Thor Odinson

thorfilmFinally, the first official pic from Thor: The Dark World has been released, and it features the title hero contemplating his kingdom from a balcony. Thor Odinson made his live action debut in the tv movie The Incredible Hulk Returns, portrayed by Eric Allan Kramer: he appeared as a Viking warrior linked by enchantment to the mortal Donald Blake, who could summon him shouting “Odin!”; he had to prove himself worthy of entering the godly realm of Asgard. and he battled and then allied himself with Hulk. Luckily, Marvel gave another chance to the God of Thunder with Kenneth Branagh‘s feature film Thor, with Chris Hemsworth in the main role, a version, this one, nearer to the comics’ one (even if Don Blake disappeared). Anyway, let’s see who the Norse god, re-imagined by Marvel Comics, is.

First of all, Norse mythology, according to which Thor, the God of Thunder, battled the Serpent of Midgard during the apocalyptic battle of Ragnarok and was killed by the monster, slaying it in turn, was never ignored: this events happened, in a remote time, but, after all the gods got killed at the end of Ragnarok, a new Odin Allfather was born, and he gave birth to a new generation of gods. Ragnarok is a recurring apocalypse, part of a neverending cycle of death and rebirth, so the Thor we’re speaking of is a Thor both other and the same than the one in Norse mythology. Anyway, Odin wanted to father a son who could represent the spirits of both Asgard, the realm of the Aesir (the Norse gods), and Midgard (Earth). In order to accomplish this goal, he mated with Jord, the elder goddess of Earth, better known as Gaea. From their union, a son was born in a secret cave in Norway, and Thor, this was the name of the newborn god, was brought by Odin in Asgard, where he was risen by Frigga, Odin’s wife. The young god believed Frigga to be his real mother, ignoring his real origins. Thor grew up side by side with his adopted brother Loki, son of the slain Laufey, king of the Frost Giants, and some other thorcomics1gods, such as Balder, who became his best friend, and Sif, his first love interest. When he was just eight, Odin had the dwarves of Nidavellir build for him Mjolnir, a magic hammer made of the indestructible Uru metal. The hammer was the weapon of a king, and Odin declared, sealing his words with an enchantment, that Thor would have wielded it only when he would have become worthy of it. Young Thor didn’t fully understand his father’s words, and focused on becoming a great warrior, so to be physically strong enough to wield Mjolnir. In the years, Thor became Asgard’s most powerful warrior, ignoring every hint coming from his father, who tried many times to teach him that all he required for being a great king was a pure heart and a noble soul. Wanting to expand his glory, Thor descended on Midgard, and, showing his powers to some populations from North Europe, namely Vikings and Germans, he established a cult for himself and the other Aesir. He taught his followers to seek glory in battle, but he abandoned Earth the moment he realized that those populations that worshiped him were responsible of many atrocious and cruel deeds in his name. Odin tried to change Thor’s nature once again when he disguised him as a human, the hero Siegmun, and then again as his “son” Siegfried, but the god’s heart didn’t changed, and he kept seeking only personal glory and war to achieve it. He rarely came back on Earth: during World War II, he fought on Adolf Hitler‘s side, seeing in him a descendant of his worshipers. He almost killed the superhero group Invaders, before realizing how evil Hitler was and abandoning Earth once again.

Thor stayed in Asgard for many years, battling Frost Giants, Fire Giants and every other opponent who stood in his way. His brother, Loki, meanwhile had become incredibly jealous of him, forging a neverending hate that would have turned him in his most deadly nemesis. Odin grew exasperated because of his son’s immense ego and his arrogance, and decided to teach him humility once and for all. He created a human being, Donald Blake, who could act as a vehicle for Thor’s soul; after taking back Mjolnir from the God of Thunder, he exiled his soul into Blake’s body. Thor, with no memory of his real identity, grew to become a medicine student, and when thorcomics2his leg got injured crippling him for life, he had to learn humility and humbleness, determination and perseverance. When he became a surgeon and the time was mature, Odin inoculated in Don’s mind the idea of a vacation in Norway. In here, the poor, good hearted doctor was caught in the middle of an extraterrestrial invasion from the stone-like beings known as Kronans. Escaping from the aliens, Blake took refuge in the same cave in which Jord gave birth to Thor millennia before. He got trapped inside the cave because of a giant boulder, and found a wooden cane, in reality Mjolnir, enchanted by Odin himself. Frustrated, Don Blake stuck the boulder with the cane, and he immediately took back his godly form and powers: he broke free and defeated the Kronans, then came back to his private practice in New York City. Don Blake believed to have found a magical staff that could transform him into the Norse god Thor, but with time he started gaining back his memory from his life as the God of Thunder. Despite remembering his real identity, Thor chose to maintain, for some time, his double life as Thor and Don Blake, mostly because of Jane Foster, a nurse he had fallen in love with as Blake. Thor used his real name and appearance to become known as a superhero, gaining people’s trust because of his heroic deeds and his good heart, instead of conquering their admiration and fear with his strength and battle prowess. He met other worthy mortals, with whom he allied to stop his evil brother Loki’s attempt to control the powerful Hulk; with this first alliance with Iron ManAnt Man and Wasp, the team known as the Avengers was born, a legend that would have lasted for the following decades. Even if he abandoned Don Blake’s identity after some years (Blake assumed an autonomous existence on Thor’s request), the God of Thunder never abandoned Earth anymore, eager to protect Earthlings, who had taught him so much about the true value of a man, and of a god.

Thor Odinson, from the boasting and arrogant character he used to have in his youth, has become a noble and humble warrior, who uses his strength to protect the weak ones instead of making his power a reason for personal glorification. Benevolent and generous, Thor makes of Earth’s protection his primary interest, even superior to Asgard’s safety. Thor is also a formidable warrior, trained in every form of combat, a master strategist and tactician, with a genius-level intellect and a deep knowledge of magic; as an Asgardian, he possesses superhuman strength, speed and durability, doubled by Megingjord, a magical belt created for him by Odin. His indestructible hammer Mjolnir grants him the ability to fly and to control weather and elements, with storms and thunders his to command. One of the most powerful beings on Earth, Thor, thanks to the hard learning he went through in many lives, is also one of its most formidable protectors.



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