Stel (Green Lantern)

stelfilmToday we go on identifying some of the Green Lanterns that have a cameo in Hal Jordan‘s victory pose in upcoming videogame Injustice: Gods Among Us. The robot-like one on the bottom is Stel, the mechanical Lantern. He appeared in Green Lantern movie, but, as well as many others, he just had a cameo on planet Oa, and didn’t have even a single dialogue in the main story. This is the reason for which he doesn’t even have an actor portraying him, and is just pure CGI. Anyway, in the comics he does have a story, and we’re going to speak about it right now.

Stel is indeed a robot, but an alien robot. He was born on planet Grenda, where evolution turned an unexpected path and brought to life non-organic beings, which we can call robots. People from Grenda, despite being mechanical, were actually self aware and capable of emotions, just like any other sentient organical creature in the universe. Stel was chosen among all his people for entering the Green Lantern Corps, a great honor and an even greater responsibility, thanks to his indomitable will and sense of justice. He accepted the offer, and became one of the first and best pupils of the greatest Lantern of his era, Thaal Sinestro. Even if he was a little bit too reckless for Sinestro’s tastes (he used to compute the outcome of a fight before engaging, only for the fun of beating them), Stel soon became one of the most honored and respected Lanterns in the Corps, and, when he was ready to officially take duty, he was assigned the protection of Sector 3009. Stel managed to mantain peace in his Sector for an unprecedented period; the worst disturbance to the order he created arrived the moment the fanatical aliens named Krydos tried to destroy Grenda, seeing the mechanical planet’s existence as a blasphemy in itself. Stel easily stopped the Krydos, and brought peace back to the Sector and to his home planet. He first met Earth Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, during a conference on planet Yquem, stelcomics1which many famous Lanterns attended to. During the meeting, Jordan was put to trial because of his irresponsible way of using his Power Ring, and because of his apparent refusal to use his powers to protect his homeplanet (some years later, Jordan would have been put on trial because he used them only for Earth, ignoring the rest of his Sector). Stel and the other Lanterns, however, understood that Jordan’s odd behavior wasn’t his doing, and recognized someone else’s influence behind it, and found him innocent. Stel was shocked when he learnt that the one influencing Jordan was Sinestro, his former mentor, who had become a rogue Lantern: their past friendship, anyway, never prevented Stel from chasing the intergalactic criminal, quite the opposite, since he considered him to be a traytor of himself.

Stel participated to many battles in his time as a Green Lantern, managing to mantain peace in his Sector even when he had to be away for some time. He was one of the Lanterns sent to recover the Central Power Battery stolen by Agamemno, a nearly omnipotent being formed by cosmic energy, the first creature born from the Big Bang. Against all odds, the mission succeeded, and he came back to Oa just in time to defend it from the Weaponers of Qward, a race from Anti-Matter Universe at the orders of the villainous Anti-Monitor. In their years of service, Stel developed a close friendship with Hal Jordan, not only because he helped him get rid of the accusations against him, but also because of their common friend Charlie Vicker, another Earthling Lantern. Everything seemed lost for the Lanterns when stelcomics2Krona, a mad scientist banned from the universe, forged an alliance with Nekron, lord of the unliving, and started a war against the Guardians of the Universe and their Corps. Stel was the very first Lantern to face Krona, but the villain’s powers, jacked up by Nekron, were no match for the robot, and he was torn apart. The other Lanterns arrived just in time to hear Stel’s last words, and the robot managed to warn them of Krona’s attack and powers, just before deactivating between his fellow corpsman M’Dahna‘s arms. With Stel gone, the Krydos invaded Grenda once again, and Yron, a Grendian, blinded with arrogance, literally forced the Guardians to make him the new Green Latern of Sector 3009, believing he could have been a much better Lantern than his predecessor; surprisingly, the Guardians complied, and Yron battled the aliens on his homeworld. His attempt was a disaster, and his arrogance and sloppiness made many Grendians die. Yron himself suffered a fatal wound, and, humbled on the verge of death, crawled to Stel’s thomb and transmitted his remaining life-force to the veteran Lantern’s corpse, resurrecting him. A veteran and a hero, Stel defeated the Krydos in no time, and took back his place in the Corps. From that moment, many other heroic deeds would have seen him as protagonist. He also replaced Kilowog for some time as Oa’s drill instructor.

Stel is a powerful and expert Green Lantern, whose willpower is nearly unlimited, and whose courage is renowned in all the Universe. He’s quite reckless for being a robot, and really enjoys action and battles; he also has quite a weakness for gambling. As a Grendian, he possesses an extremely resilient (but not indestructible) body and superhuman strength; he doesn’t need feeding or breathing, and has a natural instict for any logical and mechanical construct. As a Green Lantern, his Power Ring allows him to survive in open space, translate and speak any known language and to materialize any object he can think of. Stel is one of the most heroic and celebrated Lanterns, a champion of order and peace who not even death managed to stop from doing his duty.



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