Sal Bertolinni (Colonel Stars)

Colonel Stars and StripesOk, as someone made me notice, in these days the first official pic from the upcoming Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall was released! It sees our hero Kick-Ass speaking with another masked vigilante…who actually looks like Jim Carrey. The actor is indeed Carrey, and the character he’s portraying is Colonel Stars and Stripes, a true patriot, looking at his baseball bat. In the first movie, he was mentioned by Big Joe, when he said to his boss Frank D’Amico that Sal” was killed by Kick-Ass (it actually was Big Daddy doing all the killings). It seems he survived and changed life. In the comics, his story, and his name, are a little bit different. You’re warned, major spoilers may lay ahead (it depends on how much the movie is faithful to the comicbook).

Little is known about Sal Bertolinni‘s early past. He was born in an Italian-American family, traditionally linked to the organized crime’s world. Along with his inseparable brother, whose real name is unknown, he entered at the service of the Genovese Family as a simple goon, and helped Frank Genovese, the mob boss, to stabilize his power over New York City. Life proceeded all the same, between murders, intimidations, collecting protection money and other pleasantries. Sal became famous because of his enormous guard dog, Sophia, which he used for scaring Genovese’s enemies to death. He also trained her to attack an opponent directly at the testicles, ripping them of and eating them, quite a useful specialty in the mafia’s world. At a certain point, something unexpected happened in Sal’s life: he met Jesus. Both he and his brother became born-again Christians, finally believing in their family’s religion, and decided to repent for their sins and change life. They wanted to make amends for their guilts, but there were not so many ways for a mafia puncher to use his skills for good. Inspiration colonelstarscomics1came with city’s first real superhero, Kick-Ass, who gave both Sal and his brother an idea to change their lives once and for all. Sal created the masked identity of Colonel Stars, while his brother became Lieutenant Stripes. Together, they became a superhero duo ready to clean up the city from the criminals they called friends not so much time before.

In order to get some help in his crusade against evil, the Bertolinni brothers founded the first superhero group in town: Justice Forever. The group gathered some of the weirdest and fiercest vigilantes from New York: the grieving couple Rembering Tommy, the policeman Insect Man, the vengeful Night Bitch, the self-claiming professor Doctor Gravity and the completely useless Battle Guy. It was much to Bertolinni’s satisfaction that, soon after the beginning of Justice Society’s activities, Kick-Ass himself joined the group, helping them with one of their missions. Justice Society colonelstarscomics2attacked Mr. Kim, a pimp that kidnapped girls to turn them into prostitutes. The mission was a complete success, with Sophia performing her signature bite to make sure that Mr. Kim would have never been interested in women from that point on. Despite the great performance of the night, Kick-Ass noticed that Colonel Stars’ health wasn’t at its peak, maybe because of a degenerative disease the vigilante would have never made word of. Back to Justice Society’s hideout, alone, Bertolinni was the target of Red Mist‘s new “super” villains team, the Toxic Mega-Cunts. First of all, the criminals killed Sophia, then proceeded to destroy the hideout: for the last, they engaged Colonel Stars in battle, and subdued him thanks to their number. Bertolinni, whose health surely didn’t help him in the fight, got ultimately killed by Red Mist, becoming a martyr for the cause and a source of inspiration for every hero wannabe.

Sal Bertolinni is essentially a good man, even if he doesn’t despise violence. As a true Christian, he would never anyway kill anyone, and the guns he has with him are constantly empty, just a show-off to scare criminals. He has a good hand-to-hand combat training, and uses a baseball bat in combat as his main weapon. With a generous and gentle heart, Colonel Stars sees brutality as a necessary means to fight criminality, an unpleasant path that only the most wicked redemption-looking sinners like him should follow.



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