Mindy Macready (Hit-Girl)

hitgirlfilmAnother pic from Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall has been released, and, this time, it figures fan-favorite character Hit-Girl, the most badass child comics have ever seen. In the movies, she’s portrayed by Chloë Grace Moretz, and she’s the daughter of Damon Macready, a former police officer who, after being framed by mafia boss Frank D’Amico and spending some time in jail, and especially after his wife committed suicide while she was pregnant, decided to take care of his daughter (who survived the mother’s suicide) in quite an original way, training her to become a ruthless killing machine to use against gangsters. In the comics, her origins are extremely different from the movies’, and absolutely not so noble and dramatic.

Mindy Macready was indeed Damon’s daughter (even if in the comics his first name is never revealed), and she grew up believing that her father was a heroic ex police officer who had decided that law was far too a smooth weapon to fight criminality and gave himself to vigilantism. The reality was much different: Damon had never been a cop in his life, and actually kidnapped his daughter when she was little and brought her away from her mother (who later hitgirlcomics1married the detective in charge of Mindy’s recovery). Being a delusional and depressed comicbook fan, he trained his daughter from a very young age to be a skilled assassin and vigilante, and chose to target organized criminality in search of a “bad guy”; he justified his deeds claiming that he wanted his daughter to have an “interesting life”. Anyway, Mindy adored his father, and firmly believed in every word he ever told her. Since Damon told her that mafia had killed her mother, Mindy considered herself to be embarked into a mission of vengeance, and developed a deep hatred and resentment against criminality. Because of their “mission”, which actually involved murders quite often, the Macreadys were forced to be always on the move, traveling from one place to another without the possibility of settling down anywhere; this kind of life, beside strenghtening Mindy’s bond with her father, prevented her from having any kind of friendship or relationship outside her family, and this frustration only gave more strength to her hate and resolution in eradicating criminality from the face of earth.

Mindy Macready was trained since infancy in gymnastics and athletics, in martial arts and in swordsmanship, and she developed a natural attitude in the use of twin katanas, which became her trademark weapons. With the masked identity of Hit-Girl, she helped her father, who went under the name Big Daddy, in his “vengeful crusade”, part of a heroic and brutal masked duo. When the self-made superhero Kick-Ass showed up, Hit-Girl and Big Daddy were in activity since quite a time, but weren’t widely known at all because of the underground nature of their activities. One night, the duo was chasing a street gang, and finally found the thugs’ hideout: Hit-Girl hitgirlcomics2broke into their appartment just in time to save Kick-Ass’ life. Single-handedly, Hit-Girl mutilated and killed everyone in the room but the self-proclaimed superhero, who stared in shock to the small girl in front of him. Believing that Kick-Ass was an actual hero (she would have changed her mind soon after), Hit-Girl formed an alliance with him, and Big Daddy gave the boy the instruments to keep in contact. This proved to be a mistake, considering that Kick-Ass called Hit-Girl and Big Daddy to introduce them to his new “superhero” friend, Red Mist: the latter proved to be the son of John Genovese, Big Daddy’s primary target, and the meeting was just a trap for the heroes. In the following ambush, Big Daddy was killed and Hit-Girl severly injured, not before the latter was told by her father about the lies concerning his own past and her mother. This episode only made Hit-Girl sharper and more brutal in her mission: after recovery, she finally took down, with a little help from Kick-Ass, the Genovese family. She then retired from the scenes, living with her mother as a “normal” girl, letting Hit-Girl become an urban legend. Her retirement wouldn’t have last long, anyway.

Mindy Macready is an incredibly lonely and sociopath little girl, since the nomadic life with her father took away from her anything slightly similar to a childhood. As Hit-Girl, she’s an incredibly skilled martial artist and acrobat, and she’s a master in the usage of any kind of bladed weapon, first of all her katanas, and is quite able with firearms too. Relentless, ruthless, unconsciously sadistic, Hit-Girl is a killing machine, whose life has been programmed since her infancy and who has lost any hope for a normal life.



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