Kilowog (Green Lantern)

kilowogfilmLast gameplay trailer from Injustice: Gods Among Us showed us the cameo of many Green Lanterns alongside Hal Jordan, and one of them is massive Kilowog, one of the most popular ones. He had only one live action appearance so far in Green Lantern, portrayed by late Michael Clarke Duncan. In the movie, he served as a trainer (more like a drill sergeant) for the new recruits in the Corps, and helped Hal Jordan mastering his Power Ring, even if intervening on the field only at the end of games, saving Hal from being sucked in by a star’s gravitational field. Anyway, let’s see who Kilowog is in the comics.

As you may have guessed already, Kilowog is an alien. He was born on Bolovax Vik, an overpopulated planet in Sector 674. On his homeworld, Kilowog was a renowned scientist, one of the most brilliant geneticists of Bolovaxian history. The inhabitants of the planet shared a communal mind, The Mass, that made them think and act like a single being, taking advantage of every single individual’s skills and knowledge to improve the quality of life on the planet; the presence of The Mass also made every single Bolovaxian extremely linked to the planetary community, in some sort of extreme nationalism that looked more like the belonging to a common house. That’s why Kilowog wasn’t exactly pleased when The Mass chose him as the successor of Branwilla, the Sector’s Green Lantern who died on duty: sure it was a great honor and the recognition of his great skills, but it was also an exile sentence for a Bolovaxian, since being a Green Lantern required many missions (most of them, actually) outside the Lantern’s homeplanet. Nevertheless, Kilowog decided to undertake his duties, and entered the Corps with pride. Once arrived on Oa, the planet of the Guardians of the Universe and headquarters to the Green Lanterns, Kilowog met the alien who would have changed his life forever: Ermey, the Corps’ drill instructor. Ermey was mean and harsh, and often called his recruits “poozer“, a word translatable with a colorful version of “useless rookies”. Under Ermey’s oversight, Kilowog grew up to be one of the best Green Lanterns kilowogcomics1of his generation, and learnt to master his Power Ring and to use his willpower to a great extent. During his training, an emergency forced Ermey to take his recruits to battle before time: some Lanterns had been attacked, and they needed to be saved. During the following battle, Ermey himself was fatally wounded, and, before dying, he praised Kilowog’s abilities, and told him that he would have become a great leader. Impressed by his mentor’s death, Kilowog decided to take his place and, after a period of normal patrolling of his sector, he became the new drill instructor on Oa, earning himself a name for training his recruits to perfection by bringing them to their edge, a hard test that would have saved the lives of many young Lanterns. He also started to call the rookies “poozers”, just like Ermey did.

Years passed, and Kilowog trained many good Lanterns (one of them was Hal Jordan, the first Green Lantern from Earth, who Kilowog also helped in defeating Legion, the hive-minded creature who had killed his predecessor, Abin Sur). The hardest moment of Kilowog’s life as a Lantern arrived the moment Bolovax Vix was destroyed: for a Bolovaxian, who shared every single thought with his people, being alone was the worst curse imaginable, and Kilowog made no exception. Thanks to his unique affinity with Bolovaxians, anyway, the Lantern managed to “save” the entire population (sixteen billions of individuals) by “storing” their life kilowogcomics2essence in his own Power Ring, waiting for the moment he could have freed them in a suitable planet (the moment would have soon arrived, but also that planet would have been destroyed, this time by rogue Lantern Thaal Sinestro, one of Kilowog’s former best friends; this event brought Kilowog to be the last living Bolovaxian in the entire universe). Following the great crisis that brought death and destruction everywhere in the universe, even in the ranks of the Guardians, the Green Lantern Corps was reformed, and the single Lanterns, not assigned to a single sector anymore, could deploy themselves as the preferred. Kilowog followed his former pupil, Hal Jordan, to Earth, where he was acclaimed as a hero after defeating the villain Black Hand on live television. He became fascinated with USSR, since communism had some traits in common with his former life on Bolovax Vix, and joined the Union. The Soviets used Kilowog to create their first superhuman squad, Rocket Red Brigade, but the alien ultimately saw through the many flaws the regime had and, disenchanted, came back to open space to found Bolovax Vix II. Many events followed, and the Corps were ultimately destroyed, only to rise again later: when the Lanterns came back as a force of good, Kilowog reprised his roles as a trainer on Oa, ready to make his “poozers” go through Hell once again.

Kilowog is, despite is brutish appearance, an extremely intelligent and brilliant scientist, whose powerful mind surpasses many of his comrades’ ones. As a Bolovaxian, he also possesses natural superhuman strength, durability and stamina, even more formidable in him because of his indomitable will and his unborn leader attitude. As a Green Lantern, he owns a Power Ring which allows him to survive in open space, to understand and speak every known language and, most of all, to materialize any object his mind can think of, strengthened by his willpower. Despite being every recruit’s nightmare, Kilowog is a good “man”, who really cares for his pupils and pushes them to their limit in order to protect them from future threats. He is one of the moral (and military) pillars of the Green Lantern Corps, whose deep solitude, born from the extinction of his own race, makes him even more bounded to the Corps.



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