William Joseph Batson (Captain Marvel)

captainmarvelfilmHere we are, again with casualgamer‘s request. Two other characters have been confirmed for Injustice: Gods Among Us, and the first one is Captain Marvel, aka Shazam, for everyone World’s Mightiest Mortal. It’s been a while since Captain Marvel made some live action appearances, but was actually one of the first superheroes on screen, with 1941 Adventures of Captain Marvel, in which he was portrayed by Frank Coghlan Jr. as his human counterpart Billy Batson, and by Tom Tyler as the superhero. In the ’70s, Michael Gray and Jackson Bostwick (later replaced by John Davey) brought the hero on the small screen with tv series Shazam!, in which our hero traveled the USA from side to side with an RV helping whoever he met. The hero’s last appearance was the usual, awful Legends of the Superheroes, with Garrett Craigh as Shazam. In the comics, there is no RV, but some parts of the live action versions are similar to the original.

William Joseph Batson, Billy for everyone, was the son of archaeologist C.C. Batson and his wife Marilyn. The two were hired by industrialist Thaddeus Sivana to work on the tomb of Ramses II, in Egypt, but when their assistant, Theo Adam, entered the tomb, he regained conscience of his previous incarnation, the evil Teth-Adam, and killed the researchers. Billy became and orphan, and his only family member left, his sister Mary, was kidnapped by Theo. He was adopted by his uncle, Ebenezer, but the man wasn’t really interested in him, and kicked him out of his house immediately after stealing his inheritance. Billy started living on the streets, selling newspapers. Far away from the States, on the Rock of Eternity, the wizard Shazam, the one who gave Teth-Adam his powers in order to make of captainmarvelcomics1him his successor, but who banished him because of his corrupted heart, saw everything, and decided to give the boy a chance to seek justice. Seeing the boy’s pure heart, Shazam summoned him on the Rock. A mysterious, coated stranger took Billy to the Rock of Eternity, where the boy was showed the statues of the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man, the embodiment of the deadly sins, powers from which every Shazam protected the world from eternity. The wizard, after recognizing the boy worthy of being his successor, gave him the powers of six immortals: Billy was granted the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the power of Zeus, the courage of Achilles and the speed of Mercury. Every time Billy shouted the magical word “Shazam!”, he was transformed into an adult and muscled hero, who actually had the same appearance of his dead father, a way for Billy of being close to his lost parent. As most children his age, Billy idolized Superman, the newest superhero who had become an example for many teenagers; following his hero’s path, Billy decided to use his powers for justice, but first he had to save Mary. His first task as Captain Marvel (this the name he chose for himself) saw him defeating Teth-Adam, who had become the villain Black Adam thanks to a magic scarab which gave him back the power of six Egyptian gods, and his employer Sivana, but he couldn’t find Mary.

Both Billy and the wizard Shazam spent the following four years searching for Mary, who they knew was still alive, but with no result. Finally, Captain Marvel saved from kidnappers a girl named Mary Bromfield, who was actually Mary Batson, given up for adoption by Adam’s sister, Sarah Primm. After another adventure, Billy managed to convince Mary that he was her real brother, and the two became a family once again. As a superhero, Captain Marvel entered the Justice Society of America, since Black Adam, who claimed to have captainmarvelcomics2reformed, was a member of the team, and he wanted to keep an eye on him. The Captain made friends with everyone in the team, so he decided to stay even when Black Adam left, embarked in a mission to save his homeland from a tyranny. Problems arose when Billy fell in love with fellow heroine Stargirl, who was a teenager. The two started dating, but, while Billy had no problems in being with her, seeing the adult Captain Marvel with a teenage girl was somewhat weird: after a confrontation with Jay Garrick, aka The Flash, Captain Marvel preferred leaving the JSA to revealing his real age to his teammates. He entered the Justice League for a while, but left after some time. When he discovered he could transmit his powers to others, he founded the Marvel Family, along with his sister, who became Mary Marvel, and his crippled friend Freddy Freeman, who was healed and became Captain Marvel Jr. (also a powerless, likable old man, who pretended to be Mary’s lost uncle, became part of the team, mainly as a mascot, with the name Uncle Marvel). While Billy Batson continued his studies and his teenager life, Captain Marvel became one of the most powerful and important heroes of Earth, also teaming up (and clashing) many times with his idol, Superman.

Billy Batson is a kind, optimistic, light-hearted young man, with great courage and altruism, always ready to see good into people, with an irrepressible good nature that makes him loved by everyone he meets. His teenager’s naivety has proven to be a strength more times than it has been a weakness. As Captain Marvel, Billy is the most powerful mortal Earth has ever seen, able to be on a par even with Superman. His powers consist in: superhuman strength, stamina, durability and speed, flight, limited teleport (it works only if Billy has to go to the Rock of Eternity), invulnerability, control over lightning, accelerated healing, hypnosis and clairvoyance, instinctive knowledge of facts, information and languages, sorcery, and probably something else. Captain Marvel is an extremely powerful being, with the soul and the mind of a child, a really pure and good hero who, despite his immense power, tries to avoid battles the best he can, following a deep belief according to which anyone can be brought to reason through words and kindness.



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