hippolytafilmOk, my bad, I just forgot to mention another character who has a recurring cameo in Injustice: Gods Among Us. When Wonder Woman enters a fight, a shining figure gives her her trademark Lasso of Truth, and that figure is Queen Hippolyta herself, ruler of all Amazons. She appeared in the 1974 tv movie portrayed by Charlene Holt, and appeared again in the famous tv series starring Lynda Carter. Throughout the series, she’s been portrayed by three different great actresses: Cloris Leachman in the pilot, Carolyn Jones in two episodes and Beatrice Straight in other two. A fair queen and a strict yet loving mother, Hippolyta didn’t differ much from her comicbook counterpart, especially because she didn’t appear enough to change her story significantly. Let’s see who she is in the comics.

Hippolyta’s story begins more than thirty thousands years ago. She was born a cavewoman in a Prehistoric time, when human beings were still striving to become the dominant species on Earth. Once, a caveman, who had lost a limb in a fight with a tiger (!) and was abandoned by his tribe as a result, arrived in her cave during his wandering. The woman, who was pregnant at the time, offered him some compassion and hospitality, but the man, embittered by his loss, killed her in a surge of anger. The woman’s soul, the very first female killed by men’s hatred, was deposited into the Well of Souls by the gods, who were planning to revive her and other souls like her to create a new race of human beings. Thousands of years later, around 1300 B.C., the Olympian Gods decided to create a race that could be a champion of their values and ideals; Zeus didn’t agree, since he believed, in his arrogance, that humans would have never ceased to adore him, so there was no necessity of “champions”; Hera followed her husband in his judgement, and Ares, being the god of war, hippolytacomics1didn’t want anyone to promote peace; most of the male gods, after Zeus’ refusal, lost interest in the project, so the commitment fell upon the goddesses. Artemis, Athena, Aphrodite, Hestia and Demeter collected the souls of the women murdered by men, and tossed them to the bottom of the Aegean Sea, where they mixed with clay and formed new, nearly indestructible bodies. Hippolyta, the oldest soul, was also the first Amazon to surface from the sea, and was named the queen of the new race; immediately after her, her sister Antiope emerged, and the two ruled together over the Amazons. The divine women were entrusted with the mission of spreading the word of Gaea, a message of peace, tolerance, equality, respect for every living creature. The two queens were given a Golden Girdle, symbol of their royalty and of their devotion to the cause. Hippolyta and Antiope built together a great city, Themyscira, which became a beacon of hope for the entire world. The Amazons became fierce warriors, who used their power to defend the weak ones, especially women, and to bring justice wherever it was needed. The more the Amazons tried to spread their message of peace, however, the more Ares tried to foil their mission, hardening men’s heart and putting a harsh enmity between humanity and the Amazons. Thanks to Ares’ actions, with the years Themyscira got more and more isolated from the rest of civilization.

After some time, the world turned its attention on Themyscira once again: Hercules, the demigod son of Zeus, arrived between the Amazons, followed by his friend Theseus and by an entire army, in the middle of his Twelve Labors, imposed to him by Hera’s madness. Hercules ordered Hippolyta to give him her Girdle, a trophy he had to collect to finally please Hera, but she refused, challenging the hero to a single fight. The Queen defeated Hercules, who offered her an alliance in return. Following her path of peace and compassion, Hippolyta accepted, and let the men into the city. In here, they drank and partied together, with Antiope falling in love with the beautiful Theseus, and Hippolyta herself being charmed and seduced by hippolytacomics2Hercules. During the night, when the Amazons were drunk and asleep, Hercules and his men put them into chains, raped them, stole their trasures (Hippolyta’s Golden Girdle included) and destroyed their city. Along with Theseus and a few others, Hercules then left Themyscira’s ruins, leaving most of his army behind. With her anger and her pure strength, Hippolyta broke her chains and freed her fellow Amazons, and together they killed every man left in the city. The killing spree didn’t stop, and the Amazons chased their captors, spreading blood and destruction wherever they went. Scared by this thirst for blood and vengeance she saw in the Amazons, Hippolyta forbade Antiope to assault Athens, declaring that revenge wasn’t the Amazon way, thus stopping the war. Disgusted by her sister’s weakness, Antiope threw her Girdle at Hippolyta’s feet, denying every relationship with Olympians, and left with half of the Amazons: the Queen would have never seen her sister again. The goddesses finally appeared to Hippolyta and the ones who stayed with her, enraged and disappointed, since from that moment on, the word “Amazons” didn’t mean peace-bringers and loyal warriors anymore, but became a synonymous of destroyers and bloodthirsty women. After asking for forgiveness, Hippolyta and her followers were purified in body and mind, received unremovable steel bracelets as a reminder of their shackles, and was moved to a secret island created by Poseidon, a place in which they would have been truly isolated from the rest of the world, immortal guardians of a secret evil that lied under their new home, which they called Paradise Island. Hippolyta remained the queen of the new Themyscira for 3000 years, until the first newborn Amazon since their creation, her daughter Diana, restarted the Amazons’ mission of peace-bringers to the outside world.

Hippolyta is a wise and just queen, who treasures her people’s good and deeply believes in the mission entrusted to the Amazons by the goddesses. She is an amazing warrior, trained in every art of war, but she only uses her skill to protect the weak ones and to bring justice where it’s been crushed. As an Amazon, she possesses superhuman strength, speed, stamina and durability, and she’s been granted eternal life to better rule her people. Hippolyta’s mission is a hard one: to bring love to the haters, and justice to the world’s oppressors, but she’s ready to sacrifice her immortal life to see her goddesses’ dream come true.



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  22. […] and Philippus along with them. She became an extremely skilled warrior, and she followed her queens Hippolyta and Antiope in a mission of peace keeping spreading from Turkey to Greece and Rome. […]

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  24. […] revenge on Herakles and to look for him around the world to punish him, while the other, led by Queen Hippolyta, chose to be faithful to Athena’s mission and not to taint their hands with blood anymore. […]

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  28. […] their strength and numbers: the Amazons. Lord Crucifer led his people in an all-out war against Queen Hippolyta and her sisters, and despite their might the vampires were defeated. Thanks to the gods’ […]

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