Harold “Hal” Jordan (Green Lantern)

greenlanternfilmAlmost at the end of casualgamer‘s request, at least for now: one of the last characters officially confirmed for the upcoming videogame Injustice: Gods Among Us is Earth’s most famous and popular Green Lantern, pilot Hal Jordan. Jordan’s first live action appearance was in the tv special Legends of the Superheroes, in which he was portrayed by Howard Murphy; he put up a party for a retired superhero, but was attacked along with his fellow heroes by the Legion of Doom. The second and last portrayal of the character is Ryan Reynolds‘ not exactly acclaimed one in the recent Green Lantern movie; despite the film’s version of the character had many traits in common with his comicbook counterpart, it was far too comedic to be really something. Now, let’s see who Green Lantern is in the comics.

So, Hal, full name Harold Jordan, was born the son of Martin and Jessica Jordan, second of three children (his older brother is named Jack and the younger one Jim). His father, a test pilot for Ferris Aircraft, was Hal’s hero, and the child suffered a major trauma greenlanterncomics1when the man died in a plan crash right before his eyes. This event caused a real phobia in Hal, but, instead of keeping him away from planes and pilots, it moved him into embracing his father’s role. Going against the opinions of his entire family, Hal decided to become a pilot, and on the morning of his eighteenth birthday he joined the United States Air Force. He immediately showed a natural gift for flying, and in a few years he became one of the greatest pilots ever trained by the Air Force. After getting the licence, he got a job from Ferris Aircraft, the same company for which his father worked, managing to best his old man’s memory with his achievements. Every flight was a challenge to his inner fear, and this made Hal be far too reckless every time he flew, despite being the best one. He often clashed with his boss, Carol Ferris, a strong and authoritative woman in which Hal was interested beyond a professional level. He made some friends in Ferris Aircraft, first of all his mechanic, the Inuit Tom Kalmaku, who Hal mocked calling him Pie Face, but who he considered a real friend nevertheless, an intelligent and competent guy who saved him more than once from his own recklessness. Everything proceeded as normal, with Hal being an incurable and immature big boy, always searching for thrill, beautiful women and fun, trying to overcome the sense of inadequacy in filling his father’s shoes.

One night, something from outer space changed Hal’s life forever: the alien Abin Sur, a space cop from the Green Lantern Corps, was fatally wounded in a battle against the collective being known as Legion. Dying, Abin Sur landed in Californian desert, and his Power Ring selected a suitable successor for his role among the beings on the planet. Needless to say, the being in question was Hal Jordan. Jordan was chosen because of his incredible willpower, that made him overcome every day his fear of flight in a job that required flight only. Hal was explained the duty of a Green Lantern, and was granted Abin Sur’s Power greenlanterncomics2Ring, officially becoming his successor. As Hal would have soon learnt, the Green Lanterns were a corp of galactic police officers, who took an immense power from the cosmic beings known as the Guardians of the Universe and from their own will, which allowed them to materialize everything they could think of through their ring. Hal was assigned with protecting life in Sector 2814, but, before that, he went through an unexpected trial in a battle with Legion, who had followed Abin Sur on Earth. After defeating Legion, Hal was found worthy of being a Green Lantern, and was trained by some of the best members of the Corp, first of all Thaal Sinestro, who became his mentor. The most difficult duty Hal ever faced was to expose his own master, who had enslaved his home planet Korugar with fear: Hal battled Sinestro and won, and, after a trial, he who had been one of the most noble Lanterns was banished from the Corp and exiled in the Antimatter Universe, from which he broke free becoming a sworn enemy of the corps and of Hal Jordan in particular, using the yellow energy of fear for founding a new corp of ring-wielders. Hal became a famous hero on Earth, joining also the Justice League of America, but this attention to Earth almost costed him his place in the Corps, since he wasn’t allowed to prefer his homeplanet to the many other systems he had to protect in his sector. Hal’s life almost vanished, since being a Green Lantern was a duty that took all the time he could give it and more. From the reckless boy with no responsibility in life, being a space cop with billions of lives to protect surely was a big step.

Hal Jordan is, at first sight, an arrogant, reckless and immature guy, a ladies’ man who only thinks of fun and of enjoying life the best he can. In reality, he’s a righteous man, with an incredibly strong willpower and a natural sense of good and evil; even in the Green Lantern Corps, Hal follows most of the times his own conscience, without need of looking at rules and manuals, since he perfectly knows where the better good lies. As a Green Lantern, Hal uses his Power Ring as his main weapon, a mystical artifact that makes him able to fly and survive in open space, and that materializes everything his mind, powered by his willpower, can conceive. When the Ring goes out of charge, Hal uses his Lantern to refuel it, repeating his oath: “In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil’s might, beware my power, Green Lantern’s light!



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