Salaak (Green Lantern)

salaakfilmThere are quite a lot of cameos in Injustice: Gods Among Us, and Hal Jordan‘s victory pose shows a great number of members of the Green Lantern Corps. The four-armed one on the left part of the screen, in the bottom, is Salaak, another honored hero of the Corps. Salaak appears in a cameo appearance also in Green Lantern movie, as one of the many aliens on Oa, when Jordan first arrives on the planet. Since he has no dialogues at all in the film, he’s a completely CGI rendered character, with no actor portraying or voicing him. Now, let’s see who he is in the comics.

Well, there’s not much to say about Salaak, or Salakk, depending on the spelling. He was born on Slyggia, a planet inhabited by a technologically advanced race of sentient reptilians, characterized by an elongated skull with many “horns” (which granted Salaak the nickname of Pickle-Head) and four arms. Salaak never was the nice guy, and when he entered the Green Lantern Corps he didn’t changed his lonesome and gloomy attitude, thus avoiding to bond with any of his fellow Lanterns. With the years, he showed some remarkable skills as a Lantern, and he protected Space Sector 1418 to the best of his possibilities, and beyond. He served many years in the Corps, and became famous for his deep pessimism, quite a rare attitude among the Green Lanterns, and for his deep knowledge of the Book of Oa, the book which contained all the common knowledge of the Guardians of the Universe and the rules for the Green Lantern Corps; he made everything by the book, and became quite a pain for every Lantern who had the chance to work with him, since he was ready to notice even the slightest irregularity. A veteran Green Lantern, he actively and heroically participated to the battle against the Anti-Monitor, an extremely powerful creature from the Anti-Matter Universe that tried,salaakcomics1 almost successfully, to destroy the Multiverse. The experience made him deeply depressed (even more than usual) and, after the war, he joined some of his teammates moving to Earth, the small, blue planet in Sector 2814. On the planet, he experienced the positive side of real friendship, and for the first time he opened himself to someone, namely Ch’p, the squirrel-like Lantern from planet H’lven. This relationship deeply changed Salaak’s character, at least for a while, and made him softer and more easygoing, at least in whatever form it was possible for him.

Salaak was one of the few Green Lanterns who had a willpower strong enough to make his Power Ring transport him through time, and following the example of his Earth colleague Hal Jordan, he traveled in the future, living under the alias of Pol Manning (an identity used by Jordan in the past) and marrying a human woman, with whom he lived for a while. In the future, however, Salaak saw the end of the Green Lantern Corps, due to the corruption of one of its most celebrated heroes, Thaal Sinestro, who would have brought destruction to Oa. He came back to warn his fellow Lanterns, but arrived too late, and helplessly witnessed to a series of events that brought to the destruction of the Central Power Battery, source of the Power Ring’s force. With his ring useless, Salaak retired on H’lven with his friend Ch’p, and stayed with him as his adviser for a while. Both of them came back to Oa the moment the Lanterns were restored, and regained his place in the Corps… just in time to see them destroyed once again. Hal Jordan, in fact, had been possessed by the fear entity Parallax, and killed the Guardians of the Universe, shattering the Corps. Salaak was sold as a slave, and was freed by Earth Green Lantern Guy Gardner salaakcomics2only much time later. He participated to Jordan’s funeral on Earth, preferring to remember his brave teammate more than the bloody destroyer who almost killed him. When the Green Lanterns reformed for the second time, Salaak was chosen as the new protocol officer, with the honorific title of Keeper of the Book of Oa. With his new assignment, Salaak had his eyes continuously on every Lantern’s doing, and found some good use to his encyclopedic knowledge of the Book. He even spoke against the Guardians of the Universe when they decided to rewrite some parts of the Book of Oa to permit the Lanterns to use lethal force against Sinestro and his Corps, but stayed faithful to his position nevertheless. He complained once again for the creation of the Alpha Lanterns, a small group of Green Lanterns who served as internal affairs officers, but, once again, he remained faithful to his position, and obeyed the Guardians.

Salaak is a pessimist and negative man, always ready to see the downside of every situation; nevertheless, he possesses a willpower second to no one’s, and he’s one of the most powerful Green Lanterns of his generation. The Power Ring allows him to survive in open space, manipulate many forms of energy, translate any known language and materialize anything he can think of, and his mind creations are renowned for never having anything more than the essential. Meticulous and precise, Salaak deeply believes in the Green Lantern’s law, the Book of Oa, and doesn’t permit anyone, not even the Guardians, to go against it, not even for the smallest detail.



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  2. […] other Lantern Corps, even with Thaal Sinestro and Atrocitus, sworn enemies of the Green Lanterns. Salaak formed an elite squad to bring Jordan to Oa to stand trial with any means necessary, and Norchavius […]

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