Richard John “Dick” Grayson (Robin)

robinfilmWell, in Injustice: Gods Among Us it has been confirmed that Dick Grayson will be a playable character, but under his Nightwing persona. Unfortunately, Nightwing never had a live action appearance, so, to be strict to my “rule”, I’ll just speak of his Robin identity, this way covering his origins too. casualgamer, I hope you won’t be too disappointed! Anyway, Robin has been a part of Batman‘s mythology from his very first live action appearance, being played in the first 1940s serials by Douglas Croft and Johnny Duncan. He reached some sort of popularity with Burt Ward‘s camp version in the Batman 1960s tv series, where he became famous for his unlikely one-liners (“Holy haberdashery, Batman!”). In the most recent adaptations, Chris O’Donnell took up the mantle of Robin in Joel Schumacher‘s movies, in a less silly version of the character. Joseph Gordon Levitt‘s Robin in The Dark Knight Rises appears to be a totally original character, not related to Dick. Let’s see who the Boy Wonder is in the comics.

Richard John Grayson, called simply Dick, was born of the first day of spring, son of John and Mary Grayson, the members of the acrobatic team The Flying Graysons. Since an extremely young age, Dick was trained in gymnastics and acrobatics, becoming the youngest member of his family’s show. They were the greatest attraction in Haley Circus, and made a name for themselves as the robincomics1greatest circus performers ever seen in Haley’s. While on tour, the Circus arrived in Gotham City, and business was fine as always. One of the first nights in the city, anyway, Dick, while training, overheard a conversation between the circus’ owner and some spiteful people, thugs from the local criminality. They were threatening the owner and trying to force him to pay them a percentage of his takings, but he forcibly refused, sending them away. Dick didn’t fully understand in that moment what the consequences of that act of rebellion could have been, but he would have soon. He didn’t even warn his parents about what was going on in the circus, not giving too much importance to the episode he witnessed. That same night, the Flying Graysons performed as always, with much of Gotham’s elite watching and applauding. Among the audience, there was also billionaire Bruce Wayne. Without being seen, the thugs had sabotaged the wires with acid, and Dick could only watch in horror as John and Mary fell to their death. Crying over their dead bodies, he felt responsible for the incident, since he didn’t tell anybody what he saw before the show. Orphaned, Dick was sent to an awful juvenile services house, where he was often beaten by other inmates. He was later sent to a Catholic orphanage, where he surely was safer, but alone nevertheless. And that’s when Bruce Wayne came into his life.

Wayne, for a reason Dick didn’t fully understand, chose to adopt him, and brought him to his own mansion. In here, Dick asked to be considered as a ward, since he didn’t want to replace his father. Wayne agreed, and allowed the child to go wherever he wanted inside the manor, under the caring attention of Alfred Pennyworth, his butler. Despite being the ward of one of the richest person in America, Dick felt more and more uncomfortable and frustrated because of the lack of attention his “benefactor” addressed to him, and decided to make something with his life by solving the mystery around his parents’ death. Escaping from Wayne’s Manor, Dick started to investigate on his own, but, during his personal hunt, he was found and stopped by Batman, the masked vigilante: he told the boy that the men who killed the Flying Graysons were on crime boss Tony Zucco‘s orders, and tried to convince him to let him do all the job. Clearly, Dick didn’t listen to him and went robincomics2alone to the circus, where he met Eddie Skeevers, one of Zucco’s associates who killed his parents. He tried to confront him on his own, but, after knocking down two of the mob’s henchmen, he was defeated and almost killed: only Batman’s intervention saved his life. Dick woke up in the Batcave, where Batman revealed him to be his adopter Bruce Wayne. Together, the two of them managed to frame Zucco for the Graysons’ murder and to send him to Blackgate Prison. After Zucco’s arrest, Bruce, seeing himself in the young orphan he had adopted, offered him to become his partner in crime fighting, an offer that Dick never thought to refuse. After an intense training, Dick became Robin the Boy Wonder, Batman’s sidekick and the second member of what would have been known as the Dynamic Duo. After two hard on-field exams, the first, unpredictable one that put him against The HangmanTwo-FaceThe Joker and many other deranged villains, and the second one, his final test, that saw him successfully eluding Batman for an entire night, hiding in Gotham’s streets, Robin eventually became a skilled vigilante and crime-fighter, the perfect ally for Batman’s not-anymore lonely crusade. With the years, he gained respect from the entire superhero community, becoming the leader of the Teen Titans, a group of teenager heroes.

Dick Grayson is a skilled athlete and hand-to-hand combatant, and a brilliant strategist, trained under the direct surveillance of Batman, one of the greatest martial artists in the world. Dick also learnt detective skills, chemistry, physics and many other useful abilities from his mentor. As Robin, he has complete access to Batman’s non-lethal arsenal, and disposes of his own themed gadgets. Dick is a mirror of Bruce Wayne: having witnessed like him his parents’ murder and having taken a deep thirst for justice out of it, he shares a bond of deep comprehension and understanding with his master and best friend, but is more than able to seek his own past out of Batman’s shadow.



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