doomsdayfilmStill following casualgamer‘s request, we speak today of the second character confirmed in these days for the videogame Injustice: Gods Among Us, the hulkling Doomsday. Despite the character being quite important in the comics, he received a single live action appearance so far, in the tv show Smallville. In here, he was a Kryptonian genetic experiment, born from Zod‘s and Faora‘s DNA, sent on Earth and disguised as the human Davis Bloome. He was portrayed by Sam Witwer in his human form, and by Dario Delacio in his real, monstrous form. In the comics, Doomsday has nothing to do with General Zod nor Faora, and never took a human appearance, but displayed from the very beginning his famous, bony aspect. Let’s see who, in the comics, the creature known as The One Who Killed Superman is…

Everything began in a very remote time, on the Prehistoric Krypton, an incredibly hostile environment, a hellish world on which only the strongest creatures could survive. The humanoid Kryptonians weren’t the dominant species yet, and many monstruosities walked on the surface and beneath it, aliens renowned in the whole universe as the most lethal creatures ever born. An alien scientist, Bertron, wanted to create the ultimate life-form, and decided to use Krypton as a natural environment for it to evolve into. He created in vitro a humanoid infant, and sent him on the planet, watching as he was killed by the native creatures. After the baby’s death, Bertron and his team collected his remains and used them to create a better version of the infant, a stronger one whose genetical pattern had been modified to survive the previous death cause. The process was repeated again and again, and The Ultimate, so he was called by Bertron, became able to survive the planet’s extreme heat, started feeding on solar energy without the necessity of breathing, eating or drinking, was toughened by the searing atmosphere, and in time became more powerful than any natural predator on Krypton. The creature, who remembered the doomsdaycomics1agony of any single death he suffered, grew stronger and stronger, and developed a deep hatred against every kind of life because of his cycle of death and rebirth; eventually, The Ultimate identified Bertron and his team as enemies because of the role they had in his multiple deaths, and slaughtered them all, using their supply ship to escape Krypton. From that moment, The Ultimate started a killing spree throughout the universe. He battled the lord of Apokolips, deadly Darkseid, while he was about to wed a princess in order to obtain her planet’s chemical deposits; their fight ultimately destroyed the planet’s atmosphere and Darkseid, not interested anymore, flew away. With an escaping shuttle, The Ultimate reached the planet of Khundia, where he battled for days the elite warriors; the aliens, borught to desperation by the monster’s unstoppable power, forged an armor for Kobald, the most valiant among them, and he sacrificed his life to trap the creature on a rocket and to send him away. The destroyer’s path wasn’t yet to be ended, and he met Zharan Pel, a Green Lantern; in the battled that followed, Pel was killed, and the monster took his Power Ring, following its energy source up to Oa, wanting to destroy the Guardians of the Universe. Many Green Lanterns were slaughtered trying to protect their homeplanet, and eventually one of the Guardians sacrificed himself to open a massive tear in space, in which The Ultimate fell. While the remaining Guardians started to rebuild the Corps, the monster arrived on Calaton, a planet on which he wreaked avoc for three years. When the inhabitants fused into the collective being known as The Radiant, they were powerful enough to kill the creature with a massive energy beam, and following their burial procedures, the beast’s body was shackled and masked, so that his soul couldn’t reach afterlife, and the corpse was sent into open space. After years in the void, the body landed on Earth, crashing deep in the ground.

The Ultimate, anyway, was programmed to raise again after every death, stronger than before, in a painful and neverending evolution. doomsdaycomics2Still tied in Calaton’s robes, the creature dug his way to the surface, managing to free an arm from the containment. With a hand tied behind his back, he faced the Justice League of America, the superhero team formed, at that time, by Booster Gold (who gave the monster the name he became famous with, Doomsday), MaximaIce, Green Lantern Guy GardnerFire and Bloodwynd. Using only his right arm, he vanquished Earth’s most powerful heroes, thus attracting Superman‘s attention. When the Man of Steel joined the battle, anyway, his attempts of stopping the monster ended up freeing him from his bonds, making him absolutely unstoppable. Driven by an insatiable thirst for destruction, Doomsday arrived in Metropolis, followed by Superman, who wanted to avoid the death of millions of innocent people. Doomsday, who was able to sense the presence of a Kryptonian from his days with Bertron, immediately perceived the hero as a treat for his life, and concentrated all of his energies in killing him. The two engaged each other in a titanic battle, during which Superman found out that the monster’s power was equal to his own, and that its attacks could actually damage his otherwise indestructible body. Despite being severly injured, Superman kept fighting Doomsday, and Lois Lane‘s presence on the battlefield (near Daily Planet) only strenghtened his resolution in stopping a monster that would have continued to attack, without pity, without weariness, without esitation. The battle ended with a terrifying final blow, and each of the fighters punched the other to the face, breaking his neck and killing him. Superman’s body was taken into custody by Metropolis’ security forces, and received a hero’s funeral; Doomsday’s corpse, instead, was taken into custody by Cyborg Superman, one of the four superhumans who took the Man of Steel’s place after his death. The Cyborg tied the monster’s body to an asteroid, and sent him in open space, following a trajectory that would have never crossed a planet’s orbit. Doomsday, anyway, would have soon found a way to come back, eager to end the job he left undone on Earth.

Doomsday is a mindless, unstoppable beast, whose only desire is to destroy any life form in the universe, seen as a potential treat for his survival. He hates his own life, which is an agony for him, and thus wants to eradicate life itself from the universe. Driven by a deep hatred, Doomsday possesses nearly unlimited strength and durability, with an incredible speed and an accelerated healing factor that allows him to revive after any death, stronger than before thanks to his adaptive evolution. He possesses mimicry-cells that allow him to copy the powers of some particular beings he enters in contact with, and, since his first appearance, he has used this power to gain the ability of flight and a steel-like armour for his skin and bone protrusions. With nothing resembling a feeling but hate, driven mad by his continuous deaths and rebirths, Doomsday is an unstoppable force of nature, in front of which even Superman feels fear.



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