a competition the mission of taking him back to the world of men, and received by her mother a special dress and some magical weapons to bring peace and justice during World War II. While fighting evil, she hid among normal humans as the nurse Diana Prince. Her origins have been changed many times, and the (so far) final version changed something from the original. Paradise Island’s name was changed into Themyscira, a sacred land created by the Greek goddesses as a home for their latest creations, the Amazons. Amazons were a race of immortal women, whose body was inhabited by the souls of women killed by men. Their queen, Hyppolite, was the reincarnation of the first woman ever killed by a man; only a soul was left behind in the first generation of Amazons, and that soul was wonderwomancomics1Diana, the unborn daughter of Hyppolite’s precedent incarnation. After more than a thousand years of waiting, six Greek goddesses told Hyppolite to shape the figure of a baby from the clay. Everyone of them proceeded to bring the baby to life and to grant a gift for her: Athena, the goddess of war and of wisdom, granted her a wise mind and a courageous heart; Demeter, goddess of Earth and of harvest, gave her an incredible strength; Artemis, goddess of the Moon and of hunt, gave her a hunter’s heart and made her a friend for every animal; Hestia, goddess of every house and of the fireplace, blessed her with fire; Aphrodite, goddess of love, gave her beauty and love for every creatures; last came Hermes, the only male god allowed on the island: the messenger god gave the baby an amazing speed and the power of flight. The immortals then gave life to the clay baby, and Themyscira finally had the princess it deserved. Diana was raised as a warrior among a moltitude of sisters and mothers, and stood out in every discipline and field ever taught in Themyscira. Finally, the time arrived in which Hyppolite decided the island had to send an ambassador to Man’s World, a generic term for every place other than Themyscira; for that honor, a tournament was announced, but Diana was forbidden to participate. The princess disobeyed her mother and, under disguise, she entered the competition, vanquishing every challenger and earning her place in the outside world. In front of her daughter’s resolve, Hippolyte surrendered to her will, and allowed her to go. Diana was given the Lasso of Truth, a powerful weapon forged by the smith god Hephaestus and blessed with the Fires of Hestia: unbreakable and indestructible, the Lasso had the power of making anyone touching it telling and understanding the truth. Along with the Lasso, Diana had with her also the Bracelets of Submission, indestructible steel cuffs worn by every Amazon as a remind of the time during which they were slave to Herakles: in Diana’s hands, the bracelets became a formidable defense weapon.

Thanks to the Sandals of Hermes, Diana reached Man’s World in no time. In Boston, she met a Harvard professor, Julia Kapatelis, who, after the death of her husband David, lived alone with her daughter Vanessa. Julia, thanks to her knowledge of wonderwomancomics2languages, was able to understand Themyscirian, similar to a combination of Ancient Greek and modern Turkish, and befriended Diana, seeing her so lost and out of place in a world she didn’t know. Julia took Diana with her, and the girl learnt English in a few months. She also befriended Vanessa, who at the beginning was a little bit jealous of this new girl who won her mother’s love. It was during her time spent in Boston that she met her first enemy: Decay, one of the god of war Ares‘ minions. During a battle with Decay, she was seen for the first time as a superheroine by humans, and was given the name Wonder Woman by a journalist. Following Decay’s confession after their battle, Diana reached and defeated Deimos, god of destruction, and Phobos, god of fear, the sons of Ares, who were plotting to destroy the man’s world following their father’s orders. They were defeated, but at a cost, and Diana was forced to come back to Themyscira for healing. After been cured by the god of sea Poseidon himself, Diana immediately came back to Boston, and became famous as a powerful and rightfull heroine. She met many heroes from Earth, including the Justice League of America, which she would have become an important member of. She also met Earth’s more powerful protector, Superman, and she desperately fell in love with him, being him the only man completely just and pure she ever met. Diana decided that her mission was not just to be an ambassador on Earth, but a guiding light who could bring in Man’s World the peace and justice that ruled over Themyscira. She decided to be a superheroine, and started fighting evil in every form she saw it.

Diana of Themyscira, or Wonder Woman, is one of the most powerful heroes on Earth. She possesses the strength, speed, agility and stamina of a goddess, and has access to many mystical weapons, her personal favorite being the Lasso of Truth, the Sword of Haphaestus, which can cut through anything ever built or created splitting its very atoms, and her Boomerang Tiara, a razor-sharp throwing weapon. Diana has a strong sense of justice, a loving heart that feels pity for every creature and the necessary wisdom to use well her powers; anyway, she also has a warrior’s heart, and doesn’t avoid using violence when the situation requires it.



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  37. […] became her sister’s general, leading the army as Hippolyta led the country. She also acted as Princess Diana‘s mentor and trainer, teaching her everything she knew about fighting. When Diana was little […]

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