DodgerNew episode of Arrow, new characters to speak about. This week’s episode was titled Dodger, so we’re dealing today with the eponymous character, Dodger. In the show, the gentleman thief from Europe is portrayed by James Callis. He is a particular thief, who only steals high-end merchandise, and who gained his nickname from his habit of “dodging” action: his modus operandi, in fact, sees him putting explosive collars on unwilling accomplices, who take the booty for him under the threat of having their head blown away. In the comics, he’s quite a different character: sure he’s a thief, but he never blew someone’s head off, quite the opposite. He’s not even a proper villain. Let’s see together.

As usual, we do not know much of Dodger’s past. In this case, we don’t know anything, not even his real name. We just know that he’s from London, and that he operates mainly in Europe. So, Dodger maybe started as a common thief, but in a short time he managed to make quite a name for himself for being a new Lupin, some sort of gentleman thief able to steal anything, from jewels to informations to advanced technology: anything that can have some value in the underworld black market. A trained acrobat and athlete, Dodger displayed also an incredible amount of luck, and managed to come in possession of an alien spacecraft, or at least that was what it seemed. The ship dodgercomics1displayed an incredible technology, whose most desirable feature was a stealth capability that made it completely invisible on any radar or sonar. Dodger immediately realized he could have make a fortune out of the ship, and began an illegal auction; instead of selling it to the best offerer as usual, this time Dodger preferred to keep the ship for himself, thus leasing it to any underworld figure rich enough to pay for its usage. Among Dodger’s clients, there was the League of Assassins, the terrorist organization led by immortal Ra’s al Ghul, clearly up to nothing good. Well, Dodger didn’t have problems with them, so he lent them the vessel, after a remarkable payment. That didn’t prove to be quite a good idea, since the League used the ship for an assasination attempt against Connor Hawke, the second Green Arrow, son of the original one. Connor survived, but his parents weren’t happy. Not at all.

This wouldn’t have been a problem, if both of Connor’s parents weren’t superheroes. But they were. Oliver Queen, the original Green Arrow, and Dinah Laurel LanceBlack Canary (and Connor’s stepmother) started investigating on the ship, and tracked it back to London. Along with Mia Dearden, the second Speedy, Green Arrow and Black Canary found Dodger in a pub, serenely drinking. The three of them engaged him in combat and, despite Dodger proved to be a good fighter, he was no match for them, and was subdued. When they told him what they wanted from him, he told them that the real responsible of the attack against Connor was the League of Assassins, but, following a personal moral dodgercomics2code, he refused to give them any other information. He rapidly changed his mind when the three heroes tied him with a bunjee cord and dropped him from a cargo plane, leaving him bouncing until he was ready to be more cooperative. Dodger agreed to take them to his secret lair where, using some of the technology he took from the ship, managed to triangulate a possible location of the vessel itself. Their search led them to a castle in Leicestershire, where they found, beoynd a lot of deadly traps, the frozen body of Plastic Man, a superhero and former member of the Justice League. Things got serious, and Green Arrow called some of his JLA friends to back him up. Dodger didn’t leave his side until the very end of the adventure, when the group confronted a group of Metahumans who claimed to be part of the League of Assassins and to be behind the attack on Connor. Dodger fought along with the heroes, but he was no match for the superhumans; anyway, he helped Batman take one of them down, earning this way his freedom for the battle’s aftermath. Surprisingly enough, his Cockney charm worked on Mia, and the two started a romantic relationship. After he accompanied the Team Arrow back to the States, Mia chose to follow him back to London, where they began living as a couple.

Dodger isn’t exactly a bad guy: he’s just an opportunist who tries to make a living out of any situation he finds himself involved in. Apart from indubitable thieving skills, Dodger is also a good martial artist (though he’s not even close to Green Arrow’s or Batman’s level), and possesses a wide array of gadgets that help him in battle. He uses mostly a special electric mace, a useful weapon for close quarter combat, but also a throwing weapon, able to return to its wielder (much like Thor‘s Mjolnir). He also has quite a unique device, called Deus Ex Machina, a strange disc that emits a high frequency biofeedback. Without all of his gadgets, anyway, Dodger is more than normal…apart from his charm, of course.


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